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  1. True, there is still that. But in the initially released picture the overall shape of the vessel seemed off as well, and that's no longer the case. Nevertheless, the Imperial Landing Craft will look great next to my Imperial Shuttle Regards, Mitch
  2. The usual place (not sure if I'm allowed to be more specific, so I hope you get it ) Just seen it too, and I think it looks better now. Will definitely get it Regards, Mitch
  3. Just saw it on Instagram myself and I did notice there was a lot of complaining. But, like you, I think it looks great. It's accurate and kinda cute/funny. Nothing to dislike in my opinion Regards, Mitch
  4. CF Mitch


    I saw it yesterday and I think it looks good, actually. But, I'll still hold off on excitement since the trailer for TF: TLK looked good too... Regards, Mitch
  5. God, I hope it's a S@H promo. Usually that means you just have to buy sets up to a certain amount of money to earn it, right? I can manage that Regards, Mitch
  6. Clearer picture of the Han Solo Mudtrooper appeared in the usual place. It looks great to me, love to have Han's hair piece in a new color, and the effect of the print on the legs, torso and head is quite hilarious in my opinion! Let's hope it won't be too hard to acquire this little promotion set (at least I assume that's what it is). I'd really like to have it! Regards, Mitch
  7. The Imperial Landing Craft is a cool suprise! But I'm not sure I like it. It'd be great to have an updated one next to my Lambda Class shuttle, but the ILC looks... off Those protruding side-pieces should be longer (just like the fuselage in general) and not as thick, if I remember correctly. The sandtroopers are a nice and welcome addition, though. I like the Hoth Medical Centre, however. I feel it could be used as a generic medical bay too, so I think I'll definitely get that! Regards, Mitch
  8. CF Mitch

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Nope, they're turned around :tongue: Thanks for sharing the news about the minifig pack! The figures look really great, but I'd only want Wong and Bucky, I think. Nevertheless: can anyone give an estimate of the odds of this pack being sold in the Netherlands? And what it might end up costing? I don't believe I've ever seen them in my country, so... Thanks for any info! Regards, Mitch
  9. CF Mitch

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow, these sets are amazing! The level of detail on the torsos, the tiles (paintings, newspapers, posters) and the way they decorated/furnished areas is outstanding! The minifig selection is fantastic as well. So many different civilian torsos Can't wait to see what other sets TLC will bring forth. But I'm sure they'll be spectacular as well! Regards, Mitch
  10. CF Mitch

    Avengers: Infinity War Infinity Stone X-Change

    Not sure if it belongs in this forum (there is a Buy, Sell & Trade forum somewhere down the list), but it's not a bad idea. I already purchased the red and purple Infinity Stones through Bricklink, the rest, except for yellow, I got from sets. So my list is pretty much the same as yours: Have: 2x Red 2x Blue 2x Green 2x Orange Want: 2x Yellow Regards, Mitch
  11. Thanks for this elaborate comparison review! I wasn't gonna buy the Hulkbuster Smashup at first, but now I think I might. The Mark II Hulkbuster looks much better than I first thought (which is why I didn't feel the need to have it initially)! Regards, Mitch
  12. CF Mitch

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Just saw the new t-rex. I like it in this color, much better than the orange and brown shades of the previous versions. I really felt they didn't suit the t-rex. Might get this one some day Regards, Mitch
  13. CF Mitch

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Purchased the Outrider Dropship Attack and Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown yesterday. The small one isn't a great set, but definitely nice minifigures. Regarding Cap/Nomad's hair, I also use Han Solo's new hair and for me it's really the best fit. Still building the Showdown set, but so far I love it. That Cull Obsidian bigfig Regards, Mitch
  14. CF Mitch

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Makes it all the more realistic, though, right? Really love this set, so many awesome new parts. My favorites: Harry's hair and Dumbledore's hair. Speaking of Dumbledore's hair; I really hope the new Han Solo hair in light gray, that was seen on the NYTF pictures, will still be released somehow. I expect it will be used for a new Filch. Regards, Mitch
  15. CF Mitch

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Well, I'm glad it's something like this, for the most part. Too bad it's not an Avengers Facility/Mansion or a Sanctum Sanctorum or anything, but still. This way helps me save a lot of money, once again Regards, Mitch