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  1. Well, nowadays space usually isn't a problem, but having to download smaller files rather than a bigger one would be more convenient as you needn't wait for the entire instruction set at once.
  2. Imo these instructions are clear enough to understand, was able to follow the steps so far. Much better than TLG ones
  3. Xewyz2001

    IR remote mocs

    There's a great article on TecnicBRICKs from 2008: http://www.technicbricks.com/2008/02/tbs-techtips-010-extend-limits-of-your.html . Covers most advanced setups from cars to complex multi-linkage designs.
  4. Well, that had been in 2016, before the redesign. It is no longer possible to create private mocs as far as I know. At this moment it is only possible to export an excel sheet or upload a wishlist to Brickowl . There it'll tell you whether the parts exist in those colours.
  5. Wow, that is an incredible and very quick build! However, as Rudivdk mentioned earlier, there is going to slack owing to the cardan joints, even one of them introduces a slack of a few degrees, and adding the slack from the gear systems most probably will reduce the movement angles a bit. Nonetheless, it is really impressive how many functions and design elements were fitted into such a small space, will wait impatiently for the physical model
  6. Xewyz2001

    [TC15] AH-77S - Hunter

    2908? The only one I understand as a swashplate
  7. Xewyz2001

    [TC15] Supersonic Angel

  8. Xewyz2001

    [TC15] Supersonic Angel

    Thank you, nice to know the design is appealing Thanks XD Progress: Got the wings fixed in place, ailerons working. Mocked up the top part.
  9. Xewyz2001

    [TC15] Supersonic Angel

    Rear horizontal stabilisers in place, prototyped some wings. Seems like this will end up as a show model, not a highly playable one. my apologies for terrible light, can't do much about it until tomorrow. LBG parts are to be changed to white, colorvomit is temporary support.
  10. Probably the closest the humankind has ever gotten to an irl starfighter. Not a fan of white, but unfortunately that is the dominant color of my panels (wonder why). Heavely basing myself off the Sukhoi SU47 "Berkut" with the angled double tail and FS wings, as starfighters are banned. Started off witht rear part as imo these Mars Mission wheels resemble jet exhausts. Most probably will include basic aileron controls , not so sure about the rudder(s) Maybe a third vertical stabiliser to kick it off? current progress:
  11. Xewyz2001

    BuWizz Small car competition - Voting

    8 : 10 2 : 6 16 : 4 4 : 3 3 : 2 13 : 1
  12. Xewyz2001

    BuWizz Small car competition

    Something resembling a car. Trinus. Photos
  13. Good Day! So I was really bored this friday, and wondered how small a buggy motor powered car can be, just for pure interest. As it turns out, 2 buggy motors don't occupy that much space XD. So here it is, mini-size car powered by two beasts, Azimus! Needless to say, it's crazy fun! Design was inspired by Lexus concept vehicle from Minority Report, and Deora II from HotWheels. Albeit it was mainly made that way to accomodate the BuWizz as low as possible and turned out different from both. Pics on G-Drive and Brickshelf whenever it approves. Video&photos below (click to enlarge) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCORMtsr1JY Have a Nice Day!
  14. 22: 10 1: 6 20: 4 3: 3 13: 2 16: 1
  15. Good Day! Since first seeing Technic figures in a catalog back in 2005, I really wondered whether there was a female version as well. Unfortunately , as we know , there are none. This problem is solve-able either modifying an original lego part (which will decrease the number of those in existance) or making your own. As a purist almost , I would choose the second version. I was surprised that no one has done this before (there is a broken link to a japanese website where someone done that in 2000's, but no pictures to be found anywhere), I took my free time to make a quick mock-up. First step was to get the torso and head into my 3D program - Autodesk 123D - from LDraw. That was done using LDView (place part in x=0, y=0, z=0 and export the file containing it through LDView as an .stl). Next was the chest, which was done using a few spheres, lofted surfaces and tubes (I tried not to exagerrate the size too much, just for it to be slightly notice-able). Luckily there were mannequin's side & top-down shots for inspiration. Next I exported this hair piece and scaled it up to approximate size & placement. Please note that I'm a noob at 3D modelling, and my "art side" is non-existent (for me it would be easier to draw a mechanical piece as a blueprint rather than a human being), so I would love to hear any suggestions and ideas. I do eventually plan to upload the finished model to Shapeways, but I can send it via e-mail. Question: Do you think the "reduced"? waist (as the one printed on minifigs) is necessary? Images: