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  1. neonic

    MOC Radio Snottingen

    Looks great. I like the whole picture, the colorscheme, the radarantennas and stuff, and the equipment inside. I like the pic below too, reminds me to my old work. Looks like an 19" rack to me, where they mount al those computer, audio-and video stuff in.
  2. neonic

    1968 FIAT 500 F

    Looks great Very reconizable
  3. I've been busy with a model of a little truck. I've made some seperate 'parts' so I can easier modify it. Now I changed something, choose the truck to look how much space I had for the changes and I've got an weird error It says Error ....(filename and stuff) ... at Line 78 Does anyone knows what it's mean? If I say Yes by the question 'continue loading' I only see a few parts instead a few hunderd. And for some reason the part/file I changed before I couldn't open anymore. Well I can open it, but I do see nothing at all. So I hope someone know something about it because it looks like it's gone?
  4. neonic

    Icewind Dale

    Great build Very 'weird' (in a good way ) I mean a build with trans clear bricks. Looks great. It gives a bit mysterious/spooky look. Maybe you can play with some color changing lights?
  5. It's looks amazing I've seen your other loc, on Legoworld last year, and this one looks inpresive too. All those details are great, especially those 'bogies', and cabeling on the front/back.
  6. neonic

    [MOC] Fairground: Space Octopus

    It's looks great Reminds me to my childhood always likes those things, maybe still ....
  7. neonic

    Figure Printing...

    You mean that 3d printing stuff? Don't know where you're from but where I came from (netherlands) there is a shop in Rotterdam were they sell 3d printers, but also they can print things you designed by yourself. You only need the design on a CD or something (in a particular format) and they can print it for you. I don't have the experience with them, yet, but I found them because I wanted to get some ideas printed. Maybe there is something in your country?
  8. neonic

    3D Printed Minifig Head... Creepy?

    To be honest ... it sucks Normally I'm not so 'purist' or whatever, but with Lego... for some reason I don't like that kind of stuff. It's fake and it doesn't 'fit' in the Lego 'style' at all. Maybe it's funny if they make a cartoon version of a character, like you see sometimes in episodes, for example the Simpsons. Sometimes famous people appears in the episode, and they have the same style. Think they should made those at least yellow, to 'fit' with the rest of the Lego figures.
  9. neonic

    Dracula Castle

    I always liked gothic (style) stuff. Great build, with a lot of nice details. I like the 'hanging' tower', and the interior is great. Nice color scheme too with that light blue And those shields and big axes on the wall are cool.
  10. neonic

    Have you "come out" as an AFOL?

    My condolences with your mother. Sorry to hear that. Can I ask you how old you are? Actually is doesn't matter at all imo, just curious. It's nice to hear that you sister said that about the Lego. Why should be worried about that ? There are plenty of people who has more dumb hobbies I'm building a little truck (more like a 'renovation') and sometimes I think maybe it's a bit childish. But on the other side ... who cares. And it's relaxing indeed.
  11. neonic

    [MOC] RV

    Good plan Just saw the video, great. Now I've seen even some more details, like that little reading light in the front sleeping area You keep discovering things. I'm still wondering how you made the triangelair sink. Is it also lego or ... Only, maybe it's an idea to use a longer cable between the RV and the meterbox. Now the cable is hanging in the air. That's not so good for the connections (maybe it's because I've been an electrician) It's just a tiny thing but ...
  12. neonic

    [MOC] RV

    Just one word .... wow For a non-technical person, I think it's even more looks great.It's just amazing all those details like all those outlets and hatches at the side. Underneath, the exhaust and all that. And then the pics of the interior. It's just great to see all those things. Very detailed. I also like all that 'junk' in the RV, all the pots and pans, dishes in the sink, toys all of the kids ... looks like they are already on holiday I'm sure I can get some inspiration of it for my own moc.
  13. neonic

    RC Maus Tank

    If you say so .... Think it's an impressive model, like the most of yours. You're not only handy with Lego, but your very handy with filming/edditing too. I see your hamster now have a little friend
  14. neonic

    Beer Wagon | '67 Tom Daniel Mack Bulldog

    in one word... cool I like cars and those kind of cars are one my favourites.
  15. neonic

    Baroque Palace [MOC]

    It's great nice details too with all those 'statues' and stuff, looks very cool First it looked a bit grey / gray ... the new coloring looks much much better indeed. Keep up the good work