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  1. Massive, i like those builds.
  2. I love the model, color and the detail. Job well done.!!
  3. Dont like it, but love it.!!! Great detail, and i very mutch like the scale that is build in..
  4. Are these books also for sale in the Netherlands? I like both of them. Is there topic here on EB with a link to purchase them?
  5. JDL1967

    [MOC] Medieval Tower by the Sea

    A beauty. Love the colors..
  6. JDL1967

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    Nice build, love those builds.
  7. JDL1967

    [MOC] Clutch Bros Coffee

    Nice creation, great build..!!
  8. JDL1967

    A quick comment on spam

    @Jim is it so, that you as a existing member only have to fill in the themes you are interrested in? When i sign in, i have seen 2 tabs, but i only had to answer 1.
  9. I will use that info @dikkie klijn tnx!!
  10. I dont know exactly what it is ( it is some kind of farmer machine ) but i have to say, great build and i love it..!!!
  11. Interesting, i have read comments in both topics ( not all but enough to get the picture what is going on) and think without pointing a finger to any member, that it looks a bigger storm, than it in reality is. If a member points out that you can make improvements or make your build better, then you can only bennifit from that. Last year i have posted my vw t1 xxxl long moc, and some members have sayd to me, that the front could be better. I still havend change it, because i dont know any other way to do it. But i was glad they pointed this out to, so i can take that in considderation by my next moc. Reactions on a build that you post like "beautyfull, nice build, amazing" ect.ect. is what we all love to see. But when someone says this or that can be better, then it is a negative. Give me both, the positive makes me love the hobby, the negative makes me understand the building technique even more. And maybe the "tone" in which it is written isnd allways "nice", but that is i think because the most of us ( me included) are not native English speaking people. So if my grammer or spelling isnd that good, dont hold it against me. I am Dutch, and learned the language from the movies and the tv. I think its great that we have a platform like EB, where you can find ( allmost) everything there is to find about lego including great designers and builders...
  12. Maybe i should read it better, you have a point there, but one picture like this dosend convince me. If it is a prototype, then atleast there must be pictures of it on a testrack and motorcycleshow. And not one in some storagebox. But thats my opinion. Never the less i agree with you, it is a great moc.