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  1. Petric_G

    GoH 11: Surprise at the Cattle Market

    Thanks! The Whipe Roof was planed more round and smooth, but i haven‘t had enought „nerves“ ;-) Thanks Simon! Yes the Gungan Animal is from Star Wars.
  2. Petric_G

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    kahir88 1 point Simon_S 1 point Tayaya 1 point
  3. Petric_G

    GoH 11: Mitgardian ales

    Nice house design!
  4. Petric_G

    GoH 11: Trade in Prenmôr

    Nice Market! I like the whool!
  5. I nearly missed it. But now I did, after years, again a smal build for GoH.. Cattle Market
  6. Grûny was once again successful on the wild goat hunt. In the borderland between Kaliphlin and Nocturnus, he has found one. Now he makes his way to the cattle market to sell them at a high price or even to weigh them up with gold, as he has done the last few times. He doesn't understand why these goats are so popular, but he's still happy when there's gold. But what does he see when he drives up to the cattle market? There are actually TWO goats in the pen. Are the golden goat years over now? ------ I read about this contest two days ago and was on fire to do (after Years) a build fore GoH. So I seat down and did this quick build. I hope you like it :-)
  7. Petric_G

    71046 CMF series 26: Space themed!

    Sorry if I'm rattling in like this, but these figures look like an okay Figdarf to me. A few of them were photoshoped and then the long picture with the figures standing in a row were cropped to a 3x4 pic and the whole picture was posted blurred... Couldn't that also be fake? Or is this "method of presentation" common for „prototypes“? Please don't take it personally, it's just my impression.
  8. Petric_G

    Narnia: The Horse and his Boy

    Now after nearly 7 Years I finished all the Builds for this Project. Check out the last 3 Fotos / Chapters.
  9. Petric_G

    GoH 10 B: New Belynia

    Simon thats great! I can good remember your Avalonian Belynia, whitch I saw live back in 2014. I meet you there first and I also remember your legendary MOC-Table-drop-off I like your story telling and of coures all the smal details in your build. I saw you still make this trans chees slope mosaics… And your little sheeps. And the green swampy pound👍🏼 This build somehow force me to build something for Historica again…
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  12. That's amazing!!! I would like to see it in real. I hope you get support from a LUG or a Museum to build it in real. You may aske the friends from swissLUG?
  13. Petric_G

    Narnia: The Horse and his Boy

    Sorry for the late respond.... Thanks you for the comment! I've never seen any on the (german) Screen... Thank you and sorry for the late respond.... Her are some more designs.. Thank you and sorry for the late respond. Thanks. Thanks you. Now I added some more. I hope I will finish the project, now after the convention...
  14. Petric_G

    Narnia: The Horse and his Boy

    It took me some years to restart my Narnia serie, but I did it I've now built 13 of the 16 chapters. Some are photographed some will follow. For today I updated this tread with the chapters 6 - 9. I hope you enjoy it.