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  1. [REVIEW OFFER] The LEGO Trains Book

    I actually wrote a review which was posted just yesterday on Brick Model Railroader. I found the book to be great! A rewrite was long overdue sine Jake McKees’s Getting Started With LEGO Trains from so long ago Holger did an amazing job with all the information, pictures, and instructions I’d love to hear other people thoughts as well! Glenn
  2. Locomotives never built in lego

    The S2 is something I have had on my long list for a while. Unfortunately other projects have stepped in and taken up most of my time. But i'll get around to it, sometime.
  3. BBB Medium wheel question

    You can use a combination of Technic bricks to change the spacing. Cale Leiphart did this mock-up: As for traction tires, you'll probably have to grind them out yourself by use of a Dremel.
  4. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Man. What a thing of beauty. Can't wait for those to come out.
  5. Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    You just put into words what I had been thinking for the past day. Basically the mechanism would be rotated 90 degrees towards the single track end of the switch. This would push the mechanism farther away from the track, which in turn would allow for greater overhang (I believe). I'm not sure how feasible this would be with the servos you use, but I would be more interested in buying switch motors in this configuration. Glenn
  6. Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    First off, let me say I really am a fan of this system. I'm definitely interested in trying out a motor or two. I like the remote control feature and it seems to work very well. My only concern is that the assembly seems to sit very high. PennLUG uses very long passenger cars and equipment, which my cause a problem if we were to use these motors. Personally, I am a fan of the classic pole switch, something more like the old 12V buttons or something easily implemented into the Lego system. My idea here is to build an interlocking tower around a group of these switches. Great work so far! -Glenn
  7. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I think the full switch kit would be the way to go. I would definitely back for a PF switch kit.
  8. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I would definitely prefer the PF only with switches option. I (and PennLUG) have been wanting larger turnouts for our locomotives and cars; we don't like having to move long passenger cars from one track to another by hand. I'd be more interested in backing if there was a possibility of getting these switches from the start.
  9. Has Anyone tried doing an Operating Session in Lego?

    Speaking slightly on behalf of PennLUG... We *sort of* do some more realistic and prototypical operations. I wasn't at Brickworld this year, but in 2015 CrispyBassist and I had a good time operating our own locomotives as switchers. He used his GP-9, I used my Pennsylvania H10s consolidation. We would start by collecting cars from around our yards, siding, and roundhouse and assemble them into a train on our unused third line. Once assembled, we would then begin taking it apart and sending the cars to different places than they were at before. This resembles assembling a train before a trip, and also taking apart a train as if it had just finished a trip. I think I can speak for CrispyBassist When I say we both really enjoyed it. That said, PennLUG recently has not done much of this. We have been focused on rebuilding and detailing parts of our layout, among other things. So in a word, yes, we do that. Sometimes. Glenn
  10. [MOC] NYC J3A Dreyfuss Hudson

    Brilliant rendition. This is without a doubt your best model yet. Excellent job capturing the look and size of the locomotive. Glenn
  11. New LEGO Train Magazine - A Proposal

    Railbricks was a top class publication. I'd love to see something new arise from the community. I would definitely subscribe to the magazine, digital or printed. I'd even be willing to write an article or two, as college permits. I agree the it should be solely a magazine, and not overextend itself by doing a separate online forum, instruction database, blog, and photo sharing site all at once. I think the biggest point for me is not to showcase a lot of MOCs, but rather show how-tos and give inspiration. That said, I really enjoyed train spotting from Railbricks, and I think a downsized version of that would be appropriate in the new magazine. A lot of MOCs can get built and published between magazine issues. I also think an event showcase would be cool to do. Each issue could focus on a different LUG's display at some local event, or some larger events such as Brickworld. I'm interested in seeing how this pans out, and apparently many others are too. Glenn
  12. How to power 16 L-motors

    You certainly do not need this many motors. 100% overkill, not to mention impossible, especially if you only want to use 1 battery box. Nate Brill rebuilt his Amtrak AEM-7 for Brickworld 2015, using two XL's on one battey. He found the battery would cut out because it kept overdrawing on power. You should sacrifice power for practicality. Use maybe three XL's, on three different systems (set the IR receivers on the same channel). The XL's are very powerful, one alone was enough to fully beak a thick technic liftarm.
  13. We used ME Models Double-length rails. They work very well since they come unattached to ties. We also used them to span the ashpit. Glenn
  14. [MOC] Reading Crusader - Steam Locomotive w/ Sound

    Thank you all for the compliments! There will definitely be more of this in the future, and not just from me, most likely... Yes, they are XL size. I used Krylon Patriot Blue spay paint on them. It sticks very well and is a very good Lego blue match.
  15. Hello to all! My name is Glenn Holland, I'm a mechanical engineering student and a member of PENNLUG. I have been reading Eurobricks posts for a while now and finally decided to join. For my first post I'll show you my latest and greatest: the Reading "Crusader," a 4-6-2 G1sa (streamlined) pacific locomotive used to pull the Crusader from Philadelphia to Jersey City, with a connection to New York. My model uses Big Ben wheels, 3D-printed rods courtesy of Zephyr1934, lights from LifeLites, and yes, sound. I'll leave that for later. My model is fairly simple, in essence. It is powered using two PF train motors mounted to the tender. They operate off of one PF rechargeable battery. Both the locomotive and tender are 9 studs wide. (8 wide locomotive + 1/2 stud of streamlining on either side = 9 studs). This makes for some really interesting connections between the body and chassis. Nonetheless, the outcome is brilliant. Because of the extra stud in width, I was able to include a valve gear, which adds to the motion. Here is my Flickr page in case the photo does not go through. I unveiled the model last year at Brickworld Chicago, among many other prominent train builders. I borrowed PENNLUG member Josh Sanders' car set to go behind the locomotive, which handled the train with ease. The Crusader uses a sound system from Dallee Electronics. A fellow engineer at college actually happened to be doing an internship for this company and was able to help me install the system. I cannot recommend the company enough, it's a great system, very compatible with LEGO PF components without the need for excessive modification. I use the new High-Line steam sound system, along with a magnetic chuff sensor and speaker (which happens to be exactly 5 studs wide, fitting perfecltly inside the locomotive.) Here is a link to a small vlog-style video I made of the locomotive when I debuted the sound system at a train show: The model was also featured on an O-Scaler website. Look for the update on 12/21/15: Thanks for reading, let me know what you think! Glenn