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  1. No, you should not be the admin...anyway, shared for you!
  2. I can confirm what you say! I don't know, but I can say that some times ago I was contacted by an non well defined chinese company that would have buy my projects, to be honest the offer was not bad at all, I don't know if there was Lepin behind, but the suspicious was very high, so I declined. Personally, I take into consideration the fact that my BI will be stolen, or even simply shared between a bunch of people, in a way or in another...that's internet (or better the people on internet). But I also believe that without internet I would not sell them at all. And since my hobby is largely financed by the sales revenue of BI, without it, I could not afford to do the Mocs I've done in recent years. Also I must say that I found the AFOL community, in general, united, I have received several times reports of "fraudulent conduct" by AFOL...not all the hope is lost! This does not mean that certain situations do not bother, some definitely more than others, but I think that, if possible, it's better to don't worry about to much, take the good things and let the bad thinks go. I find absurd to save 10 or 20 euros on something that (in my case) costs 2000 euros in parts.
  3. Lucio Switch

    [MOC] Dakar Truck

    The BI are now available here:
  4. Lucio Switch

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    No problem at all! We are just talking!
  5. Maybe not this one, but yes the model is this. Don't get me wrong, the comparison would be a personal thing to be satisfied by what I built. Yes, it's pretty squared, but I think that (takin the picture you posted as example) it needs the rib on the bonnet and the same on the sides, otherwise it would appear as a soap box, more than the real car already is. I didn't gave up, but you will see a new truck before it for sure....I just have to finish the BI of the Dakar Truck and than back at work on a new MOC...or, since my porsche is partially dismanteled and the manual version of your Moc....
  6. Lucio Switch

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    I think that you might have confused me with someone other. Never said that it's a waste. In fact I don't hate it, I don't even dislike it, actually I like it, I just hate this Idea of a fully functional lego technic car in 1:1 scale, becouse it isn't, but it's what I read almost everywhere (automotive/nerd sites). Yes, I didn't mentioned, but i like too that there isn't glue, I like the pattern of the skin, the overall shape and, as a sculputure, is realy cool, I even apreciate all the effort and passion, but tell me, what's happen in this Technic forum, if I do a new Lego big truck but using a metal frame as a base, what will be the commentary? If I would be in that meeting, I would say, what if we stay on our businnes (that's not kart-car dressed with lego) and we build a static model in 1:1 scale where people can get (potentially) in and out, maybe with some "simple" functions with the same philosopy of the tachometer and the rear spoiler made out only with technic parts? About waste, cost and whats else, I don't know the background, so it could be even commisioned by Bugatti and it could be all payed by them. Said this, I'm not here to try to change the opinion of anyone, becouse it would be simply wrong. I'm just expressing my feeling about it. P.S. Right now the car is at the Monza circuit for the F1 week-end and then it will be in Milan for some days. Yesterday, around the 11th-12th comment it was "hot".
  7. Lucio Switch

    Technic Photography

    Well, I bet that this marriage will last for long time...I suppose that you haven't to manage a lot of complains.
  8. Lucio Switch

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    I'll be more than happy if I can build it entirely in lego even in a static model. The race would be really interesting!
  9. Lucio Switch

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    I saw it a little while ago, after the other one where they claimed it's made only with technic parts. Probably the real meaning is without Lego system parts. But it sounds to me a bit a ploy. I saw them and the chassis it's not so basic (obviously if you don't compare it with a real car), but it goes under the whole car and support the whole cab. Without it, I have some doubt that the car can stand herself. If you remove the Lego parts, the chassis itself is drivable. Usually I build big scale truck, and from my experience the rigidity of the chassis is one of the most hard thing to do and here they skipped the problem. About all the techinical features, the only one, working, that seems to be made only with lego parts, is the rear spoiler and the tachometer. I mean it's build only with techinc parts and almost all the basic technical element aren't made with technic parts. Said this, without considering my controversy, as an engineer in the land military vehicle industry, I'm impressed too, by this and even by the pneumatic car. I think that's impossible (happy to be proven wrong), do do what I said only whit Lego parts. I don't know, maybe I was really annoyed by the pneumatic car and I vent my frustrations on this.
  10. Lucio Switch

    [MOC] Baja trophy truck

    Really well packed!
  11. Lucio Switch

    First MoC 20 years ago

    Currently my son is playing with the same Duplo train!
  12. Lucio Switch

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    My fault, I miss this (and still I haven't found)...never mentioned in all the post on FB. Reading here and there, I found often "entirely made out of Lego"...and it's not.
  13. Lucio Switch

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    This thing bother me a bit. I mean, overall the car is a masterpiece...but it's not all the pneumatic car presented some years ago that wasn't made completely out of Lego (also this was a masterpice). From my point of view this is cheating, expecially if you claim that's made out entirely with Lego. Most of us "blame" who claim to have built the fastest lego car using RC components. From my point of view there are no differences between this two examples.
  14. Well i tried several times, the chassis it's not the real problem, it's all the rest that worry me. I have, from several month now, a chassis of an Alfa 155 DTM completed (well it start to be a Delta S4, but that's another story), and now I don't have a clue from where to start, especially if I had to compare my work with yours. At the end a truck is mostly a parallelepiped!