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  1. Glenn Holland

    Credentials of 3rd party parts

    These two sites have been around for several years at this point and are two of the most reputable third party part makers in the hobby. If you need wheels or rods, they are the first place to go!
  2. Glenn Holland

    LEGO SSN 01 1075.

    You did such a great job on this engine, and it looks right at home with the passenger cars in that video. Your model does a great job capturing the presence and look of the real locomotive. Awesome job all around Enrico!
  3. You pretty much nailed it.
  4. Glenn Holland

    Brickmania NYC Mohawk L-2A

    @Jeffinslaw- I recommend R104.
  5. Glenn Holland

    Brickmania NYC Mohawk L-2A

    @JWBDolphins- I have placed the engine on an R88 curve and did not see anything to cause concern, but I did not run the engine through the curve. I have used it with R104 and R120 curves and R104 turnouts easily. @neonic- I opted for a custom battery mostly due to cost. It’s a pretty simple 7.4V, 2200mah lithium ion battery, but it works well powering the receivers and motors.
  6. Glenn Holland

    Brickmania NYC Mohawk L-2A

    All, thank you for the compliments on the model. I did put a lot of effort into achieving the correct details. @SteamSewnEmpire, I appreciate your comment on the Hudson being perhaps the more iconic of NYC steam between that and the L-2a, and I agree. In my decision making this time around, "NYC" wasn't as much of a reason for choice in locomotive; instead it was "1920's and 1930's" and "freight", if that makes sense. The L-2a fit those criteria, along with being a personal favorite. Regarding the price, I do admit the price of the kit version was not what I was expecting, but maybe I can offer some more information to this point. This model does use more parts than the T-1 4-8-4, and includes some extra features in the box, such as the display base (thanks @neonic, I was going for simple but attractive there), lights, custom printed minifigures, knuckle couplers, wheels from Big Ben Bricks and Bricktracks, custom 3D-printed wheels from Brickmania, custom 3D-printed rods and valve gear, and some custom electronics (and the work that goes into fitting those components to work with Power Functions). I'm not writing this in attempt to change anyone's opinions, but rather offer some reason. Again, thanks for the compliments on the model.
  7. Glenn Holland

    Brickmania NYC Mohawk L-2A

    I chose the L-2a over the surviving models for a few reasons. The primary reason is that it was the most well liked class of L-2 according to crews, and remembered fondly. Also these were produced earlier in the 1920's and better represent NYC fast freight power of the time, namely with the Elesco feedwater heater on the top front of the smokebox. I think this feature is THE classic look of NYC freight. Lastly, the L-2a has been on my long list of locomotive projects for many years. I'm very glad it worked out for this project.
  8. Glenn Holland

    Brickmania NYC Mohawk L-2A

    Thank you for posting this here @coaster. I'm very happy with the result.
  9. Glenn Holland

    [MOC] Frisco #1501 (4-8-2 Mountain Type)

  10. Glenn Holland

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    This is a fantastic looking passenger train. Excellent job on it.
  11. Glenn Holland

    What Happened to SHUPP

    I talked to him not too long ago. He's around, just busy with the rest of life.
  12. Glenn Holland

    Steam Loco Drivetrain

    I have had success with powering only one blind axle and using traction tires on the flanged wheels. The connecting rods keep everything in sync.
  13. Glenn Holland

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    It’s worth noting the width of the open air car and locomotive cab (8 studs!!) I'm very excited about the set. Setting aside the new inferior wheel design, all around it does look like it’ll be a winner. I’m also very glad they designed a true 4-4-0 rather than resorting to a more fantasy, Winter Village Train-styled easy locomotive. It’s definitely an immediate want-list set. I can’t wait to get one.
  14. Glenn Holland

    [MOC] Buffalo Creek & Gauley 2-8-0 #13

    @Sérgio - For some reason I have a glitch where I cannot click to quote your post here. Thank you all!