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  1. Scale Modeling Building Help

    I ask myself the question, hoe do you build a scale model brick wize. I mean if you have a model i mind, do you guys build it out of a lot of differend colors and wgen it is ready then buy the bricks in the right colors? Or do you build a model in sections. I have seen a picture of Dikkie Kleijn from a truck with all kind of colors. Later i seen that truck in the finisched colors. Just curious how you guys plan a build...
  2. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Great build as allways..
  3. There is one problem with thisone, if you want to build it, it would drain all youre money out of youre pocket. That being sayd, i am not from Amsterdam ( from Utrecht ) but i like it just as mutch as the Domtoren. Great eye for detail, and build to look like the real one. And the Dutch people who have seen the tower in real life, ( i am one of them ) konw thats it is a great copy of the real tower. If you have instructions, then this is one of those moc's out there who are hard to resist in the sence to build it. Love it, it is a masterpiece..
  4. My VW T1 XXXL Long MOC

    PM send..
  5. [MOC] Autosan H9-21

    In a few words it is a beautyfull masterpiece. Very well done, and it looks amazingly good like the real one..
  6. I have build my first moc, and i think it could be HOF material. But as i know now, there are a lot of points that will be looked at. So if those criteria arend there, then it wouldend be placed in the hof. I have no problem with that. I had some comments on my build, witch i dont see as negative, but more as a learning proces. And a new HOF for scale models would be a great thing. But for models with detail and not only cars. A good build villa church ect.ect are when build good also scale models. Maybe every forum needs his own HOF. So members can see all the great builds of differend themes, and can find them easy in every forum. Just an idea...
  7. Very nice build. Looking forward to the buildinginstructions of this one.
  8. It whas just a few weeks that i have make more then 65 hours in a week. And the wife needs also some atention. But tonight i build a few hours. It is not ready but the size is huge. I have take some pictures. Also with the Crane Truck from Lucio Switch. Just to show the size. I think it is not only big, but allready a wacky ride. The little cab looks wacky on this build if you ask me.. Thank you.!
  9. Update, the cabin is ready and i am now working on the wacky function. If the entrydate whas 23-10-2017, then i would have made it. Here are 2 pictures. Now a few min. coffee time, and then it is in fir the next wheelarm.
  10. Didend tought of that. Will go at it tonight. Maybe i will be finished with it tomorrow evening or thursday evening. I will post the end result here..
  11. Unfortunately i whas not able to finish my build on time for the entry. So i have step out. Due to being busy with my work, i couldend find the the time to finish my buildon time. If i had 1 more week, then i could have made it. I have allready inform the Staff. But i will follow the members who have enter there build today. I have allready choose my nr. 1.
  12. Due to the fact that i whas very busy with my work, i whassend able to finsh my build for the entry today. But well better next time. I have to say that i have seen some nice wacky builds. I have my nr 1, it would be intresting to see who the winner will be..
  13. Just curious, what makes a build Hall of Fame material? There are really awsome builds in there. But also a few that make me think, mmm yeah.... not Hall of Fame material.
  14. [TC12][WIP] Formula 2.0 (Dropped out)

    Is it the whole build, or just the beginning of it?
  15. Looking forward to that. I also will get some new pics from my wacky build. But to get back to yours, you can add some bleu on the back. The front if you ask me, dont change it. It looks great..