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  1. any luck with the factory response? Response from LEGO SHOP 17 November 2017 Jordan, Consumer Services There is a fix for this! If the motor is not returning to center it is because it has been told that a new direction is actually center. To fix this it is important that the output is center positioned – this is indicated when the 4 dots at the output are aligned. To set the Servo in center position, connect it to an output with power ON but no control (for example on an IR Receiver that is turned ON). I hope this helps you get back to building!
  2. bonox

    Giant tractor

    given the thread title, I was expecting to see something like this
  3. Grey - it's about 15,000 according to the digital model, but it's missing a lot of detail, so probably closer to 30,000 all up plus another 5,000 for a wagon and the little diorama is another 3 or 4 thousand amorti - The loco comes to about 20 kilograms. Each bogie has six motors powering a wheel each, and the whole lot is controlled by this dude
  4. bonox

    Warped Model Team Tire?

    putting one of each next to each other here, the technic 31mm variant is quite a bit thicker than the model team variant. Given the rim sticking out the sides of the tyre in your photo i'm 98% sure you do not have model team rims.
  5. Missing a lot of greebling and signwriting. The original question was based on the first image only. For Bluehose, it's a locomotive. I do have two iron ore wagons to go with it that together make a train. Thanks aeh5040 - i thought this fit the model team concept and it's about 30% technic by weight and is also self powered, albeit slowly, with twelve XL motors. - perhaps it should go into the scale model sub-forum instead. I was really just wondering about whether there was enough interest to justify me writing up a build history about it. Doesn't look like it.
  6. bonox

    Warped Model Team Tire?

    There's a newer technic wheel and there's an older model team wheel. At first glance they're the same, but the new one is missing a lip. this 30mm D. x 13mm (13 x 24 Model Team)&category=[Wheel]#T=S&O={"ss":"AU","rpp":"500","iconly":0} and this{"ss":"AU","rpp":"500","iconly":0} are not the same - only one takes the tyre
  7. right field, wrong manufacturer.
  8. I started this two years ago, and while it's been to a few local LUG shows, it isn't really finished. Anyone want to see it completed? Anyone know what it is?
  9. bonox

    [MOC] 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

    oh, the paint rollers - brilliant part usage :)
  10. bonox

    [HELP] Choosing Best PF-Motor

    the best motor is the one that most closely matches the requirements. And with that, all the engineers in the room breathed a sign of relief :P
  11. bonox

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP the wikipedia article on the RS200 is also quite good. it's not based on a racecar - it's a production car under homologation rules meaning the racecar/production car are pretty much the same thing with the exception of some safety related items
  12. bonox

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP

    she's a beauty! And great to see someone re-using some 8880 parts
  13. Seems a little at odds. To cope with different speeds you'll need to pass both inputs through something like a subtractor and in doing so you'll still have one set of motors fighting the other. The idea of mathematically adding speed + torque doesn't automatically end up with the product of both. Power is already a product of speed and torque; you can't add a high speed low torque high power motor to a low speed high torque motor and expect to get high speed and high torque. At it's extreme with a stalled vehicle, you'll end up with the high torque motor driving the car forwards and the high speed motors backwards. Or you use a spectacularly complicated gearbox with electronic control that will take away the torque you wanted sent to the wheels. I wish you well, but i'm not sure from your limited description about what you're trying to achieve.