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  1. Good day everyone, Today I want to introduce my friend,Yao, latest Moc, Lego Technic Audi RS7. The Moc takes 40 days to build and finished by 2019.08. It has around 2800pcs with 63x29x22 stubs. And here is some numbers XL x 2 Servo x 1 L x 1 M x 1 IR x 2 Switch x1 LED x 4 Lipo x 1 Hope you guy love it. Instruction coming soon. commons are welcome!
  2. terryli

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    Awesome Moc!!! Really like it!!!
  3. terryli

    [moc] Final Fantasy Cloud Finrir

    Thanks and very appreciated! XD
  4. terryli

    [moc] Final Fantasy Cloud Finrir

    That's a great idea. But I think is hard to make a if I just use technic part XD
  5. Hi all Here is my latest MOC for the final fantasy cloud fenrir. The Fenrir is Cloud Strife's personal motorcycle in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children onwards. The bike is a three-wheeled (two paired up in front and one in the rear) motorized vehicle with extraordinary maneuvering capabilities and with a combination of polished black metal over brushed gold mechanics. On either side of the front tires is an expandable compartment that fits all pieces of the Fusion Swords, and/or the sword's fully completed form. Hope you guys love it!
  6. Awesone MOC! I love it. It is really powerful!!
  7. terryli

    Remake Edition of Laferrari

    Thank you. I appreciate you love it Yes. My friend LI use the same PF as Brounjj. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. But we think the copyright of the BI is belong to Brunojj. We love his MoC so we want to build one. XD
  8. I fhink that is scam, may be they just steal some photo from you and don't have any futher BI. They just want to scam people money.
  9. terryli

    Remake Edition of Laferrari

    Here is the quote from LI youtube channel. I know recently some Chinese bricks manufactory just copy Brounjj MOC P1 and put it to become commercial produce. But we believe some Chinese factory cannot represent china lego fans. We will try our best to prevent the copyright of the Moc maker. Hope the future will be better cause we all love lego.
  10. Hi everyone My name is Terry, I want to share with you of my friend LI remake edition of Brunojj Laferrari. This remake job was done by my friend LI, and we are not belong to any brick manufacturer. We are super fans of Lego technic and we think we must prevent the copyright of the original Moc make. So we sure that we won't create the BI for this set. Hope you guy will love this remake edition.photovedio and here is the link for the vedio Thanks for watching
  11. Great Moc!!! i like the Zetros very much!!!XD
  12. terryli

    MOC RC Baja Buggy

    Great design!!! Really Fast by 2L!! XD
  13. Great build. I love the tractor too.
  14. terryli

    [MOC] Dakar Truck

    Just finished the outside color change. Hope you guy will like it