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  1. siimonsayslego

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I'm kind of surprised they don't make more bus sets, I remember playing with my toy cars when I was little and buses were always good as they move around the town, city, playmat a lot, lots of stories to tell, I think that if they released one within the great vehicles subtheme it would do well, because it would be a reasonable price, and easily be widely accessible as it would be sold in most supermarkets due to the size and price of the great vehicle theme.
  2. siimonsayslego

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think what @theremin is saying is quite possibly true, only because none of it is too outrageous of a claim, its all quite reasonable what he's saying, also could the vehicle be a moped or scooter, like we've gotten in previous modulars? And could it be designed in a similar fashion to detectives office? I'm also kind of hoping that the food portion of the modular is going to be an ice cream or gelato shop.
  3. siimonsayslego

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Or what about a set like 8404 Public Transport Station, that was a great set and I'm glad I managed to pick that up
  4. siimonsayslego

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I reckon the new city plan set could easily have a bus seeing as the new main square set came with a tram
  5. siimonsayslego

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I wouldn't mind this, as I've been planning to do that to my modulars for the past 5 years, but the price of the plates always put off 16x16 plate for Lego SaH last time i checked was £2.80, having 8 of these to create a 32x32 two plates thick would cost £22.40, which is quite a a bit. I'm sure if Lego did it it would be cheaper. After seeing the images of it, it works well as it allows more detail, but the cost and size look to be issues for most people with cities.
  6. siimonsayslego

    Brickchester 2020

    This week in Brickchester the mayor has an announcement, and who else would be there but the wonderful TV crew to report on it. The mayor appears with the chief of police to announce that the city will be getting 4 new state of the art police cars, to accompany this announcement the police of Brickchester have gotten together to showcase some of their current vehicles, of which some will now be retired, alongside the new replacements. The four new cars are shown here all very sleek looking and fast, helping to apprehend the criminals Some of the vehicles on display show a motorbike and quad bike that are used within the city, these are useful as they can weave in and out of traffic, along with a dog van and a variety of cars that are currently used to chase criminals throughout the city. (Also apologies, I didn't realise that minifigure has fallen over) And what day out showcasing the police vehicles wouldn't be complete without them showing how they handcuff somebody, while their friends watch in amusement. Hope you all enjoyed this weeks update and stay tuned for further updates.
  7. siimonsayslego

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Hmmmmm some interesting sets here with personal favourites being the skate park, city centre, modern town house and the crossroads, but after seeing that potential image of the crossroads, I'm rather unsure, plus the price of the city centre being priced at €99.99 for only 388 pieces, hopefully its just an error, but if that's correct what could it contain?
  8. siimonsayslego

    Ballabreek 2020

    Love the update this week, I'm hoping to get the Harry Potter sets as well, no idea how I'll integrate them into the city though I'm sure provide some good inspiration
  9. siimonsayslego

    Ideas for new City sets

    @Greenstar That sounds like a good wave, personally like the idea of an underground station, and an airport people mover (LOVE AIRPORTS), a monorail would also be good, as I feel I need one in my city, and the Linden LEAP shuttles sound like they'd be good for city as its potentially the future, but they also remind me of the Heathrow Pods.
  10. siimonsayslego

    Brickchester 2020

    Welcome back everyone, this week Brickchester got a new park area. It used to look like this, work started to commence. With the road shut to the public, it allowed the construction crew to lift the hotel on a specially made transport ready for its new home, once moved the team moved in to started preparing the ground. The park was quickly constructed with many of the facilities previously scattered throughout the city, transported to the new park on smaller transport trucks. Finally the news crew arrived at the opening ceremony hosted by the mayor to get a new look at this open space. Hope you all enjoyed the update this week, many more future updates to come.
  11. siimonsayslego

    Brickchester 2020

    Sorry I haven't updated this as much as I thought I would, I've had quite a bit going on with uni and then returning to work in June, but some good news for Brickchester during the lockdown, was that it saw a complete redesign of the city, which I'm quite proud of, without further ado here is the redesigned Brickchester, The Fairground has been moved away from the airport to its own little area I'm hoping to create a nice pedestrian zone in the middle of all these buildings eventually, still currently deciding on a style that would work nicely. The redesigned airport and transport hub, hopefully gonna start work by the end of the summer to create a more realistic airport and transport hub. Other side of the modulars in the city, plus rumour is that the hotel's being relocated, but whats gonna replace the hotels spot? Finally onto the suburbs of the city with a range of smaller shops and facilities for the citizens of Brickchester. Hope you all enjoyed this update, I've got a few stories lined up for the next few weeks so stay tuned.
  12. siimonsayslego

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Where are these leaks?
  13. siimonsayslego

    Brickchester 2020

    Yet again I've been really busy with work and university, but I managed to do some remodelling work to the city of Brickchester. As you can see there has been work to the main street with many small shops added along this area, along with the hospital, to the right on the street is the new entrance to the fairground and the airport. Showing the remodelled fairground, which has increased the space available within that area. The airport has had one of the biggest changes, it still has plenty of space for aircraft to land but also a nice area set aside for the ground vehicles. Here the local news team are interviewing the builders who helped to redevelop the area to maximise the space, but alas they are saying there work isn't done as they have a lot more work to do elsewhere in the city. Now the local news team have moved on to interviewing the mayor, the head of trains/public transport in the city, and the head of airport management within the city, as without this three approving it, the project wouldn't have gone ahead, though they all do agree some minor changes may be necessary to improve the city further. Future plans for the city are still being developed, but hoping to bring back a lost industry in the city, that will hopefully improve the economy of Brickchester.
  14. siimonsayslego

    Brickchester 2020

    Unfortunately I've been rather busy so haven't had much time for Brickchester, but as stated before the Palace Cinema had been closed down for a while, and has now finally reopened. The construction team working on the exterior of the palace cinema, replacing the lights. Equipment and props being delivered in preparation for the reopening ceremony. The display fence being installed. The display fencing installed alongside a red carpet for the grand opening. The opening ceremony with stars form the latest brick film being premiered, the local news team are reporting the reopening ceremony along the mayor who is currently being interviewed. Lots of people have come out to see the grand reopening. The stars having pictures taken together before the premiere, no pictures were taken inside the screening, due to a strict no phone policy.
  15. siimonsayslego

    Brickchester 2020

    Hello everyone, this is my city Brickchester, I was inspired by greg3's city of Ballabreek and the stories he tells, so I thought I would do the same. Brickchester is an old English city dating back to at least the age of the roman invasion of England, though not much evidence remains of this in my city. This is near the centre of the main street, as you can closely see, palace cinema is boarded up, and there is a plaza that might need some brightening up. Here is a look down towards one end of my modular street. At the other end is Corner Garage, and a bike shop and pizza place, with an end of line tram stop. Just along from Corner Garage is a small car park, next to Downtown Diner (Which has been reversed). The Town Hall and Fire Bridge sit together off the main street on what is currently a rather narrow bit of road. Just along from Town Hall is the Pet Shop and the recently built Bookshop (which was unfortunately missing a piece, but this has since bee rectified) Just along from the Bookshop is a garage with some small shops. A view of the airport but also showing an overview of the city. A carousel sits at the end of the city here. Centre of main street again, but from the other side. The funfair is a permanent feature in the city of Brickchester, but it's definitely missing something. Another view of the centre of main street, on the left side you can see a reversed Parisian Restaurant. Finally at the end of the main street sits Grand Emporium and a hospital along with a little car dealership. Thanks for looking, and any comments or improvements that could be made, don't be afraid to ask.