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  1. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    Hm, okay... Well, I can't think of anything. Some pictures might really help Regards, Mitch
  2. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    Could it be you have the mirrors placed incorrectly? Perhaps you could PM some pictures? With me the bottom of the windshield attaches to the grey center of the spare wheel with the mirror pieces sticking out above... Regards, Mitch
  3. I think I might get that Rebel Trooper vs Stormtrooper battlepack! Not a fan of the more recent Stormtrooper-helmet design (I believe that peaked in 2014), but I can use more Rebel Troopers and the builds aren't too bad But the highlight will be QT-KT Regards, Mitch
  4. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    Yeah, Orion Pax looks great, can't wait to see his transformation (pun unavoidable) into Optimus Prime in the movie. The faces take some getting used to, though, yeah I haven't had that issue... sorry to hear you do Regards, Mitch
  5. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    They really are! I have an RotF Optimus Prime somwhere ( ) and I used to have an 70's Camaro Bumblebee, but for some reason I was an idiot and gave it away Also, what does everyone think of the Transformers: One movie coming up, Transformers-design wise? The Cybertronian Bumblebee looks neat in alt-mode, but I haven't seen any others properly yet... Regards, Mitch
  6. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    Found him, his alt-mode looks excellent indeed! Regards, Mitch
  7. CF Mitch

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Whoah, whoah, whoah. Speak for yourself I wouldn't mind an MCU Malekith and Skurge(?), and I can see a Midi-scale version of their ship But yeah, sets from other phase 1 and phase 2 movies would be very welcome Regards, Mitch
  8. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    True, true Nice idea about modding/moccing Cliffjumper Thanks for the tip for an accurate Beetle Bee. When you say Netflix, though, are you referring to the War For Cybertron trilogy? Regards, Mitch
  9. CF Mitch

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow, that's a lot of Spider-Man content, once again Lots of diversity regarding source material and villains though, this time. I kinda like the sound of that Iron Man Cars & Black Panther vs. Red Hulk set Sadly nothing involving X-Men, but maybe later next year. Regards, Mitch
  10. CF Mitch

    Batman (DC Superheroes) 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Great to see the return of non-Batman DC sets! I hope the Superman Mech will feature a Superman with the newer symbol, but to get him again after so many years is already a great start. The Tumbler sounds intriguing too, especially if it really comes with a TDK Two-Face Regards, Mitch
  11. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    Found it! Thanks, haha. That one robot-mode doesn't look bad at all, but the alt-mode looks nothing like a VW Classic Beetle. I guess that's what you mentioned earlier, with Hasbro kinda stepping away from the Beetle design? (also, I feel kinda blasphemous, talking about non-LEGO toys so much, here ) Regards, Mitch
  12. CF Mitch

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    Has anyone gotten Bumblebee yet? If so, how do you feel about it, now that you have it 'in hand'? I built mine over the weekend, finished this morning and for starters it is a LOT bigger than I anticipated Still fits nicely in my dvd cabinet though, but compared to the regular Transformers toys (which I shouldn't be doing, I know) it's ginormous. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the overall look. There's certain details they got down pat, like his head and face, but the rest is... just out of shape, including his feet I believe. I like how you can replace tiles with the Autobot logo for blank yellows and vice versa. The skinniness of his legs also seems somewhat odd, but it's an understandable occurrence, I think, in order to fit within his alt-mode. The transformation process feels very similar to regular TF's though sadly there is some parts forming, namely the windshield. I do like how it's placed on his back to look kinda like the wings of a bee (or that's how it feels to me, at least) Anyhoo, all in all I'm kind of hoping there will be a G1 Bumblebee in the regular toyline sometime soon Regards, Mitch
  13. Whoah, we're finally getting an Acclamator? That's my favorite Star Destroyer class so glad LEGO is finally making one, albeit MIDI-scale!/ I'll definitely buy it, when it comes out Regards, Mitch
  14. Ooohh, a new ARC-170 Starfighter and Ahsoka's Interceptor! Very intrigued by these I still have the old/current ARC-170 but it's a bit wobbly now. I might hang the new one from the ceiling, if I end up buying it. Regards, Mitch
  15. I'm intrigued by the Onxy Cinder! Eagerly awaiting higher definition pictures of the minifigures Regards, Mitch