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  1. Charbel, Congratulations for this awesome MOC. It’s nice to know the instructions are almost ready. I would like to build the model (especially since I have most of the parts) and I don’t mind paying for the instructions. I cannot send PMs yet (less than 10 posts). My email is *edited*. If you are willing to share/sell the instructions, let me know. I’m more than happy to send you a picture of the parts or recent bricklink screenshots. Kind regards!
  2. Hi Dugald. Congratulations for this awesome build. It looks amazing. I was wondering if one can easily swap the buwizz with sbricks and lego lipol battery packs (part 84599). Is there enough space for these?
  3. Awesome model. Best of luck. I would like to build the car. If you are willing to share the instructions, my email is (Edited). Thanks!
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I will gladly take the whole lot. You can send me a PM with your email address/Skype ID etc. I cannot send PMs but maybe I can receive them. Otherwise, if it’s allowed by the mods, you can post a contact address here. Kind regards!
  5. Hi, Can you please send me a shipping quote for Göteborg, Sweden, for the whole lot? I tried sending you a PM but It didn’t work. Kind regards!