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  1. Dang, seems like great minds think alike! I'm glad I could help inspire this creation, It's already made many significant improvements over my setup! I especially like your curves, they look very elegant, and your train seems better equipped to take sharp corners. I'll certainly be following this project closely.
  2. I know it's important to have a good set of specifications for the cars, but we also need to figure out how the course will work. I love course design, and i would be happy to come up with some tracks, but making a course that anyone anywhere can reproduce is a problem I think is worth discussing I also dislike the idea of a prebuilt chassis, as that's half the fun. We should have solid limits, but I wanna do my own building!
  3. I think this idea has a ton of potential. I agree with allanp, where there is Purist class (Formula P) Possible motor configuation locking? 3rd party class (Formula 3) Buggy motor class (Formula B3) where all classes require the use of stock lego motors. I think this would satisfy pretty much everyone. I would possibly add RWD / FWD / AWD categories, but the advantages and disadvantages of those may speak for themselves without needing classes. Marxpek makes a good point about bodywork. I'm not sure how I would make rules for that myself. The other thing we could do is have a designated course, where a set track shape and size are drawn up, and you can recreate the track for testing wherever you are, within reason.
  4. This is awesome! the current 49.5 mm wheel always seems to wide. Would you consider more aggressive tread patterns?
  5. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    Wow! this is turning out to look like a whole new machine! please do post pictures when it's complete;I'm curious what it will look like with the canopy.
  6. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    The canopy's blueprint is complete. I made it in solidworks, so it should be nearly perfect. make sure to use 12in by 12in (30.5cm x 30.5cm) paper.
  7. mmk, I've got some to share Trailing axle Download curbjumper front axle ​solid axle Download curbjumper rear axle solid axle Download weird steered axle independent Download rear trophy truck faker axle independent trailing arms Download
  8. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    alright, looks like a lot of people are interested the template for the canopy. give me a day or two, and I'll have an image!
  9. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    If you're interested, I have a template for a canopy that can be made of any 12 x12 in material. It would take me a little to make it into an easy to print document. I left it off because it felt a but heavy, although the one I was using was heavy cardstock. I just liked the skeletal look, so I used that for the video.
  10. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    That's awesome! its cool that you thought enough of this to make it better! If you do decide to build it with your lxf, make sure to add a stable connection for the front suspension bars, as they could move freely if left as is. I tried using axle connectors for the roof, but they were a bit heavier, and could break when I tried to pick it up by the roof. plus, the axles were pretty tough, so I didn't worry much about it. however, they do look much better. I would recommend using the axle connectors with pinholes to reduce part count and weight, as well as beams in attached to the pinholes, so give it more structure. I am working on some fancier instructions, so if you wait a couple days, you can build the main chassis with them, and just add your mods on top! Good luck!
  11. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    It's crazy, but the second truck is actually a render! I've been usingBlurender, which is truly incredible; that render came out in 20 minutes! I wish I had enough cash for two trucks :P
  12. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    I guess you can choose what to believe. If it makes it any more believable, It was quite windy, as i tried to show with the establishing shot at the beginning of the video. Also, I dont think I could have accomplished some of the minor drifts or sick jumps with anything slower. if you build the vehicle, or even a similar vehicle, with the same motors, I think you will find the same result as me. Ya know what, I think you've inspired me to do the maths (and also I wanna see it's theoretical top speed)! mmk, so the wheels i'm using are 62.4 mm, so it has a circumference of 196mm, or 0.0196km. the motors, which by my estimation were able to get to about at about 80% of their max output when the vehicle is running on flat tarmac; faster if downhill. according to Philio have a max output of (on the inner output) 1700 RPM, is going to output 1360 RPM in the vehicle, or 81,600 revolutions over the course of an hour. with these two figures, we can calculate how fast the vehicle can probably travel. if we multiply the circumference by the RPH, we get 15.999 km/h on flat ground, or 19.992 km/h top speed if the motors run at max output!
  13. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    Except for the obvious slow mo, which you probably aren't referring to, the video is running at 1x speed! the power of the buggy motors is incredible!
  14. ChocolateEinstein

    [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    Thanks! yeah, i've been working on my video editing. I think i'm reaching the limits of iMovie.
  15. My fastest vehicle yet, this model is designed to take trails at speed, just like the real trucks to on the deserts of the world. I was quite happy with this, it's fast, but still capable of moderate terrain. it is, just like the real trucks, very easy to flip at speed. Rebrickable LXF file Instructions