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  1. I'm building a studfull 9v motorized car. So far it is just motor, transmission, and rear axel with floating axle suspension. Sariel's unnofficial guide book has helped me quite a bit so far and I was able to build the floating rear axle by adapting some instructions that he includes in the book, but for the front axle I'm not sure where to start. What would a studfull front axle with suspension look like? Thanks!
  2. PassengerJet

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I wouldn't hold my breath. Mega Bloks has Thomas and Friends toys these days, it would be remarkable to see a Lego Thomas set concurrently with a Mega Bloks one.
  3. PassengerJet

    Hi! I'm ScaredyCat

  4. Yeah you should have no difficulty finding a local buyer for duplo. I don't think that Bricklink would be your best venue for duplo sales.
  5. You should pick up a copy of Sariel’s book “The unofficial lego technic builder’s guide”. Reading this book will teach you everything you could want to know about how to build with Technic.
  6. This is so inspirational :) If I had your skills I would build a gravity-based energy storage warehouse like what Energy Vault is planning in Switzerland
  7. PassengerJet

    10303 Loop Coaster

    The coaster reminds me quite a bit of a real-life coaster called Cannibal which is at a park called Lagoon in Utah in the US
  8. PassengerJet

    BuWizz Camp 2022 August 5-7

    This sounds so fun
  9. Wow!! Jaw on the floor!