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  1. The Architect

    [MOC] Battle of Sphacteria 425 BC

    Awesome!! Greek / Romanic MOC's are a personal favourite of mine, keep it up
  2. The Architect

    [MOC] Dark Portal

    Nice build! I really like the little details, such as the texturing of the sand. Oh, and Welcome to Eurobricks!
  3. Very well judged, although I didn't get first place, I am glad I got first place for minifigs very enjoyable challenge!!
  4. Nice MOC. The story is awesome and your minifigs are cool!
  5. The Architect

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I don't fancy my chances against a MOCer of your caliber, But hey, once bricklink provides the goods we shall see
  6. Cute little dragon! Ahh they grow so quick
  7. The Architect

    Safe-House Gang for Gangs Challenge.

    Thank you kindly! Shots for everybody! Maybe stealonomics would be more accurate. No I havent signed up as of yet, mainly because I've only recently discovered BOBs and I've been really busy with starting at a new job, but hey, in a week or so we shall see! Thanks Kwatchi! And yes, Aragon gave his life for the cause
  8. The Architect

    [MOC] Hercules and the Hydra of Lerna

    Lovely. The Herucles builds are great!
  9. The Architect

    Enchanted Forest Diorama - Arte em Pe├žas 2015

    Sorry to bump but this is just marvelous! I had just seen this on YouTube and Flickr and no offense to anyone but this is the most beautiful MOC I have ever seen. Maybe it has something to do with me being Portuguese
  10. The Architect

    Hello I am PrashBricks

    Welcome aboard!
  11. Old Cap'n Barney and the crew used to live the life! The night life that is. They went from port to port, while people slept and stole whatever they could get there hands on. Only problem problem was, there were a few score of other gangs doing the same thing. One day night, after an unsuccessful raid, upon returning to their ship, they found no ship. The robbers got robbed. So Old Cap'n Barney stole the idea. For the next few nights they waited for a gang to come and when they did they took their ship. IMG_3960 by The Architect, on Flickr I wanted to get a good photo but the Lieutenant was drunk (again) and it just didn't happen. IMG_3962 by The Architect, on Flickr Old Cap'n Barney - Hes the captian. IMG_3966 by The Architect, on Flickr Lieutenant Larry - Really should be in rehab. IMG_3967 by The Architect, on Flickr Jirov - Don't let that leg fool you, Jirov kicks @$$! IMG_3970 by The Architect, on Flickr Jaye the Hook - Although he lost his hand, it didn't affect him as a fighter, something he proved when he single handedly took out two night watchmen who spot him in the act one night. IMG_3972 by The Architect, on Flickr Mr Timbs - The gangs best swordsman. IMG_3968 by The Architect, on Flickr IMG_3975 by The Architect, on Flickr
  12. The Architect

    Lucky Charms Gang of Charlatan Bay

    Cool! You fit a lot of cool stuff into such a small place
  13. The Architect

    GTA V - Guess it`s Coyote for Dinner!

    Haha love it! Minifigs look good and the truck is pretty accurate.
  14. The Architect

    [MOC] Winter Red Fox Hunt sculpture