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  1. Firebrickbuilder

    MOC – Mobile Command Unit

    I'm a big fan of you're designs on the four wide scale. The details are amazing.
  2. Firebrickbuilder

    LEGO MOC Fire Station

    Great moc job on a very popular city theme. Wishing lego would bring out a different design than the usually two bay's building etc.
  3. Firebrickbuilder

    Fire Command Ship - sets 7207 + 7046 MOD

    Very impressive design.
  4. Firebrickbuilder

    [MOC] Yacht fire

    Well done on this incident.
  5. Firebrickbuilder

    [MOC] Lego Fire Hazmat Unit

    A very nice hazmat unit. Love the storage layout.
  6. Got myself a few new sets.

  7. Firebrickbuilder

    Palace Cinema 26-Seater Auditorium Mod

    I'm going for a cinema this year, hope to see what I can add to it. I love the exterior design but the inside is bare. I really love how you have created more realism to Palace Cinema. But would love to add a modern cinema for the future.
  8. Firebrickbuilder


    Nice design. Looks like the George Best city airport fire service scheme in Belfast northern Ireland they run one 4x4 and two 6x6 cobra appliances.
  9. Firebrickbuilder

    My Lego Town Layout Neu-Brickstadt

    Very impressive city my friend. The details and layout are really realistic. Can't wait to see the new layout.
  10. Firebrickbuilder

    New city diorama

    Fantastic looking city. Will revisit these at a later date to much detail and things to see.
  11. Firebrickbuilder

    Is a Hospital coming?

    The ideal situation for a hospital would be a modular one. Maybe a corner building with one side an entrance for the ambulance to A&E, the connection to other buildings would form on both sides, ground floor, reception desk, two A&E rooms, toilets, lift, stairs, first floor, two operations rooms, recovery ward, second floor, ward, maybe physio,maternity?, the list is endless, three or four floors for this modular, a bigger base plate could be used also it would do nicely. I'd pay the higher price for something like this.
  12. Firebrickbuilder

    [Mod] Dedective Office & Laundry

    I really think lego got it wrong as you've proved to me today. The laundry dry cleaners shouldn't be with the bank, I get what they're at, these two modulars detective set and brick bank could have been sold as a two part modular story, where the laundry could be connected to the bank to launder the money differently i.e. a sliding wall into the bank if you wanted it connected to the bank vault?. Great Moc.
  13. Firebrickbuilder

    Octan F1 car

    Yep I'd buy this.
  14. Firebrickbuilder

    Classic vs. New Lego airplanes

    I have always wanted the older airport size sets, but never did. Still would buy a few of these if I can. I won't buy the newer airport sets as I just do not have the room, maybe if I get a house with a garage then I'd consider it. I know that lego is aimed at the kids so that explains the size of the new sets. So I can't complain about that, kids I take it are not interested at all with the airports as Lego have released some poor ideas of terminals. Maybe if lego made a smaller version of the new planes then that could work... if you want you're city to have an airport and space is limited buy the old sets, if you have two spare rooms city in one and the airport in the other.
  15. I can not wait for next year's sets. Hopefully I may get a few.