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  1. Vliebricker

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Ahoy there, BillyG, great ship! I've got such ship still on my wish/ to-do list 🤔. What (ship?)parts did you use for the bow and rear end? Did you use blueprints from existing ships like the Unicorn? Love the way how you'e realised the gundecks. Perhaps for snowy: (Bricklink) Dog, Terrier with black eyes and pose and pink tongue pattern, item no: 26078pb001? Keep your rudder straight and keep going..........
  2. Vliebricker

    [MOC] Technopil City

    Wow, DwalinF, very nicely done! Love the details you've used!
  3. Vliebricker

    [Discussion] European Railway Instructions?

    Hi Guys, and yes Raised, as it has been said: an interesting question that you've raised! But here's another question: did anyone ever inventorize the number of US rolling stock (building instructions [BI]) that is available (for free or for sale) compared to the EU rolling stock? Are the numbers far apart, you think? Could it be that the average US AFOL's mindset is willing to pay for BI quickly where the EU AFOL finds more satisfaction in the Trial & Error method? And, in USA, what was first, a demand for BI of the supply of BI? For sure in USA the model trains market is larger. When you consider the number of model railroad clubs and magazines, the numbers are larger than in EU. Plus, I think there are more US model railroad lovers in EU (and I'm one of these) than vice versa. Concerning the selling of BI on this side of the Atlantic ocean, I only know of a few companies selling commercial kits with BI. Besides those there are a number of individual AFOLs who are willing to share their range of ideas with other enthusiastic "trainheads". As far as I'm concerned it can be kept that way. LEGO is a hobby for me (which already cost me a bundle ) and I'm willing to share whatever with whoever. And perhaps a central library with train BI has to be set up?
  4. Vliebricker

    my moc train

    Well, Dario, impressive locomotives you've built here! How wide is your Big Boy? I can see, at the front, a number of details sticking out?
  5. Vliebricker

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi, Tmctiger, I took the time to go through your complete thread and to see all the photo's of the building of your layout. What a job and what great result!! Applause. But I wonder, how do you get to the trains when something goes wrong at the back of your layout under the town-level? Can you access that?
  6. Vliebricker

    MOC: Centoporte

    Hi Ex Cinno, it looks fantastic! This coach must weight quit a lot with so many parts ?. Nice combo with that loc too.
  7. Great design, Murdoch17, something to remember for my own lay-out! Thanks.
  8. Vliebricker

    Small Train Layout (4x7 baseplates)

    Hi, there, SpinX125, really love this small lay-out ?. You've managed to put a lot of details in it and it is not over-crowded. Nice to see the small container busyness as a theme on your lay-out. Your station is also beautifully done! And I understand that you operate 2 trainsets on this lay-out? This lay-out also is a nice try-out area for new train MOCs. Maybe I should build one like this myself, instead of the long straight track that I use now.
  9. Vliebricker

    Red Horizon Express 10233

    Hi there, Brickviller V2, (is it V2 because you are back in the Lego spotlights ? after your dark ages...??). Brilliant idea of building your own Horizon Express. The red colour suits well. And your station MOC is also a very good looking building. Will it get an interior as well for buying tickets etc? Can't wait to see a follow-up on this station! Well done!
  10. Vliebricker

    Orient Express Thriller!

    Hi, Elysiumfountain, nice work! And a huge project in combination with the station. I particularly like the lighting in the coach and yes, you definitely should ad a second coach to your train. How, by the way, is it motorized? I don't see a IR receiver or something at your model. Such a model must for sure do it's tour on a nice lay-out ??.
  11. Vliebricker

    MOC: D 145

    Hi, Ex cinno, nice train you've built here! It's a pity though that you didn't post a picture of the real D 145. I looked up the real D145 on the internet and I must disagree with Beck. The real D 145 also has a high, huge cabin. Relatively higher than you see with other sort like diesel-engines. At the photo's I've seen of the D 145 it seems the loc has a kind of bump at the cabin and this I don't find at your model. Nice work Ex cinno, keep up the good work!
  12. Vliebricker

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi there tmctiger, Günther, great lay-out ! How will you be operating all those switches? Manually? I see at your pictures all your running stock to be kit-engines? Do you also MOC your trains or just MOC-buildings? I'm very interested to see this layout completed.
  13. Vliebricker

    EMD GP-30

    Hi there, Nemo57, well done! Beautiful model. Are your engines motorized?
  14. WoW, LegoLow, it really looks like a sciencefiction project with even 3D printing parts for this lay-out . And as I understand, you will use both 9V and 12V engines on this trackplan?
  15. Hi LegoLow, I found out about your lay-out only today. What a great rail plan! And so many levels. But will you be sure that your engines will be able to tow a number of carriages up into the mountains? How steep is it from level to level? Have you tried this out before? I've seen some comments about the narrow curves and longer engines and carriages, but in combination with the height of the levels and the overall train length, I hope the train will not fall still on your track. But nevertheless it's a very interesting lay-out that I wish we could do with our train-guys of the LOWLUG.