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  1. I will make a comparatif of avaibility by color
  2. LegoTT

    Piece identification

    Thank a lot for all these !
  3. LegoTT

    Piece identification

    Crossed pinhole whould do the job tooq
  4. Hello, I dont know well the studed lego, so I would demand if this piece exist : But with the hole facing the same direction than the studs
  5. LegoTT

    [WIP] 1:22 Volvo FH16 750

    I prefered your previous doors
  6. LegoTT

    DNR Shifter Issue

    I meant if he put the new hub instead of the fork, he would have the reverse gearing
  7. LegoTT

    DNR Shifter Issue

    You can use the new epicycloidal hub if you dont mind the gear ratio
  8. LegoTT

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Great I wonder what will be the price. Does they go on the unimog wheels ?
  9. LegoTT

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Hello, are the tyres of the new 1989 batmobile the same than the tumbler ? It should be great because they are expensive
  10. I read that the wall in legostore is way cheaper, is it true ?
  11. I never used brickowl, is it somewhat better than bricklink ?
  12. Thank you I didn't thunk of that !
  13. Hello, I have chosen a color, black, to work on technic mocs. I intend to use my colorfull beams for finished mocs by painting them, because I haven't enough in each color. But for the bodywork, I need to chose a color in lego system, wich is available for a most kind of pieces and I need to have an economic set to buy them with various pieces. This color have to mach with technic panels for wich I also need economic sets. Please, can you advise me about the color and the sets available ?
  14. LegoTT

    KV-1/KV-2 Tank

  15. LegoTT

    [ MOC ] TESLA CyberTruck

    Things I like : automatic loading bay, simple yet efficient, details : winch and cord to secure load, adjustable high for loading, the functions are clever. Thing that should be better imo : steering wheel make several turn, it should be 1/2 turn if you are only on front drive or rear drive you are forcing on the second motor, let's pair them or make them unclutchable accumulation of beams for bodywork isn't good looking, let's find another compromise, ( for exemple snot lego system if it's your choice )