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  1. MOC Silo Truck

    wow - he's back! What a fabulous idea for an attachment. I look forward to adding this model to the others of yours on my shelf.
  2. Lego Set Market Trend Analysis

    brickpicker is based on published ebay sales is it not? It can be tricky when people don't put set numbers in titles, because then the stats get swayed. it has some value, but no more or less than BL I would think.
  3. Google "product photography". You may also get some value from "high key lighting" The general idea is to either put the article in a background that makes sense, or get rid of the background completely to make it stand out. Often product photos use both techniques by photoshopping a high key stand alone product onto a muted background. If none of that appeals and is too much like hard work, then at least try making a curved plain colour backdrop to reduce sharp background shadows and use lots of natural light to reduce harsh shadows from a built in flash.
  4. the last of the V8 interceptors :)
  5. The point I was making, just like the original economics paper, is that as a buyer you often don't know what you're getting. This isn't flawed logic. Even if you have a desire to buy the real stuff, how many times have you bought used collections of what was advertised as "lego" only to find quantities of knockoff stuff in the contents. If you're talking about depreciation, as soon as you get a market loaded with sellers pushing stuff as "lego" regardless of what it actually is, then the value of everything (even the real stuff) goes down when buyers can't really be sure of what they're getting, or don't even care what they're getting and buy on price alone. After a while, people can't move their genuine stuff for realistic money, so they give up and stop trying to sell it. That's the theory anyway. In practice, some buyers and sellers are not completely ignorant so you maintain some market for genuine stuff, but ultimately the value of the good stuff as a whole drops as a result of the crap being sold. If you're only buying for pieces, you have to be concerned you're only getting genuine (otherwise you're paying premium money for junk). As a seller of genuine stuff, you've now got to be concerned about potential buyers who would not have had a choice in the past, looking at knockoff stuff at a third of the price of what you want for the genuine, not knowing or caring about the difference and buying the cheaper one. as an example: An original used 5571. now 21 years old and hard to find even as used. And that's if you'r comfortable buying from ebay in Germany. Hundreds of euro plus shipping, and that's for one without instructions!. 'new' knockoff from china? Delivered for USD80. or an 8258 - current price on bricklink new 500+ USD and second hand 250+ USD. And you'll need to add post, insurance and possible payment and import fees to that as well. You can have a 'new' one delivered from china for two digit dollars. (I found one for USD85 delivered at first search). And in the technic world we're sad because you can't even tell if many of the parts are genuine because even the originals don't have details cast into the parts. Given the advertising even includes the phrase Lego 8258, what do you think the second hand market is going to look like in a few years when the buyers of those knockoff sets start selling them even in competition to the chinese who will probably still be selling the same thing even then! There will be a hundred people like me with a genuine 8258 to sell, 50 buyers, only 2 of whom care about getting a 'real' one. Suddenly, 100 genuine sellers are not competing for 50 buyers. They're competing for 2 buyers because the other 48 all went the knockoff route.
  6. i'm not saying you do want one. But when buying, you as as a buyer rely on the seller accurately describing the item you're buying. They may well not know what the true condition or original is (ie not know or care what they're selling) and since LEGO is the brand name (and not lego compatible), that's how they get sold. Thus buyers set their expectations low since you don't really know if it's genuine or fake, and thus the market for lemons progresses. It was a paper presented years ago but has some merit in the market place today. It will also get more complicated when people mix and match real with fake stuff, since few people (especially kids growing older selling their toys, or parents selling stuff after the kids move out of home) who bought or have a mix of genuine and fake will know or care how to identify and split it up and sell it accordingly, because why would any potential buyers care any more than they do themselves.
  7. If the law of lemons is anything to go by, then the depreciation of sets is about to get a lot worse. I noticed recently that the knockoff chinese are now making older technic sets - the 8258 and 8285 both spring to mind, along with the racers ferrari series and the williams F1. Heck they're now even making the 5571 from 1996. Since the new sale price is a lot lower than the inflation adjusted price of the original, and no doubt the supply is far greater than that of originals, the more people that buy these and then try to move them on later, the higher the effective depreciation of genuine sets since they'll get heavily diluted by people who don't know or care.
  8. wow - they all stick to the ceiling nicely, don't they :) nice modernisation - they all follow the same very square boxy look with obvious siilarity between studded and studless.
  9. Since the idea of a wishlist is that it be fulfilled, we now have some models that fits these two at least. The class is obviously easy and meets all of your criteria with a little help from published instructions by efferman? The Chiron published instructions courtesy of Lox Lego and Thorsten are well on the way, and the 8839 fishing boat remake on the previous page is pretty much met by the 42064 ocean explorer. How do you guys feel about having your wishes fulfilled?
  10. to do that, they'd have to drop their Technic slogan/tagline of "as in reality" It's possible, but would require a change in direction
  11. A time machine so i could deal with future variants of this question
  12. it could mean this year - plenty of opportunity to publish combo online instructions, start competitions or all manner of historical story telling like that wonderful 853 designer interview.
  13. General Part Discussion

    try item 15100{"color":85,"ss":"AU","rpp":"500"}
  14. Oh well, thanks for the effort. Back to Terex then :)
  15. Thankyou Jennifer. It would be fabulous to have a bit more info before undertaking a teardown and a reason for the significant configuration change would be nice to know. Once again, thanks again for a fabulous model. Your scale modelling skills and non-lego workarounds are still ingenious years on from the original design. I'm still keeping an eye out to find a couple of those old hi-technic systems to play with.