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    <p> I like trucks, espacially big trucks (heavy transport and stuff).<br /> Further I like kind of themes and stuff. Not to build, but just to see what other people have build. It's great to see and I get a lot of ideas of it. It's inpireing. </p> <p> What set I've purchased recently? the Last set was I think long long time ago. Now I'm busy (re) building a truck after about 20-25 years. Inspired to all the great Lego trucks on the internet (and other creations). So I've not bought a set recently but I do have order a lot of bricks to my truck. </p>

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  1. Cool truck When I saw the picture I thought: Lego? And when looking better I recognize some parts. I agree about the stickers. It looks cool with those stickers but I must say it looks good without too by itself, but ... with those stickers it looks even better. Nice color scheme too, with those colors. Only the rear end I think it doesn't really fit with the showtruck look. Tyre badges directly printed? I'm curious how. Looks great, fits wel with the whole look.
  2. neonic

    Hello everyone

    Well, there are much more who are not native Englisch speakers, including myself, so a problem? course not. So have fun.
  3. neonic

    [MOC] Space Base H19

    Looks great. Nice job with all those details. Really like the tower and lightpoles, railing looks great too, great idea for the corners. And nice looking spaceships too. Also like the 'new' style with those old spacemen.
  4. neonic

    [MOC] Hot rod

    Clean and smooth design. Looks cool .
  5. neonic

    MOC: Harley Davidson FullOrbitâ„¢

    I don't really see what's Harley but anyhow I like it. It's a good design and the colors looks really good to the futuristic look. Also great use of parts like those actuators. Only one little detail, the exhaust end up near/to the rear wheel. Don't think it's 'technical' handy.
  6. neonic


    I see this creation is going to be an official set, cool. Congratulations to the creator It's a cool creation with a lot great details. Besides the whole idea, I like those things like the palmtree leaves on the roof and a piece of boat as part of the island. I'm a little bit too old to play with Lego but ... otherwise, it's really something I would buy
  7. Great build, especially when you see the original. I also see a lot of creative use of parts. Speaking of original ... the photo on top is real cool. Nice job with the reflection in the water.
  8. Looks great! 'Smooth' and it have nice details. So like the drivebelt cover (right word?) it's really typical Harley. And the engine itself looks great too, the details and the rods to the valves.
  9. Looks good, model, colors. Also like the idea of the sails, nice one.
  10. neonic

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    Looks great Nice colors too.
  11. neonic

    [MOC] The Tubinare, privateering catamaran...

    Nice one Like it, also original, a pirate ship in catamaran version Nice island too.
  12. neonic

    Cloudship 1

    Cool Reminds me to that Gulliver's travels movie? There was such a 'spaceship' too. I like the design itself too, the colors, the wood-tiles and stuff. Maybe an idea to make a kind of 'terminal' of the holder? With some stairs so they come on board.
  13. neonic

    [MOC] Mariachi wagon and Mexican house

    Like it a lot. Gives a real Mexican feel indeed. Not only the band in front of the house and the other figures, but also all those details like the wooden beams sticking out of the wall, the cactus and all those flowers. the Brick 'floor' in front of the house is well done too And those 'flowerboxes', a lid of a treasure chest with two tiles under it, nice one.
  14. neonic

    [MOC] Blue Imperial Fort

    I don't think it's a fort, no cannons and stuff? Looks more like some watchtower? But anyhow, it looks great. I like those stones in the wall, like the plaster fell off, and there a lot of other great details like the plants and trees. Great photo too with the 'water' around it.
  15. neonic

    Applying LED strips

    Lights, always good Like already said by other members, most of those led-strip can be cut. Where you can cut is shown by mostly a little scissor. I have one I use for lighten up my bottles and cut strip too, no problem. Only I think it is too bad too cut and use only three leds of a led-strip? Why not? Maybe you can post a photo of what your model and lights? Maybe there also other 'solutions'?