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  1. nychase

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    I saw this last night....I felt we all deserved to see it. 1. First you frantically collect everything, amassing a collection the size of a small sun. 2. Then one fine day you can't sleep at night thinking, "great Scott, what have I done?" 3. Then you frantically sell everything, parting with a collection the size of a large planet. Maybe even doing a little dance, and thinking how for once, "Step 3: Profit!" actually applies. 4. Then one fine day you can't sleep at night thinking, "great Scott, what have I done?!" The only difference between 4 and 2 is that you have enough room for a bed to weep in. A negligible and fleeting consolation at best, since the very next step is, invariably, "goto 1".
  2. Took me nearly 20 mins to find that part. Searching every possible description. What made it much worse is the stock color shown in the BL catalog is trans neon green which doesn't really jump out as your scrolling through hundreds of items. Answer is...Hero Factory Weapon Barrel
  3. Just wondering if you've made any progress on the instructions for this fabulous model? ;)
  4. nychase

    (Poll) do you have a buggy motor??

    I have 28, obtained through various sources and reasons. Most recently (2 months ago) someone on Ebay listed 4 of them for 7.50 each....jackpot. That being said, haven't built anything with them....just keep collecting them as I come across them.
  5. nychase

    How many spare parts do you have?

    Spare Parts.....over 1M ....not even a question...I keep thinking I have them for a reason but the reality is its time to sell them off. In addition, a MOC collection 2nd to only Blakbird and nearly every Technic set ever (some omissions for recent non-flagship sets).
  6. Jaap, I purchased the plans from you as well. Are you planning on making plans for the VW escort Van still? I think that would really complete the package. Also, I think you should post the parts list for the noteboom extension on your site as I didn't get it until after I had purchased the instructions (and I had already purchased the parts). Either way, thanks again, fantastic model, sorting the parts as we speak!
  7. nychase

    [MOC] 1:8 Scale Scorpion CK-R Supercar

    Paul, any chance your going to alter the instructions to include these new mods you made? I'm liking the look of the T-tops and headlights!
  8. nychase

    GBC: Lego balls vs Chinese beads

    Thats some great advice. I did end up buying the marbles which I mentioned in another thread (I think the main akiyuki thread). Good to know about the Delrin Plastic Balls too...looks like a perfect alternative.
  9. nychase

    Pink Technic

    You and me both Rohan, I've been going after the pink 40t clock gear for 5 years. I have had the wanted list listing for ever and the two clocks I've purchased have NOT had the correct pink gears. I just recently got a blue 40tooth and also have a dark grey. I have a stupid number of black (130) white (110) Red (150) and Green (120) though which I really don't need (old pic) Couple of things stand out that you need: the tan 24tooth gear -- white, black, red 12tooth singles. Black 16tooth clutch Blue, dbg and dark turqouise engine pistons (got a set of 16!), Quite a few pins with bush (white, orange, green, light grey (not lbg). Another holy grail part is the 3l pin with friction in WHITE. Also, the white clutch gear with Light grey inner (only on 8479 barcode truck and impossible to try and buy since its not listed as a different part). Now your inspiring me to take a pic of all my rare ones!
  10. nychase

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    There are at least 50 colors on bricklink, this has 37 (if I counted correctly). Lots of options!
  11. nychase

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I.....LOVE....THIS. Please make instructions, or perhaps Courbet would like to. Its both unique enough and visually stimulating to fit right in with the other akiyuki's.
  12. nychase

    Pink Technic

    And that made my day....currently have number 2 in the oven.
  13. nychase

    [MOC] 1:8 Scale Scorpion CK-R Supercar

    Alright so now I'm being called out but I really wasn't trying to start a battle here. Eric and Jay are right, there is a large difference between using parts that is known to be lego compatible and in no way mistakable for authentic (i.e. Firgelli on Jennifer Clarks Demag which is what i'm being called out for) vs these blatant knockoffs of real parts. I really was trying to highlight the bigger issue here rather than just the one case with the one white version. Do any of us really want to start receiving knock off parts??? Does anyone here actually check if all their bushes are REAL lego....probably not, but you would feel real stupid if you paid 2 or 3 dollars for fake black half bushes. Bottom line, I love the model, wasn't meaning to offend anyone, just trying to adjust everyone to the harsh reality that our prized collections stand a real chance at being alot less valuable if we let these knock-offs invade our world and dilute the brand we all love.
  14. nychase

    [MOC] 1:8 Scale Scorpion CK-R Supercar

    While I agree the white looks good....I think it would start us down a bad path to celebrate models with non-authentic lego parts. I'm certainly not trying to hijack this topic (have already collected to build the scorpion) but its a slippery slope and I know I don't want to start receiving decool or lepin parts in my next bricklink order. How long will it be before some bricklink seller lists white panels as "rare/htf" only to find out they aren't even lego. Just imagine if this white one is sold on ebay, the next guy tears it apart and never knew that there were some non-lego parts on the model. Mind you, I've never seen these fake legos to know if I would instantly know like how mega bloks just feel different but I'm not liking where this is going. Its like bedbugs, once you have them and they mix with your stuff it will be a tedious process to rid yourself of them completely.