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  1. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 1930's Frisco Depot

    Haha no, I just turned on UV degrading within the studio render, it's actually supposed to be black
  2. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 1930's Frisco Depot

    Around 4,300 pieces.
  3. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 1930's Frisco Depot

    Hello all! I'm here to bring you my second MOC ever, a Frisco depot based off of the one found in my hometown. The model has been worked on for several months, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. The color of the depot is based off of the color scheme that Frisco used in the late 20's/early 30's, which was very hard to track down. A closer look at the sephamore signal: it has a function where if you turn one of the crates, the signal would go up or down. A look at the interior. There are two benches in the waiting area with two ticket booths, the main ticket office has a telegraph station, (upper right corner of room) and a weight in the middle of the room, along with a furnace on the wall. The freight room has an express mail room (very tiny) and some freight all around the place. A closer look at the somehow cozy waiting room. A closer look at the freight room, with a non-sliding door. The chances of me building this in physical brick is slim to none, I will probably shave down on all of the tiles to cut down the cost.
  4. legonerd54321

    Teaser for Upcoming Train?

    1876 was also the centennial of the United States. Also a side note for trivia, on June 4, 1876, the first fully transcontinental train (New York, New York to San Francisco, California) arrived in San Francisco. The style of the locomotive matches the era of those found during that time.
  5. legonerd54321

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I'm not sure why people keep bringing this up? The Crocodile in that submission was 1:38 scale and 10 studs wide, it's not comparable. People tend to forget that products spend a lot of time in the development pipeline.
  6. legonerd54321

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I actually like the 18+ boxes we've had so far. I can see them doing a white backdrop with the greebling bar being green/red to make it look more Christmas-y but still align with the 18+ boxes
  7. legonerd54321

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Will it be available for VIP early purchase?? They didn't mention it, although we haven't gotten an official press release yet.
  8. legonerd54321

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I feel like Jamie's wording is hinting toward a yearly release of a locomotive, like the fairgrounds/car series, which I think would fit perfectly.
  9. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    I actually used the three-axle freight truck design from the L-gauge wiki. It was relatively the same size of the truck size I needed and the same style.
  10. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    I've raised the boiler about two plates whenever SteamSewn suggested it, and I'm planning on it handling r54 and above curves, as my other locomotive that I have won't be able r40 (Brick Train Depot's Big Boy). Thanks!
  11. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    Alright so I've been tinkering with the techniques that @zephyr1934 and @coaster have shown and I've found a way that's okay for now. My hardest thing was trying to figure out the half plate gap that would show on the sides, but I'm satisfied with it for right now.
  12. legonerd54321

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I'll be honest I really do like it and think that it's a great display piece, even with the display track with the information(?) tile in the very back. But I don't know about the whole "18+" theme in general. Will it help boost sales of it? Lower it? I don't know. If it's successful then maybe we can see more "18+" trains?
  13. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    Oh yeah I totally see and understand it now! How were you able to achieve that??
  14. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    Oh no, it's alright! I was back at the locomotive when you wrote that and was able to see what you mean by that she was too low. This is my first attempt at a steam locomotive in 8 wide so I'm taking any and all tips/ideas into consideration. Raising the boiler up by a stud allowed me to add more details like a builders plate (which was just recently cleaned and polished, it's shiny!) I replaced some of the plates and used 2x2 inverted slopes for a placeholder as I figure out how to properly replicate the suspensions. The only successful way I was able to come up with to replicate the conical expansion was by raising it by a plate with the 1x2 slope pieces with a left/right notch.
  15. legonerd54321

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    So I've managed to retool the entire locomotive and give it Big Ben's XL wheels (easier said than done) and I think it solved a lot of scaling issues when it came to the length of the locomotive. I've also changed out the color of the roof to red like Zephyr suggested, and it looks nice! I wasn't able to get a flex hose to work, though, so I replaced some parts and was able to make it look more natural along the roof.