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    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    unfortunately the solution has already been invented yet not used officially: (this part has been around for 25 years now ) The set seems like a good parts pack (all the new transmission parts + suspension components). Hopefully there will be more sets using that colour and it won't be a one off as the 42069
  2. syclone

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z - Gearbox -

    Imo one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Very interesting solution with the turntables, the engine bay seems to be spacious and well detailed so far. Will be exciting to see the end result
  3. syclone

    [TMC] 8081 QB

    QB stands for quick build - this was a veeery fast paced build (overall build time 7-8 hours). The outcome is proportionally ugly and unfunctional. Front independent suspension, rear floating(?) axle [9398 style], v6 engine sped up with 1:2334 gear ratio from rear wheels. Working steering wheel and HOG. Hood, doors and trunk openable. Crude interior with 2x blue seats. Cya later!
  4. syclone

    Tiger 6x6

    It reminds me of Nissan Juke with those headlights Seems to be a crazy beast so far, hook arm seems to be a fitting add-on.
  5. syclone

    [WIP] Subaru Impreza WRX STI

    Looking fantastic! Absolutely love the pearl effect on painted wheels An easy way to get the rare black pins (come on TLG, not that hard to make them again instead of the colour vomit guts) is to cut 1 stud off the axle on 18651 (done that myself ), which are very common nowadays (1 cent per part on BL)
  6. syclone

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Simply says "defender". In regards of the set, the functionality, small package and reasonable price point really make me want to buy this set (hadn't bought anything new for the last 2-3 years) but the overall design (last decade cars are not my cup of tea), colour choice and the unbearable colour vomit inside are really putting off, but I don't think it is enough so as not to buy one eventually. And new deep wheels, albeit still W I I I D E.
  7. syclone

    Planetary hub internals

    New parts, same limitations... However I don't think grease will have any issue - PF ( and older motors) don't tend to need regreasing after years of service. Even so, it is sad to see so much investment produce somewhat underperforming (at least it seems so) products. Or maybe certain lego motors from 2006 are too OP for 2019 new gen stuff
  8. Welp, back onto 1/15 scale Made this little thingy in about 12 hours after Madoca's small supercar popped up in my YT recommended. BRICKSHELF (whenever uploaded) As with my Mini Nitro Menace, this year's Corvette wheelbase was taken as a base - should be compatible with the transporter truck - and so the build began. Of course, drive&steering has been done a million times already so this needed a cherry on top - the roof was what I was looking for. Making a chassis was dead easy with the slim wheels and by motorising each rear wheel independently, the need for a differential was eliminated. Thanks to the placement of the BuWizz in between the rear wheels, steering and roof motors could now populate the central tunnel and be hidden under the black 3x11 curved panels giving the interior a "cleaner" look. Now, bodywork ain't my strongest point, but I wanted it to be ferrari RED. This meant working with a very small inventory (for me) most of which you can see on the car Of course ricer butterfly doors were made to make it look cooler than it is. Have a nice weekend, Cya)
  9. syclone

    [MOC] RC Small Red Roadster

    It is 1:15 scale (I think) so there's quite many - most cars with 43.2 wheels could fit there. In regards of the driveline - not that it is programmed or replaces exactly a differential, the driveline is split to left and right, so the decrease in one motor's speed (caused by turning) won't affect the other one. Basically the inner motor in a turn will suffer a little but the outer one won't be affected.
  10. Congratulations to the winners! Fantastic contest as always
  11. Good Day. Got inspired to build this after an in-game motorcycle from Honkai impact 3rd Original idea was to use 2x XL motors, but it was boring af. Next obvious step were buggy motors - allowing an approximate speed of 10km/h. It could probably pick up a higher speed with BuWizz 2.0's Ludicrous mode, but fast mode of BW v1.0 is enough to topple the bike over when taking high-speed turns. Unfortunately it does require "training wheels" to ride straight, as it would lean on one side without those after taking a curve without those. The bike does feature rear axle suspension, and small wheels have shocks as well. "01" stickers reused from MPATEV, "police" from 42047. Design-wise it belong to the same "universe" as my spaceship and racers - an Axos Police bike used to patrol within city high-speed tunnels and surface operations. Video&photos, C&C very welcome and appreciated))) Cya later!
  12. Here's a bonus cutaway image: Thanks so much for the comments, really happy for it to have an anime vibe ^w^. Tried building a sidecar for it as an alternative to support wheels, but could get over the assymetry and lack of blue parts Maybe a RC "bandit" trike for Harley-Davidson competition on Ideas next up :P
  13. Somehow have missed all the updates, mindblowing creation The "practical" functions as the power windows and AC are a very unique touch, certainly makes this stand out from the trillionth supercar w/ a gearbox! Just insane to see how much functionality has been fitted into this beautiful package
  14. syclone

    [MOC] 03's Viper fighter

    Small fighter initially developed by Axos for Yaegers during Xion Wars, with some of the wrecked spacecraft rebuilt and modified by the Terra Confederation. Presented version was developed for Yaeger 03. Technical specifications: Power core - Zirum Crystal based, based off leftover Aeromi technology adapted to human tech. While Axos used exclusively stabilised crystals in all tech, the Terra Confederation used artificially enhanced crystals in their modified fighters. Engines - 3 thrusters capable of propelling the Viper to a (factory limited) max speed of 200000 km/s in space. forward-facing thrusters are used for braking. Weaponry - wide range of customisation depending on Yaeger. 03's version had 4 swappable fuselage-mounted barrel guns and 2 swappable wing cannons as well as missiles. Refractor and shield-breakers were installed along with un-disclosed tech. Lore over (for now). This model was an accident most of it's development - it started out during the dissasembly of "Bugeye" , when the 3D panels were placed back to back. The fiting placement of bionicle chestplate as rear part of tail was a pleasant surprise. The Technic looks are missing Technic functionality (only cabin is openable, the main thruster does not rotate for VTOL mode...) but not too shabby in the end. Photos (folder not yet public, but miniatures below can be enlarged)
  15. syclone

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    That would be really sweet, specially considering that 12 years ago TLG released a WALKING RC dino (yeah, 4-legged but still, it walked and looked amazing). Never understood why 4958 didn't have a Technic equivalent.
  16. syclone

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @vectormatic Not a fan of the Chiron either (I much prefer the 1999 concept, but the Imo the design of the set isn't really on point - the front specially as it is not consistent with the rest of the car (too many holes compared to the rest) . It'd be nice to get something not recent and more of an iconic model like in the Creator Expert line to attract more audience. And TLG, please no more half baked Corvettes
  17. syclone

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Out of the 6 car sets in current range, 3 are licensed products - wider audience reach outside Lego fans (car people who buy just because it's a car brand or as a cool display piece) and 2 represent a truck with unique functionality and an RC set. Technic could certainly use more "functional" vehicles, but usually supercars and bright race vehicles catch more the eye than a different type of an excavator. The recent years and 2020 lineups do indeed have too much basic speedy stuff, but looking from another perspective these cars are all different and have different price points for the buyer. Obviously it would be amazing to get some complex machines and construction equipment (or maybe a T-Rex&Space shuttle remakes as mentioned earlier) in the lineup instead of a quadrillionth pullback, sportscar or offroader.
  18. syclone

    Power Functions

    Best way to start with PF Imo is the tracked racers (42065 or 42095) if you prefer a recent kit, or for spare motors, receivers, battery boxes, etc. Or if you need a servo and need a kit, buy a used 9398 - fantastic part selection to start with RC. Also a consideration would be a SBrick or Buwizz as they allow for more motors to be controlled, use Bluetooth technology instead of IR and the latter has an integrated rechargeable battery in a compact size. PU could be considered but it's too soon to really get into it with all the available PF options and very limited PU counterparts as well as higher price. Note that PF might (most certainly will) stop official production next year. However the aftermarket is flooded with PF parts and it shouldn't be a problem at all, specially considering the existence of BuWizz and SBrick controllers.
  19. syclone

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @Ngoc Nguyen There is barely 1 car/supercar per year... (pullbacks are play, not display sets). And there are still so many rims that could be introduced into Technic as well as many colour palettes incomplete
  20. Good Day. Continuing my futuristic series of racers (Ximos , Xonox & Azimus) is this one - popularly called "Bugeye" in Xalax races - Scarab in 1:10 scale Features: BuWizz v1 2x Buggy motors RWD independent suspension m-motor with return to center working steering wheel detailed 1:10 openable canopy light up power core and "dashboard" Overall this was just a filler build with very basic chassis that served as a test platform - bucket seat with actual driver, front suspension with only one shock (part #48912), independent suspension built around buggy motors. This was as well an excuse to use some "new" Bionicle parts on a build and SILVEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!! In the end it turned out OK, but steering was somewhat weak leading to a crash into my pet roomba effectively destroying the car (driver was okay so crash safety test passed?). Incomplete LDD file (the chassis and seat is there, only missing bodywork, power core and steering wheel/dash assembly. download Bonus: Crashed car and fuming driver. Cya later!
  21. syclone

    [MOC] Bugeye RC racer

    Thanks everyone for C&C Already building something else with those panels, will be getting sometime a Silver Champion to extend the part inventory as well))) @Gray Gear I don't think a realistic model would be expected from me, it takes a lot of patience and talent to build scale cars @johnnym Thx, techno-trance always sounds futuristic in a 00's way to me) That music you recommended would be great for a synthwave supercar, can't wait to get working on that
  22. syclone

    RC Buggy Motor

    Thanks for the detailed comparison, never regretted buying a second buggy motor
  23. syclone

    [MOC] Bugeye RC racer

    Oh shoot, now I know why it sounded too familiar Thx for pointing out, now there's some backstory available too
  24. syclone

    Rotary Fake Engine

    Great to hear it did work in the end, looks cute