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    <p> I like trucks, espacially big trucks (heavy transport and stuff).<br /> Further I like kind of themes and stuff. Not to build, but just to see what other people have build. It's great to see and I get a lot of ideas of it. It's inpireing. </p> <p> What set I've purchased recently? the Last set was I think long long time ago. Now I'm busy (re) building a truck after about 20-25 years. Inspired to all the great Lego trucks on the internet (and other creations). So I've not bought a set recently but I do have order a lot of bricks to my truck. </p>

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  1. neonic

    MOC: Container House

    It's looking great. I'm busy with containerhouses myself, interiordesign and stuff. Lego is another hobby so .. to see that, what I'm busy with (hope it's a bit good english?) made of Lego, it's great. It seems to be 40' containers, right? Besides the containers itself the whole stuff looks great. the Whole picture. Like the colorscheme and stuff and also a lot of details. Like the workbench, the mailbox ... Also the crates in the 'backgarden'. Gives me new ideas
  2. Looks realy cool. Great to see all those from your previous topics all together. Like it, all those people doing all kind of stuff, all those tools, equipment and other details, just great. Only the tv-area thinks it's a bit weird. Maybe an idea to make it a bit more 'seperate'? Or maybe an floor like bamsham363, it's high enough... I see you have some lightbars on the ceiling. Maybe you can make those realy work? Would be cool. Otherwise you could make a small edge on the ceiling and hide a ledstrip behind it.
  3. neonic


    Like already said ... great story and great builds. Like the creations and also the story. Sadly the posttruck (like the design, bit '50, ';60's style?) had an accident but fortunely the 'workhorse' came to rescue.
  4. the Roof looks a bit odd (the corners?) but the rest ... building looks great. Also like the small stream with the watermill and the small bridge.
  5. Great building, nice color scheme too. Like the turntables, never seen that before. Also like your flowerstands.
  6. neonic

    Pirates - underwater

    Looks really cool. Great details and very colorful. Nice shark too, looks pretty agresive.
  7. neonic

    [MOC] S.S. Venture

    I can't see the photo's here but I've seen them on your flickr account... looks good. Especially like the brown 'stripes' (rust effect I guess) on the hull. It looks like an old, what we called, 'rustbucket'. Great job. Also I've seen the temple in the jungle. Looks a bit Mexican or that area? Looks great with all the apes, the vegetation and stuff. Really cool is the waterfall. Maybe even cooler with some running lights behind it to simulate the falling water?
  8. neonic

    Ordering parts, how, where ?

    Well this is really great. Thanks Now I've made a wishlist an already add some parts to see how it's works. It's still pretty much work to 'find' the parts but it's only for once. Then you only have to choose a shop wich have the most parts and have the best price right? I wish I knew this before ...
  9. For my moc I've already ordered some parts from several shops (found on Bricklink site). I've chosen some shops, wich had some 'special' parts, looked what they have and so on I choose two where I ordered the parts. It was a long search and also to order the parts. My own 'way' costs a lot of time and after all there always shops who doesn't have it all I needed. I would like to know how can I easy/easier order parts? And another question ... how do you know what parts you need? I made a model with MLcad, ordered some parts and starting building with those parts and the parts I already have. Now I have made a copy of my model and 'erase' the parts I already have, so I can 'see' what I still miss. I quess my idea is not the most handy wat so ... What do you think of that idea and / or are there other ways wich are handier ? I like to know how you do it?
  10. neonic

    [MOC] 42 FERRARI 312 F1 67

    Really cool build. First I thought why white exhausts instead of grey but I just see the real one on Google Very amazing all those details, espacially the engine part. the Golden rims fits great, even the model of it looks much the same. Great underground too. It has a 'old' look, matching good with the age of the car.
  11. I've a ledstrip in front of my collection of bottles. They can change colors too. You have many variations of those ledstrips, maybe it's an idea for your diorama? They give a lot of light and are very low in use of power. Or .. maybe you can use some CCFL lights, they use a lot in computers, for casemodding. I used them in my car. Thinks those are better than the lightstrip because the CCFL's gives more equally light. To power it you could use a batterybox or you could use a poweradapter.
  12. neonic

    MOC - LEGO 360 Coral Reef Aquarium

    Looking very cool I see also you used some yellow flags as 'plant' or ... great. Very creative use of parts and the colors looks also great, very colorfull. I like the base too, looks good with the 'wood' and golden ornaments. Only it's maybe an idea to use transparant clips instead of the grey to hold the fish.
  13. neonic

    Calbridge Castle

    Looks great. So much details too. Like also the colors. Nice boats too
  14. Like the other topic this looks great also. Many great builds. Espacially the gameconsole Guess they are happy to work there.
  15. neonic

    Powhatten Village

    I reconise those houses, I've seen them before in a topic. Looks very great, all those details and colorscheme. Like the whole display.