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  1. Lukandros

    [MOC] Black Monarch's Return

    Great build! Great skills. I checked all your Flickr album is amazing. I like how you maintain the Black Knights style in your builds. I love to see classic factions in new building technics. I am LEGO Classic fan. I like to make old sets as they were Black Knights sets.
  2. Lukandros

    black monarch's big castle review

    Great review! I still have this 2 awesome Black Knights sets... well I have all Black Knights set still missing 2 of the small sets... anyway hehe, You should get the 6034 (If you don’t have it) so you can add to this. The 3 set can be attached.
  3. Lukandros

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Hello! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing
  4. Lukandros

    Mountan Fortress disappointed

    Hello! Thanks! I am glad you liked it. Please check this videos for a better look đź‘€!
  5. Lukandros

    [Moc] Guarded Inn

    Awesome build! I like old school set being rebuilt in this style!
  6. Lukandros

    The tower near Oldfell (+HSS)

    Awesome build! Like the inside details.
  7. Lukandros

    [MOC] Border Fortress

    Great build!
  8. Lukandros

    Vintage LEGO 6018 Battle Dragon !Review!

    Nice review! I am considering buy one for my LEGO Castle Classic collection. Although they have a Black Falcon’s shield the boat construction is certainly a Black Knight’s boat... similar as the 1547 and Sea Serpent... now the soldiers... well I think they are Black Knights because they look like the food soldiers in the Black Monarch’s Castle and other Black Knight’s sets... so I think this is a Black Knight’s set... also I found this list: But also this guys could be Black Falcon in disguise recovering one of their previous rare yellow shields!
  9. Another set with Dragon Masters using the original Black Knights regular shield... Dark Forests Fortress 6079 Great information! Thanks for sharing! This is super interesting.
  10. Lukandros

    Mountan Fortress disappointed

    Yeah! 6086 is my favorite... and I still have it. Because this forum... I decided to build it with as Black Knight’s faction style. Please take a look. Yes... pretty cool! What was the original attachment for the set? I see it designed for this.
  11. @John Cromwell Hello! Check this out!
  12. Most of my LEGO Castle Classic are Black Knights... so whenever the other need to battle them the other factions join forces hehe... But trying to give a background history to the classic castle sets... I think Black Knights and Crusaders, try to be off the other path. Falcons and Black Knights enemies but joined forces against common enemies as the Forestmen and Wolfmen. And Dragon Masters the biggest Black Knights enemies.
  13. @John Cromwell Thank you very much! Yes... actually the back wall I have more grey... and I looks more Black Knights style... I will try to get more grey to the front wall (and other details) to see how it looks and I will share
  14. Hello! I am a LEGO Castle Classic fan and still I have the old sets I had as a kid. I would like to shared my Black Knight’s Fortress version.