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  1. Lucio Switch

    [MOC] US Truck

    Here we are! The instructions of the Semi Truck (trailer not included yet) are now on sale on rebrickable here: have fun!
  2. Lucio Switch

    [MOC] US Truck

    Nope just 2!
  3. Lucio Switch

    [MOC] US Truck

    Like I wrote, I chose for a pendular axle exactly due the problem you mentioned. If I'm not wrong, Sheepo's truck has a way more complicated front axle, with pneumatic brackes and suspensions, mine is simpler One of the first prototype had a live axle with pneumatic suspensions end one of the last, already pendular, had the caster angle, but I had to drop the ideas. Fot the same reason I chose to not use a Servo motor. I have some trouble even to store it. Luckily I have a dedicated hobby room, but it lays on the least for now. I suppose that the truck should be around 6000-8000 parts, and maybe 4000-6000 for the trailer, but I'm not sure. Sure is that there is an incredible ammount of pins I don't know how it will cost, I spent 150€ for the trailer panels...seems that I have lots of red parts. Based on my experience, the truck will be cheeper than my previous Moc (maybe like the tractor truck), the PF parts are not so many and there aren't pneumatic parts or high quantity of "special" parts like shock absorbers...only 6 hard for suspensions and 2 soft for the seats. Nope, I used the "Unimog" tires. I suppose around 350, but once I do the 3D I can give a more precise data
  4. Hi to everybody, this is my new Moc, I started building this US Truck about 6 months ago and it was finished to be shown to the MEI 2020, unfortunately, for reasons of force majeure, the MEI is posponed so here we are. It's not based on a specific model, surely Mack from Cars inspired me a lot, and I took some inspirations by pics on the web. I chose to build less sophisticated suspensions, pendular on all axles, to allow a more robust frame (due to a very long wheelbase) and a more robust drivline, it doesn't have U-Joints (still some parts could be damnaged). As almost all my others Moc it's driven by 4 XL PF Motors and steered by a L PF Motors, more precise at low speed. It has 2 M PF Motors to operate the two speed gearbox and the fifth wheel. It has openable hood, behind which there is a detailed Inline-six engine with belt driven alternator and clima compressor. It has openable doors with detailed interiors such amortized seats, bed and various storage compartments. The truck is powered by 2 Buwizz but it's possible to use 2 Li-Po Battery and 2 SBrick. The trailer is designed to fit a Porsche 911RSR, original set N° 49096. It has working legs and rear access ramp powered by a Control+ Hub and 2 XL C+ Motors. I chose to use it because I have one on the shelf and because it's compatible with the BuWizz app, so I can control everything using only a smartphone. The trailer has detailed interiors, the car compartments and the meeting7telemetry room. Moreover I built a tool trolley. Now some numbers: Truck Length: 79,2 cm 99studs Width: 24,8cm 31studs Height: 35,2cm 44studs Weight: 6 kg M PF motor: 2 L PF Motor: 1 XL PF Motor: 4 BuWizz: 2 (or 2 LiPo Battery and 2 SBrick) Trailer Length: 127,2 cm 159studs Width: 24,8cm 31studs Height: 38,4cm 48studs Weight: 8.4 kg XL C+ Motor: Control+ Hub: 1 Truck and Trailer with load: Totalal lenght: 175,2cm 219studs Total weight: 15.9 Kg Here the flickr album: I hope you enjoy!
  5. Thanks for the tips...just I don't have Instagram!;-) (I'm starting to feel old) I had many request of it, that's one main reason why I decide to do the MkII with instructions. Unfortunately I can't do a side by side test (I have no more servo an Buwizz available at the moment), moreover I'm fully into the Tow Truck MkII Instructions (a hell), but I'll take thisinto consideration.
  6. Great loss of a great inspirational and talented person. For sure he has left a sign on many of us.
  7. I agree, some stickers could enhance a lot the appearance, just I don't know even from where to start!
  8. Hi to everybody I built this moc for the Model Expo Italy, it's simpler compared to what I usually build, but funny to play with. Due to the 2 BuWizz and the 2 Buggy motors it is fast but a bit too much expansive. To avoid this, it's possible to use, as alternatives, SBrick or IR receivers feeded by Li-Po battery or Classic Battery Box, and use 4 L Motors instahed of the 2 Buggy motors, obviously with performance reduction. The instructions of the main model are alkredy available, the "alternatives" are under development, but them will be released in a short time (hopfully). I hope you will enjoy it: More pics here: More info here:
  9. I swapped the gears that you can see in your last pic (on both axles), now it's a bit slower, but it climbs a lot better.
  10. Happy to see you back! Great MOC!! (as always)
  11. True, the space is not really a problem, at least not the big ones! The scale should be between 1:10-1:11...more or less. Well, I have to say that it drive and steer, but I don't know how good and for how much it can do that before broke something in the drive train. In fact it can't tow almost anything. Sure I take things from my previous built, and I'm sure that I take inspiration from some others builder (I don't think I invented anything). It's not totally new since it uses the chassis of a previous Moc, but, beside this, whit the exceptions of the seats and the tilting cab, everything is mechanic (not usual to me), and there are plenty of solutions that I never used before. Said that, if you are disappointed, I'm sorry and I'll try to do better next time.:-) A smaller one...a simpler one!:-) Ehhh...a sort be clear, rims, outrigger pads and the crane turntable concept comes from the 42082.:-) No more pics, sorry, but yes the BI will be available, hopefully this year...maybe for the beginning of the next.
  12. Hi to everybody, lately I'm not really active here, well I'm not really active on Lego in general, but I'm still in business! So here it is my new moc: More info here: I hope you like it.
  13. No, you should not be the admin...anyway, shared for you!
  14. I can confirm what you say! I don't know, but I can say that some times ago I was contacted by an non well defined chinese company that would have buy my projects, to be honest the offer was not bad at all, I don't know if there was Lepin behind, but the suspicious was very high, so I declined. Personally, I take into consideration the fact that my BI will be stolen, or even simply shared between a bunch of people, in a way or in another...that's internet (or better the people on internet). But I also believe that without internet I would not sell them at all. And since my hobby is largely financed by the sales revenue of BI, without it, I could not afford to do the Mocs I've done in recent years. Also I must say that I found the AFOL community, in general, united, I have received several times reports of "fraudulent conduct" by AFOL...not all the hope is lost! This does not mean that certain situations do not bother, some definitely more than others, but I think that, if possible, it's better to don't worry about to much, take the good things and let the bad thinks go. I find absurd to save 10 or 20 euros on something that (in my case) costs 2000 euros in parts.