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  1. Glenn Holland

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    Thanks for mentioning this actually. I forgot to put it in the original rules post. We are limiting entries to those based in reality. I.E., an entry should be a model of a prototype. The reason for this is, and @raised put it, is that otherwise it would break the idea of the challenge being "out of your comfort zone."
  2. Glenn Holland

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    Terry... lol! I did read somewhere that Thomas was once represented as a Jinty but haven't seen anything about a terrier. I guess a better way of asking my question would be the following: Is there enough interest for a Sodor-esque line of products that could be sold under a name like Brick Model Railroader? I have a few things I'd like to achieve for myself along these lines but if there is enough interest I would be willing to look into selling something, obviously with generic naming.
  3. Glenn Holland

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    I've been reading this thread since the start, being a fan of the classic TV series and having a huge respect for the original style/setting of the Thomas universe. Allow me to pose this question: if there were to be a line of "Thomas" INSPIRED merchandise, which could be produced and sold under a third party with generic names to avoid copyright strikes, what would the community expect, what would they want to see available, and anything else?
  4. Glenn Holland

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Are there plans in progress/being implemented for reverse compatibility to PF? A conversion wire? ETC? Will we have components like M, L, and XL motors for the new system?
  5. Glenn Holland

    Train MOCs and Builders - Who/What is Your Inspiration?

    Hey! I got mentioned! I'm happy to serve as an inspiration for you guys, and thank you for appreciating my work! :) -Glenn (StreamlinedBricks)
  6. Glenn Holland

    Building BMR Freight cars

    That was done pretty deliberately. On the real ACF type 27, and most other tank cars, those cross members are pretty thin, as are the running boards. But, if you like a little more structural security, you've presented some good alternatives. :)
  7. Glenn Holland

    Building BMR Freight cars

    We're planning to have more next year, hopefully very soon. This was my initial idea for a replacement. Door rails are far more plentiful, I just haven't gotten around to making a brown boxcar (I actually don't have a boxcar of my own at all) with the door rails instead of the old part. My guess is that it will only look odd because up until now we've ONLY used the handles as ladders. Time for me to build a boxcar I guess
  8. It’s very likely that OcTRAINber will return next year, and very likely with a different challenge.
  9. Hey guys, We’re working on getting everything squared away for judging. I would like to have this done by the end of the weekend, so hopefully the others will be on board for that too. Youre right, we have been overwhelmed with the awesome entries we’ve received. Thanks for making our jobs harder on us. ;) We’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks! Glenn
  10. Glenn Holland

    The Blue Comet

    I'm really glad you finally got around to taking photos of it. It looks awesome. Fantastic job, as always.
  11. Glenn Holland

    [REVIEW OFFER] The LEGO Trains Book

    I actually wrote a review which was posted just yesterday on Brick Model Railroader. I found the book to be great! A rewrite was long overdue sine Jake McKees’s Getting Started With LEGO Trains from so long ago Holger did an amazing job with all the information, pictures, and instructions I’d love to hear other people thoughts as well! Glenn
  12. Glenn Holland

    Locomotives never built in lego

    The S2 is something I have had on my long list for a while. Unfortunately other projects have stepped in and taken up most of my time. But i'll get around to it, sometime.
  13. Glenn Holland

    BBB Medium wheel question

    You can use a combination of Technic bricks to change the spacing. Cale Leiphart did this mock-up: As for traction tires, you'll probably have to grind them out yourself by use of a Dremel.
  14. Glenn Holland

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Man. What a thing of beauty. Can't wait for those to come out.
  15. Glenn Holland

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    You just put into words what I had been thinking for the past day. Basically the mechanism would be rotated 90 degrees towards the single track end of the switch. This would push the mechanism farther away from the track, which in turn would allow for greater overhang (I believe). I'm not sure how feasible this would be with the servos you use, but I would be more interested in buying switch motors in this configuration. Glenn