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  1. Very nice build. Looking forward to the buildinginstructions of this one.
  2. It whas just a few weeks that i have make more then 65 hours in a week. And the wife needs also some atention. But tonight i build a few hours. It is not ready but the size is huge. I have take some pictures. Also with the Crane Truck from Lucio Switch. Just to show the size. I think it is not only big, but allready a wacky ride. The little cab looks wacky on this build if you ask me.. Thank you.!
  3. Update, the cabin is ready and i am now working on the wacky function. If the entrydate whas 23-10-2017, then i would have made it. Here are 2 pictures. Now a few min. coffee time, and then it is in fir the next wheelarm.
  4. Didend tought of that. Will go at it tonight. Maybe i will be finished with it tomorrow evening or thursday evening. I will post the end result here..
  5. Unfortunately i whas not able to finish my build on time for the entry. So i have step out. Due to being busy with my work, i couldend find the the time to finish my buildon time. If i had 1 more week, then i could have made it. I have allready inform the Staff. But i will follow the members who have enter there build today. I have allready choose my nr. 1.
  6. Due to the fact that i whas very busy with my work, i whassend able to finsh my build for the entry today. But well better next time. I have to say that i have seen some nice wacky builds. I have my nr 1, it would be intresting to see who the winner will be..
  7. Just curious, what makes a build Hall of Fame material? There are really awsome builds in there. But also a few that make me think, mmm yeah.... not Hall of Fame material.
  8. [TC12][WIP] Formula 2.0 (Dropped out)

    Is it the whole build, or just the beginning of it?
  9. Looking forward to that. I also will get some new pics from my wacky build. But to get back to yours, you can add some bleu on the back. The front if you ask me, dont change it. It looks great..
  10. Is it just me or am I correct that - going by the nature of most entries and wips - only very few people make the association with the 1994 Wacky Wheels game for this contest? I guess you have to be of certain age to be familiar with the game.. I dont know the game and i am not really in to games. But the ones i played in my younger years in the arcade, where packman and donkeykong
  11. Love it. This is really a wacky build, but in a nice color sceem.
  12. [MOC] AC Cobra 427 V2

    First of all, i will support your car on lego ideas. I have to say nice little car. And i have to agree with @letsbuild it is better of in the scale modeling forum. Personally i would add some chrome on it. That being sayd, i still think you did a great job..
  13. So it is been a whyle, but i have made a little progress today. The chassis is allmost ready. It is like you can see huge. I will make a totaly manual build, but in a way that i keep in mind that there is room to make it fully rc. This without to take it apart. Instead i just have to add the pf, batterybox, gears and axles. It steers and also has a way to roll over allmost anything. In the last 2 pictures you can see how it steers and can move both ways if it hits an obstacle. The 2 black balls on eatch side together with the middle axle in the turntable prevent the tires to touch eathother. Afther i have finish my tee, i will go on with the wacky function, engine, bumpers and the cabin.
  14. [TC12] Road Breaker

    Nice one. Maybe it is an idea to put two batt boxes on it that rotate also. One for the power and one as a contra weight to keep it all in balance.. you can put marbles in one to create the same weight as the box who provides the power to the pf..