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    <p> I like trucks, espacially big trucks (heavy transport and stuff).<br /> Further I like kind of themes and stuff. Not to build, but just to see what other people have build. It's great to see and I get a lot of ideas of it. It's inpireing. </p> <p> What set I've purchased recently? the Last set was I think long long time ago. Now I'm busy (re) building a truck after about 20-25 years. Inspired to all the great Lego trucks on the internet (and other creations). So I've not bought a set recently but I do have order a lot of bricks to my truck. </p>

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  1. I tried the search option but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I search on the internet but the sites I could find has dead links. So I have a few questions about making manuals. - Where can I download the program? I like to try it. - And I have seen people sell their manuals. How much is a reasonable price for it? I can imagine that a manual may cost more for a model with more bricks. So ... is there a kind of rule for it you can hold on? I mean like up to xxx bricks, that price, something like that?
  2. neonic

    MOC Lego Garage with 8-wide Speech Champions cars

    Looking great. Realy like it, al those equipment, the decoration and stuff. And of course the cars. Also nice to all the action going on on the garage.
  3. Strange I've never seen this build. Looks really good. Like the color and use of parts, lot of detais, and espacially for such tiny build. Also I like it because I've been there, many years ago. Even if you don't read the title, you regonize it right away.
  4. neonic

    [SR - FB Jan 620] Shipwreck Cove Harbor

    Nice build Like the whole part, the coloring, the set-up and stuff. Nice houses / huts, and all the people who are building a new house is a nice to see. And all those crate and stuff and wooden log and all those other things. Looks realy like they just arrived. Nice tree too. Like the harbor as wel, with those 'tower' bases? Only I don't understand the wooden landingstage very much in front of those harbor walls.
  5. neonic

    Another year another 4 cars. (6 editon)

    That's great music for it indeed. the Hot rod looks great. Like also the roof and the arches as 'door', great idea.
  6. neonic

    [MOC] Santa's Space Sleigh

    Nice, wicked creation (positive way) It's a funny and cheerful sleigh, nice build. Nice details too, like the cockpit. Also funny, those helpers, with the bucket of paint.
  7. neonic

    [GoC] A New Haven

    Really great. Not only the house itself looks great, but also the colors / combination. Also like the overhang, the stairs part to the second floor and the roof. The same 'roof' on the walls is a nice detail too.
  8. neonic

    [MOC] One Ring Circus Train

    Critism ? none Looks great. Like the whole thing actually. Nice colors, details (wings and stuff) looks great. Cool truck and cages too. It's a good looking combination. ps. what is MILS? only the loc, it seems to be a bit 'small' for all those wagons?
  9. neonic

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Yellow is nice, it's also the color of the cranecompany where I live. But ... this blue color looks great too. the Rendering looks very promising already. Looking forward to the rest of the renders / build.
  10. To be honest I don't like all those big plane and train stuff too. Although it looks pretty nice (smooth) I don't think it fits to Lego, it's too 'massive'. I can imagine that they develop such a piece when designing a new model but ... maybe it's also a lack of fantasy. But ... accidentally this picture I came across when I was looking for something for my new idea. I must say, I think it's a weird but funny creation. Nice use of the discussed part.
  11. neonic

    [MOC] Skull ISland

    Very creative cool skull. Great rock with all those plants and great house. Also really like that crane.
  12. neonic

    [MOC] Modular Police Station

    Looks good, great interior too. Lot of details and of course ... donuts I only missing a sign on the outside a bit. It looks not so 'inviting' as a police station. For the rest, nice architecture / colors. Also like the shield/weapon on the roof with the two guns, nice one. btw... no more pictures of the police car? Looks like cool and fast car.
  13. neonic

    Home Alone. McCallister's House (MOC)

    For some reason I've never seen this topic Don't how the house looks like in the movie but it's a great build. Great to see all those booby traps and a lot details. Nice photography too. Funny too see all those 'scenes', especially like the one they hanging on the rope and he's waiting with a scissor. Nice use of bricks too. I've also seen some bricks I don't know they exist. What are those bricks on the piano, on the side?
  14. That's going to be a big project Looking good. All those bricks are indeed a bit difficult to order at once. Don't think there's a shop who has it all. Like Howitzer said, it's also an option to choose for used parts. Only I don't know how much it will save you. I've been looking for some bricks and I noticed that there is a lot of difference of price, new and used as well. a bit of off-topic: I've seen more instructions. What I've noticed is that some of those instructions cost pretty much. Does anyone how people came up with the price?
  15. neonic

    Fire Station Modular

    Looking good. I like the 'architectual' part (the two-tone color, decorations and stuff) and the inside as well. a Lot of nice details, and indeed, the greenery is a nice touch too.