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  1. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC] Midgar

    Thank you:-)
  2. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC] Midgar

    Thank you very much:-)
  3. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC] Midgar

    Hello everybody! today I'd like to show you "Midgar" -the city of Mako. This industrial city is the starting location of the famous japanese role-play-game "Final Fantasy VII" and the main location of it's remake from 2020. Midgar by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr Midgar front by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr Midgar topshot by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr Shinra Tower by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr I hope there are some Final Fantasy Lovers out there:-) Have a nice sunday everybody!
  4. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Great Inn, I'd immediately buy it:-) I Love the colors of the roof, fantastic job!
  5. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC] Medieval House

    Wow, thanks for your kind comments! I‘m really happy that you like this house and especially the Minifigs, since I‘m totally into kitbashing. @GeoBrick: Thank you! I thought it would look better if the overhang is a little bit different on those two sides. Maybe I‘ll try it a different way with the next one -there will be more houses:-) @Alexandrina: Thanks:-) The woman‘s hair is from the „Azari“-Minidoll of the LEGO Elves Series. The sextants had a similar function in the „Medieval Market“-Set, I thought it might fit in here as well:-) @arselus: Thank you! I didn‘t count the parts but I think it should be something between 900 and 1000. @pantelis, @BlackGloveBricks: Thank you very much:-) @Sarophas: Thanks! I‘m happy you like those minifigs, to me, putting all those parts together in order to create completely new characters is half of the fun:-)
  6. Fletcher Floyd

    [SR - FB] Silversmith

    That's a great scene, thanks for showing:-) I like the design of the outer wall a lot and the separation of exterior/interior is a good and fresh idea!
  7. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC] Medieval House

    Hello everybody, today I would like to show you a medieval house and some fresh Minifigs: Medieval House by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr I hope you like it!
  8. Fletcher Floyd

    [Moc] Blacksmith with a classic base

    I must admit this is looking great! Good job!
  9. Fletcher Floyd

    Medieval street

    Wow, this looks AMAZING! Great job, I love it.
  10. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC's] Colossal Castle Contest XVIII

    Excuse me, I think was a little confused here:-) You are of Course right. I like those new Raven-Knights a lot so I took them on a jorney through some of my MOC‘s:-)
  11. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Great job Louis! I would not be suprised at all seeing this one winning it‘s category! Great entry with a lot of action and an impressive dragon!
  12. Fletcher Floyd

    Old West Saloon, Bank, and Trading Post

    This is awesome! Great job on all of them. I‘d buy ‘em for sure if they were regular sets!
  13. Fletcher Floyd

    The Seven Swords of Wayland

    A fantastic MOC in the Universe of one of my all time tv-favourites! I love Robin of Sherwood, and I love this MOC as well -great job!!
  14. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC's] Colossal Castle Contest XVIII

    Thank you very much! Actually the Knights are regular 80‘s Classic Castle Lion-Knights:-) I’m glad you like Mega Man:-) I had this idea in my mind for quite a while, now there was an opportunity to come up with it! Thanks a lot Louis! Glad to hear that since I‘m a huge fan of your castle creations! The last one is indeed a herb shop:-D I’m happy to hear you like the monster creation as well -I have to get myself some more parts in purple and magenta in order to build larger tentacles in the future:-)
  15. Fletcher Floyd

    [MOC's] Colossal Castle Contest XVIII

    Thank you very much zoth, I‘m glad you like the the MOC‘s and especially the Minifigs, because kitbashing them is my favourite part in building a MOC:-)