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  1. nigel1975

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    In that case I really encourage you to make this a project for several months, finding the parts for best price will be as challenging as the MOC. One thing I did, which was a good lead up to this MOC in terms of spreading costs, was build some of the other cranes on Rebirckable i.e. I choose red as base color and then worked my way up through the Ultimate 42009 (JurgenKrooShoop), Grove GMK6400 (motomatt), Crane Construcion (Peteria) and then the LTM11200 [and subsequently with those parts the LR11000 (Olejka)]. This method I felt less guilt of purchasing parts and also gained a lot of experience. I also seem to have much more fascination with cranes these days and watch a lot of YouTube videos :-) The superstructure I didn't have major issues with build and functionality, but the boom may be challenging to operate once built - perhaps you could help with improvements there. I hope to one day come back to building this MOC again and try some modifications based on some other MOC's I've seen, some possible custom parts etc. For interest in cranes, one day to build at even bigger scale like crawler 1:20
  2. nigel1975

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    I think it would be fairly expensive exercise to build from scratch - based on some of the 'Lego' part cost estimates on Rebrickable it could set you back upwards of $2000. I have been building MOC's for several years and was fortunate to have > 90% of parts after I changed the color scheme to red/black. On top of this I still had to spend about $150 for missing parts - I normally consider what other MOC's I might build to justify the investment. It really depends if you have the money upfront, whether you are willing to spend several days trying to source parts at best possible price (Lego Store, Bricklink, Brickowl, Toypro, Ebay etc). There is no 'endorsed' set available as far as I know, unless Jeroen plans to make it available through one of the crowd-sourced MOC websites that provide all the parts (maybe it would be a nice option) I would not buy this MOC model on any website, it is intended to be built with real Lego and the instructions should be purchased from the designer directly. I have seen all the comments regarding how bad the parts are in these knock-off sets. I was very sad when I even saw some of my own photos that I've shared being used to promote these.
  3. nigel1975

    [TC16] The Martian movie vehicle

    I'm very impressed with the MOC, the design and functionality. Great competition so far.
  4. nigel1975

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Well done, I'm truly impressed with the final result and the demo video.
  5. nigel1975

    [MOC] The Earth

    This is really nice work and thanks for the explanation on how you projected the continents. Any plans to make a globe stand?
  6. There are some great entries in this competition. 3: 10 5: 6 4: 4 10: 3 12: 2 11: 1
  7. Wow, I'm blown away with the final result. All the functions look to work really well in the video. Well done, great entry.
  8. nigel1975

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    I think if we want a fully functional model then we would need to change the objective. One objective here was to use the max 8 channels for the PF IR, so to get all the functionality there is a lot more gears, axles, switches (all adding weight). All these components have to deal with the combined weight of the MOC and there is a lot part strain, gear slippage and/or just not enough torque from the motors. Even if we got more torque I imagine we would only end up destroying axles, universal joints etc. Individually the functions work pretty well e.g. the carrier drive, steering, outriggers work very well until you add all the weight from superstructure and boom. I think that If we remove the restriction of 8 channels and directly motorize the functions and use 5+ sbricks we would have a good chance of getting a working model. We could also change the turntable to use similar concept to the Lego Rough Terrain Crane, however we would need to change the scale of the model to accommodate the 1/4 circle gear racks. The boom itself would need to loose some weight and I would probably sacrifice the support legs. I have achieved something like this when I built a MOD version of the crane by Peteria on ReBrickable: Having built several MOC cranes now I can see all the pros and cons of the techniques used and one day hope that I have time to build my own creation (most likely in retirement!) For anyway attempting this MOC, don't say that Jeroen hasn't warned you of the limitations :-)
  9. nigel1975

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Final photos of erected boom. IMG_2007on Flickr IMG_2006 on Flickr IMG_2020 on Flickr
  10. nigel1975

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Today I finished the boom section, making four MODS i) made the boom one stud higher so that I could run the axles on the inside and thus close the top of the boom with panels ii) filled the sides of the boom whilst maintaining the axles for lowering the support legs, this has made the boom much sturdier (and a bit heavier) iii) changed the design of the end of the boom where the pulleys are connected iv) modified the stabilizer arms to look more in proportion and allow for stickers I also figured out how to link photos to Flickr :-) IMG_1996 on Flickr IMG_1991 on Flickr IMG_1985 on Flickr IMG_1988 on Flickr
  11. nigel1975

    [TC15] Fairey Rotodyne (video!)

    Thanks for uploading the final video. The design and features are really nice. This is going to be a tough competition, I like a lot of the MOCs.
  12. Nice evolution in design, it's looking very good. I look forward to seeing the final entry.
  13. nigel1975

    [TC15] Lego 852 Studless Version

    Very nice. I enjoy seeing MOCs that pay homage to the originals. Makes me very nostalgic for the Technic I had as a kid.
  14. Starting to see some of the final designs and video entries. I've been fascinated on the different approaches that have been taken in designing a Technic aircraft. Looking forward to the final vote.