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  1. wow - they all stick to the ceiling nicely, don't they :) nice modernisation - they all follow the same very square boxy look with obvious siilarity between studded and studless.
  2. Since the idea of a wishlist is that it be fulfilled, we now have some models that fits these two at least. The class is obviously easy and meets all of your criteria with a little help from published instructions by efferman? The Chiron published instructions courtesy of Lox Lego and Thorsten are well on the way, and the 8839 fishing boat remake on the previous page is pretty much met by the 42064 ocean explorer. How do you guys feel about having your wishes fulfilled?
  3. to do that, they'd have to drop their Technic slogan/tagline of "as in reality" It's possible, but would require a change in direction
  4. A time machine so i could deal with future variants of this question
  5. it could mean this year - plenty of opportunity to publish combo online instructions, start competitions or all manner of historical story telling like that wonderful 853 designer interview.
  6. General Part Discussion

    try item 15100{"color":85,"ss":"AU","rpp":"500"}
  7. Oh well, thanks for the effort. Back to Terex then :)
  8. Thankyou Jennifer. It would be fabulous to have a bit more info before undertaking a teardown and a reason for the significant configuration change would be nice to know. Once again, thanks again for a fabulous model. Your scale modelling skills and non-lego workarounds are still ingenious years on from the original design. I'm still keeping an eye out to find a couple of those old hi-technic systems to play with.
  9. I built mine with an eye on one parked locally. There is the odd photo of this slightly different axle configuration on the webs, but at least in this country, they seem to be very thin on the ground. My suspicion is that it's due to the axle loadings required to carry the additional ballast over the forward power pack. Nevertheless, after some help from my employer, i managed to get a photo opp with the real one after 5 years of umming and ahhing about it. Might be time at last to modify the model to match the real one.
  10. Manual - can never find charged batteries when I just want a quick play and there's something special about pushing models around or spinning controls by hand that takes me back to my youth, sitting on the floor surrounded by bricks and a mostly finished model.
  11. another of those beautifully built creations with great photography that make you second guess whether you're looking at a real item or a model.
  12. some people will complain about anything. Please ignore it - the rest of us love your work and the skill and effort involved in your MOCs is extraordinary!
  13. Test Poll

    another one working now
  14. Test Poll

    1+1=3 for suitably large values of 1. No go here - "Thanks for voting" message, but returns to same state on reload and View Results hangs.
  15. Wow - thanks very much MajklSpajkl. It's an amazing design, thankyou very much for sharing with BI.