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    Hello :)
    I'm 21 years old and I'm from Austria. At the moment I'm busy studying at a university ;) .

    Generally I'm a huge Middle Earth fan and the Hobbit/LotR line brought me back into collecting Lego. Due to the fact that TLG seems to discontinue my favourite line I began moccing my own creations based on events from Middle Earth :)


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  1. HereĀ“s my entry Thanks for organizing the Xmas Raffle, CopMike
  2. Balbo

    [Moc] The Gate of Durin

    Very nice work . I like the rockwork and the runes on the door
  3. Awesome! I really like the trees and the posing of the minifigures
  4. Balbo

    [MOC] The Ring Goes South

    Fantastic work! I love all the different rocks and the use of the ring for the bedroll. Moreover the colour scheme is great, too
  5. Balbo

    Hi there everybody

    Welcome to eurobricks, Robert
  6. Balbo

    Hi to all of you AFOL's

    Welcome to eurobricks, Swegoof
  7. Balbo


    Welcome to eurobricks
  8. Balbo

    Some Recent Middle East style builds

    Amazing work! I love all of your middle east MOCs . My favorite one is the exotic market, too (I love all the different colours you used in that creation )
  9. Very nice shot! Your Rohan army is very impressive, too
  10. Balbo

    [MOC] Council of Elrond

    Fantastic work! I love all the techniques and details
  11. Balbo

    [MOD] Council of Elrond

    Very nice work . I like how you modified and expanded the Council of Elrond set
  12. 45) Clumsy Guy Entry (Build by Wat Tambor) 1 Point 12) Kendo Fighter Entry (Build by Leopold) - 1 Point 36) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by soccerkid6) -1 Point
  13. Fantastic work . I love the stonework and the use of the exo force arms on the roof
  14. Thank you very much for your comments - I'm glad you like my latest Lord of the Rings MOC Yes it works, but it's still not perfect, especially when playing a real game, but I'm planing on updating it with some modifications in the future Thank you for the hint - using 2x2 round bricks would be a great solution, too
  15. Balbo

    Bag End

    Very nice work! I love how you made the interior. Keep up the great work