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    <p> I like trucks, espacially big trucks (heavy transport and stuff).<br /> Further I like kind of themes and stuff. Not to build, but just to see what other people have build. It's great to see and I get a lot of ideas of it. It's inpireing.</p><p> What set I've purchased recently? the Last set was I think long long time ago. Now I'm busy (re) building a truck after about 20-25 years. Inspired to all the great Lego trucks on the internet (and other creations). So I've not bought a set recently but I do have order a lot of bricks to my truck.</p>
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  1. neonic

    MOC: Basilic Notre Dame de la Garde

    Something I've noticed too, something doesn't look 'right'. Except that 'small' detail, it's looks great. Are you gonna build the rest too? Would be great.
  2. It's indeed a pretty silly, but also great too see First I thought (when I read the title) 'How can you cutting steel ...'? Then I saw the movie. Making an angle grinder of Lego, never seen it. Looks great. Also funny to see you first cutting a spoon in two, then welding it together and put it back in the drawer.
  3. neonic

    [MOC] Free Vane and burn Nassau to the ground!!!

    So cool the Little fortress on the left, the houses on the right. And all those pirates, landing on the beach. There is also so much action going on. One of the things stands out right away is the beach on each side with the 'sea'. the Water with the 'waves', looks great. And of course ... complete with a parrot.
  4. neonic

    [MOC] Metal Slug

    Don't know Metal slug but the tank looks great. So tiny and so much detail. It almost looks some kind of cute (because of the size/style)
  5. neonic

    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

    the Giant lego figure .. I think it doesn't fit really. Most of the color. the Rest of the building looks great. Lots of nice details like those tiny star wars builds. Complete with a nice truck to deliver the orders. And the rooftop, looks a nice place to have a lunch. Nice croissants, great view
  6. neonic

    How to make your moc more firmly?

    Thank you already for your reactions I've looking for the instructions for some Modelteam vehicles (because the truck is 'based' on the Highway rig). When I was young I had (and still) the truck and in the years is was many time re-build and modified and in the end it doesn't look like it at all anymore . But .. the problem was, mainly, the chassis was a bit 'flexibel' and the cabin goes off pretty easy. I've playing with Mlcad a couple of times and I've seen that there are much more technical parts these days. Years ago I've bought a sportscar of Technic lego, don't ask why, and there were used a lot of parts I've never seen in my time, like those 'rounded' beams and triangles. So I can use such parts I think to make a chassis more firmly. Only I've no idea about the cabin yet. the Whole country is closed now for a while so I have plenty of time to figure it out. ps. What do you prefer, the 'oldschool' technic or the new? and why?
  7. neonic


    I haven't bought Lego for the last ... many years but I helped my niece a few times with there Lego friends set. Well, the picture on each step can be handy, especially with more bigger/technical sets. the Numbered bags ... it might be handy for when the made the sets in the factory? For me, I always opened all the bags and throw all the parts on a tray or something like that, to prevent that little round pieces run off. And than the instruction on the table and grabbing to find the right parts. Just fun. the Instructions are, in most cases, a bit to 'simple'. For example. I've seen an instruction for a flower. a Shaft, and three flowers. How difficult can that be. Also with instructions, they show you how to build for example a piece for the right side, later the same, but then for the left side. I also made it together. Just like the exhaust of the truck (model team). Every picture you had to put two grey rounds for the exhaust. I just grabbed all the pieces and made it at once. So that's my opinion. I know, some builds are more challenging than others but I've seen instruction it looks like ... how dumb they think people are. To many pictures to show you how to make a thing of ... a few bricks.
  8. Don't know it it's the right place for it? It's pretty 'universal' so ... I was wandering how to make a moc more firmly. It's pretty universal but I mean mainly moc's of trucks. I've made a truck when I was young (it's a long time ago) and I had to pick it up pretty careful to move it, because otherwise it fell apart. Not fell apart in a lot of pieces but more like it 'break' apart or the cabine get loose of the chassis, that's kind of things. It's stands for about 20 years on the shelf. a Few years ago I modified the trailer a bit to carry a bottle of booze (empty one of course). How are you do it? Are there some special ways / tactics for it to give it more strength / rigidity? I just wondering because I've seen a lot of cars and truck, wich are even bigger than my creation.
  9. neonic

    [MOC] Collegium Mokotovum

    One word ... cool. the Building itself looks great, but with all the flowers and other green stuff, it looks amazing. There also a few things of it I like. One of them is the 'raised' entrance? at the right and the 'balcony' next to the tower. the Gate/entrance is great too. There a lot of nice designs and ideas, put in one great moc. There is only one thing I can think of wich is not so, the grey roof. the Design is great, only the color I think it's too light comparing to the building (but that's just personal).
  10. neonic

    Christmas living room

    a Bit dangerous, those flowers near by the candles Just kidding. Looks great, a lot of nice details. Looks very cozy, lots of food and drinks and a nice warm fireplace.
  11. neonic

    Cyberpunk - Street Race

    Looking great, cool cars too
  12. neonic

    Winter Chalet UCS Fan Edition

    the Chalet looks great, all those details and stuff. a Lot of people having fun. Then I saw the display. It doesn't look great ... it looks amazing btw. I clicked on the link of your gallery, damn, more great creations. I think I have a lot to look today.
  13. neonic

    [MOC] Orc Santa

    Indeed cool build. Nice display too, simple but fits great with it. the Sausage is a nice detail. I see it all now: What do ask to santa for christmas? a New mace, with spikes
  14. neonic

    Fantasy Pirates: A LEGO World Builder Project

    Interesting topic Don't follow it actually, you want create some new 'line' in to the Lego? Like for example Friends, Elves ... Sounds cool. And only boats or also some houses, castles or ... the Idea of those steampunk boats and orcs and skeletons souds cool too. This idea of the boat looks great. It reminds me right away of the those Chines junks, but than with some kind of medival touch, like those dragon wings on the back. It looks not 'original' (i mean to the junks) but it fits great with the rest of the style.
  15. neonic

    [MOC] Armenian Church

    Indeed nice roof on the tower, very creative. Like the whole church. Also nice entrance with the hinges and flowers. the Cross on the wall and the cross-shaped 'windows' looks great too.