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  1. Glad to see Cap's helmet has the wings on it! To be honest, I was never unsatisfied with it just being the headpiece, but the helmet does add something to it Regards, Mitch
  2. Loving that new Chitauri head. Looks a lot more menacing than the previous ones. They weren't very inaccurate, just a bit tame. If the new Chitauri(s) look(s) good altogether, I might create a little army of them too. Regards, Mitch
  3. Saw the Captain America Quantum Suit minifig. It looks great and I'm really glad a helmet is finally added. Though, to be honest, I'm not really a fan of the Quantum Suit in itself, so I hope they'll also release minifigs based on more classic designs to appear in the movie. Regards, Mitch
  4. Hhmmm... The listed sets sound pretty cool, which kinda make me think it's a wishlist, but perhaps that's just the skeptic in me. The Cap vs. Outrider does feel mostly like a repeat, though. So perhaps that name is just incorrectly interpreted. Waiting on more info now Regards, Mitch
  5. Ah, yes! I also looked it up just now, and BTAS wasn't released until 1992, so my bad The Batmobile from the Tim Burton movie would also be very cool! Regards, Mitch
  6. Saw the Hulk. I like it, the smirk is different and I'm glad he doesn't have an entire suit like on the promo art. The different hair adds something to it as well, in my opinion. Regards, Mitch
  7. What's your(/the) definition of the 89 BM? Would that be the BTAS batmobile? Regards, Mitch
  8. My order of Darth Vader's Castle arrived the day before yesterday. Finished building it about two hours ago. Love it The order also earned my the Han Solo Mudtrooper polybag. Also a great addition Regards, Mitch
  9. CF Mitch

    [MOC] Red Dead Redemption II - Ambush

    The game IS awesome, isn't it? Just stopped playing it for today You're MOC is pretty cool too. The terrain is really detailed (I like your river/creek) and the other cowboys look very recognizable. Great job Regards, Mitch
  10. Good Lord! Thanks for the update Would be fun to see any of that referenced in the movie Regards, Mitch
  11. Y'know, I keep wondering... Why does the cat appear in a set? Does it have a big role in the movies as well? And if so, why? Does it have superpowers as well? Regards, Mitch
  12. Hmmm... Not too great a set, in my opinion. The fact that the Quinjet is a predecessor of the ones we see in Avengers and later movies series is really cool, but the vehicle itself doesn't look very interesting to me. The minifigure selection is okay, except they're kind of... bad Regarding Captain Marvel, she doesn't have enough red on her outfit, I feel. I get the shoulder's couldn't be made red, but it would look so much better and more accurate. Nick Fury has a cool torso, but that's about it. The Skrull has a skin color that's far too bright. Such a shame... I think I'll just order the current Captain Marvel fig on on BL... Regards, Mitch
  13. CF Mitch

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Yup. Got an e-mail about an hour ago saying it's backordered, and I can expect it in 2-3 weeks Let's wait and see then Regards, Mitch
  14. CF Mitch

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    To my fellow Dutchmen, I just got a mail from Toys'R'Us Netherlands that the Superheroes Bricktober set is back in stock. I ordered one immediately online. It's only €14,95 I thought it'd cost a lot more... Here's hoping it's still in stock by the time my order is processed Regards, Mitch
  15. I keep forgetting about that, to be honest. It makes absolute sense and I too hope it'll get better soon. Regarding the Skrull, I also believe this design is based on concept art LEGO creators have gotten from Marvel Studios (or however that goes), as is the case very often.