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  1. Ninja Bomb

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Eurobricks Xmas Raffle by Ninja Bomb, on Flickr
  2. Minifigure: Laser Mech (mostly assembled) Theme: Dimensions (expanded universe) This master thief is as brilliant as he is elusive and has thus far evaded authorities across several dimensions. He steals because it's fun...and because he wants the parts. He's just putting the finishing touches on his latest work--the Laser Mech. Laser Mech 1 by Sarah Reischmann, on Flickr Laser Mech 2 by Sarah Reischmann, on Flickr Laser Mech 3 by Sarah Reischmann, on Flickr
  3. Minifigure: Series 7 Ocean King Theme: Atlantis When the need is great, the Ocean King can summon even the fiercest creatures of the sea to his aid. Ocean King 1 by Sarah Reischmann, on Flickr Ocean King 2 by Sarah Reischmann, on Flickr
  4. Ninja Bomb

    Blitzard 2.0: Elken Watchtower

    The entire build is fantastic and I found the tutorial very insightful.
  5. Ninja Bomb

    [MOC] Green Lantern battle for the power battery!

    This is a fantastic, action packed build. It perfectly captures a moment in an epic battle. I also really like the edging along the base.
  6. Ninja Bomb

    [MOC] Gata's Hideout

    This is a great build! I wish you could have also included a picture of your daughter's face when she got to see her story come to life.
  7. Ninja Bomb

    [MOD/MOC] Middle-earth 16x16

    These are inspirational! It's not everyday that you see small MOCs that are this well done. The idea of setting rules for yourself really helps to create a cohesive set and the builds are absolutely fantastic.
  8. Ninja Bomb

    [MOC] Into The Badlands

    I'm not familiar with the TV series but I really like the way you chose to make the poppy field. The green curved slopes really add a lot to the overall presentation. And the studs on top of some, but not all, of the flowers breaks up what would otherwise have been a somewhat bland scene. Making the road on the diagonal also creates a wonderful sense of motion. Nice work!
  9. Ninja Bomb

    Fire and Water

    The fireball is very realistic and the mixture of color and texture is extraordinary. The use of minifig hands on the door is also a nice touch.
  10. Ninja Bomb

    MOC Mirror Lake Cottage

    The build is great and the round base is genius! My thanks also for including the picture of the inside of the base. That's not at all how I pictured it my head.
  11. Ninja Bomb

    [MOC] Riverwatch Falls

    The architecture, bridge, water features and signal tower are wonderful. But the sense of humor in this build is absolutely priceless!
  12. Ninja Bomb

    [MOC] hasty departure

    This build is fantastic and packed with details without being overwhelmed by them. The mixture of colors really adds to the wow factor. I think my favorite is the use of the inverted trans blue dish which ties into the roof coloring and really pops in front of the autumnal tree. The asymmetrical door and window frames are also wonderful.
  13. Ninja Bomb

    [BigHero6] Hiro's Workshop

    This is wonderful! I'm glad that you also posted the screenshot that you based your MOC on. It provides a lot of insight about which details to keep and which ones to leave out when attempting to recreate a scene. You seem to have struck the perfect balance. And are those minifig brief cases used for drawers?
  14. Ninja Bomb

    (MOC) Batman: Mini Battle for the Batcave (Microscale Playset)

    Outstanding! The details and play features are very well thought out and the video was a nice touch highlighting details that may have otherwise been missed by the casual observer. I love that you included the sky as part of this build!
  15. Ninja Bomb

    MOC - Peter Parker's bathroom

    This MOC is fantastic! When I finally stopped laughing I was able to take a look at all the details...there are so many that I found myself looking at it for quite some time.