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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everybody, I'd like to show you my latest MOC, which I created for an internal ITLug contest. It represent a microscale rollercoaster, themed "Highway to Hell" Hope you like, any comment or suggestion is welcome! Bye Teazza
  2. I am new to this forum but have been building amusement park rides for a while now. I have done a Everly Monster, a HUSS Giant Enterprise and a HUSS Troika, all of which i have displayed at brickworld chicago over the last few years. Most of what i do i try to do in "minifig scale" which i have taken to be ~1:48 scale depending on how you look at minifigs. I also have several others underway, but will need more time to finish them properly than the contest allows. I have been trying to faithfully reproduce the original rides and have them function as the real life ones do. Sometimes the scale is modified to suit the minifigs and how they fit into the cars. It tends to make for large projects that then stretch the structural limits of lego which is a fun challenge in itself. I had noticed at brickworld that coasters i have seen tend to go too fast and whip around the track. The model may be 1:48 scale but gravity remains constant, so a drop of 1 meter in real life is like a 48 meter drop for the minifigs. My solution is to start with a wild mouse coaster. There are many versions but basically the car goes along and them makes a sharp 180 degree turn and goes back and forth like a mouse running around. there is a famous one at Oktoberfest in munich that has 2 mirror image coasters with little cars that zip back and forth. It is fun to watch and i thought it would work in lego better. I got the new lego rollercoaster kit soon after it came out and have been experimenting with it (and buying track on bricklink until i found it was in many cases cheaper on bricks and pieces when available...) I had been making plans to design my own track system by bending electrical wire, but the official lego track is worth a try. I noticed that it loses a lot of speed on the corners and drops. Going around a 180 degree corner seems to slow it to a crawl regardless of how fast it comes into the corner. I have been successful at getting a prototype to work so far minus the lift hill. i am focusing on having it get through the course before worrying about how to get it up the hill. My cat has been mesmerized by the lego coaster and has been 'helping me' by pawing at the cars as they go by. It is fun to watch her as she is mesmerized by all of the motion. Now: i need to figure out how to post pictures to this site so i can show you my progress. (if there is a faq, point me to it. i use a mac and iphone. maybe flicker can link to it?) play well...
  3. Tofe59

    Rollercoaster and Theme park

    Hello I realize since 3 years, the rollercoasters in Lego bricks. This is my last creation.
  4. As a kid I always wanted to build a LEGO rollercoaster, but I never had enough LEGO to try building one... until now. After winning a large LEGO set in the battle bot contest last year I decided that I now finally had enough LEGO to try building a rollercoaster, so I did! I always try, but it's quite hard to be original since there's so many creative builders out there. But when I did some research and I found that no one had ever posted pictures or videos of a true rollercoaster scaled to accommodate technic figures I knew I found my challenge! The main challenges of building one was the fact that there's no tracks made by LEGO to work on this scale. I experimented with making tracks with various parts, but making curves never really worked like I wanted it to, and even a small radius turn took way to many parts. And then it hit me... I don't NEED curved tracks! all I need is ways to make the cart change direction! After that realization my brain exploded with fun and creative ways to do just that. Not only does it take less parts because you can stay very compact, it's technically way more interesting(to build), and more fun to watch For those interested I made a separate video about the techniques I used to make everything work. This was my biggest MOC ever, and it took me extra long because I Had a "dark age" in the middel of the build, but in the end I'm extremely happy with the end result. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Hi Everybody, since a long time I'm working on a new roller coaster, based on the old wooden coaster. Yesterday I completed the lift system for the car, and it works fine! I still have to complete all the "aesthetic" part, like grounds, flowers, signs, people entrance and so on. But I'll be happy to know your first impression, please find the working video here: Any suggestion or comment is really welcome! Thanks Bye Teazza
  6. Hopefully ok to post here New project on kickstarter from the same guys that did the Rollercoaster Factory kit a few years ago. I'm not affiliated at all but I've been chasing a Rollercoaster Factory kit for years so I'm backing this!
  7. Oh dear... It looks like Atari's killed another classic franchise... https://www.facebook...ercoastertycoon
  8. Teazza

    MOC: Roller coaster

    Hi everybody! At the moment I'm working at a new big MOC: a roller coaster. Now I've completed the "technical" part, the track is ok and it's working. The MOC is based on the "unofficial" set Roller Coaster Factory, when it will be completed it will have complete decoration (the theme will be a bad ending space journey) and other elements typical from amusement parks like restaurants, shop and so on. Here are two videos showing the system working: Hope you like the idea! Any suggestion is welcome! Bye
  9. **Recovered from the server chrash** As some may have seen in the generals section, I'm building a rollercoaster vehicle with some help from legolijntje Almost obviously, I'm also building a rollercoaster and it's a bit larger than I first thought. (This one) Scale equals 1:28,125 and the complete lenght of the track will become 26,84 metres and 1,78m x 5,69m in dimensions or 10,11 m2 The scale is based on that the original rail have a distance of 90 cm in between, and my track has a distance of 5 studs (or 4 studs, mid-hole to mid-hole) that equals 3,2 cm At this stage I have build a 1,5m long track and I'm not to happy about the results. I think that it's the car that's the problem because the track should be smooth enough. I can't upload a video in this given time because I don't have enough internet left (already used 55Gb this month), so in the next weekend, it will come. However I can show you guys my experiments and findings so far. There are 3 different track parts that I need to make: - A 4-sided track for the first hill including lifting mechanism (3,02m) - A 3-sided track for the middle part of the coaster (15,64m) - A 2-sided track for the last few metres of the coaster (8,18m) I'm not quite sure about the 4-sided track yet but I have build a 3-sided one. This track consist of the following process: + = + Link = It's really flexible: And in full it looks like this: For the 2-sided track I figured I'd just do this as it's easiest and I see no reason why it shouldn't be like that: As it looks now, the car drives really well on straight lines, but as soon as it starts to curve, the car derails. It's because there are no wheels under the track but I will see what I can do about that. I think, that to make the car go all around the track, I need to put in a motor in one of the cars to get it around. Also, the gravity is really weird; IRL the car doesn't come as fast down the hill as the LEGO version does, but then the LEGO version slows down muh faster..... It's a strange world really....