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  1. General Part Discussion

    the stock image even shows them - the two lugs that split the curved slots appear to have the function of locking a bush to the axle if you don't want the wheel to spin freely. A close-up photo of the wheels of the 8880 will show the grey little lugs of the inner mount poking out of those slots in the white wheel.
  2. perhaps but they won't have a job anymore ;)
  3. whilst it would be fabulous, you may be completely out of luck while it remains on Lego Ideas
  4. Cat 7495 electric rope shovel 2018

    wow - amazing effort. Great functions and the night look under lights is just magic.
  5. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    wow - ain't that just the most wonderful thing ever. Would look great next to the model of the ULA telescope.
  6. I need hints to buy retired Lego sets

    if it is advertised as lego, ebay will let you return it for your money back if it is not genuine but sellers on bricklink seem to be much better at selling only genuine parts because of the buyer feedback when things go wrong
  7. wow - impressive. I always love seeing people use the older panels and that green on black looks fabulous.
  8. You can just search by part - no need to register an account or add loose parts. As above, that part is used in two MOCs in white and 1 in red. There is also note of an unofficial yellow release in a MOC which is the sae as the red one.
  9. Official sets' builders

    it's always possible they're renders of computer models and not real There are also examples where the box images don't line up with the instructions - parts are in wrong place or reversed.
  10. Liebherr LR 11000

    stunning demonstration of your skill sir. Bravo!
  11. Technic Pub

    what's this white christmas thing? It's over 40 celcius here! White would be nice - it'd slow the bushfires!
  12. Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1

    wow! The whole thing is a masterpiece, but even the boom on its own deserves a bunch of recognition!
  13. these 'toys' are not very rigid and will move over time (creep) as well as at different temperatures, but mostly changes in alignment of all the holes happens when you pick them up or play with them. It's just part of what happens when you have an item designed to press fit together and fall apart easily. The solution is per what Isak said - pull enough apart (or just make sure all the bits are still fully seated) or even just try twisting the frame a little to see if you can line everything up enough to run smoothly. If not, rebuild it.
  14. step 3 from the child's guide to coping with a chronic need for instant feedback. Step four is "provide no supporting information"