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  1. That's amazing!!! I would like to see it in real. I hope you get support from a LUG or a Museum to build it in real. You may aske the friends from swissLUG?
  2. Petric_G

    Narnia: The Horse and his Boy

    Sorry for the late respond.... Thanks you for the comment! I've never seen any on the (german) Screen... Thank you and sorry for the late respond.... Her are some more designs.. Thank you and sorry for the late respond. Thanks. Thanks you. Now I added some more. I hope I will finish the project, now after the convention...
  3. Petric_G

    Narnia: The Horse and his Boy

    It took me some years to restart my Narnia serie, but I did it I've now built 13 of the 16 chapters. Some are photographed some will follow. For today I updated this tread with the chapters 6 - 9. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Petric_G

    EB Tech Help

    I hope this is the correct corner for my problem. I‘m logged in to this forum on my mobile. And over time I forfot the password. Now l clicked on my Desktop PC to „Forfot your password“ and enterd my Email. But didn‘t got any. Also kot in the spam folder… what else can I do?
  5. Petric_G

    [MOC] Red Fox

    So adorable. I like it!
  6. Petric_G

    [MOC] Troll Bridge

    Briliante! The troll some how looks quite cute
  7. Petric_G

    Neo Fabuland Pirates!

    Oho, thats quite ... a wow! Art!
  8. You are right its not save. But it is normally a good starting point. I stsated the list by warching your video, but you cut the second half out....
  9. @Pchan1983 have you been able to make a „list“ which figure is where in the Box? That would be helpfull to find the figers faster when we go to a store ;-)
  10. Petric_G

    Ideas for CMFs

    Quite Nice. I like them all!
  11. Petric_G

    [MOC] Secret of the Castle

    I want it all! Realy nice design in the clasic style but with modern touch. This is the way I like it. I realy hope you got enoght support at Ideas. If not, I have an other Idea.... I espacially like the Forrest Hideout "mini Buld" It remindes my on my beloved Set 6066: Camouflaged Outpost
  12. Petric_G

    Hello from Switzerland!

    Hi Alpin Builder, I'm was long time not so active here in the Forum but as a saw you schwiizer Post, I have to say hello! Have fun and read you soon. Greetings from the Ostschweiz oder so ;-)
  13. Hasn‘t had the Elephant Suit a mouse? But a fox animal mold would be grat too!
  14. Petric_G

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Amyone seen or interested in this: