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Found 3 results

  1. Ep. 2 Laesonar Episode 3 Unexpected Encounters – Part 3 Helga chuckled: “As for your questions, Laesonar, there are many houses like this in the forest. They used to serve as shelters for the rangers who used to watch over the area. That was before they got killed defending against the drow occupation. Now they’re just abandoned houses, but you need to be careful as you might find bandits inside – you were lucky to find us instead.” Laesonar smiled and winked at Krisly: “Was I?” She blushed slightly and got back to her activity. Helga: “As for us, we’ve been living in the forest after losing our families in the war. We move from one house to another as the rangers used to do. We collect edible fruit and plants and we hunt small animals. We cut down sick trees and sometimes go back to the closest village to exchange some timber for what we need. That’s how we met Ogrik: though he was often coming and going from some villages he knows, we all made the same life choice and were living relatively happily.” She frowned and turned serious: “At least until a while back.” Krisly and Elysande heard her words and approached. Helga continued: “A sad day, a band of brigands came to the village where my brother was living. He never wanted to leave because of his fiancé and her family. The brigands raided the village while their chief demanded payments from the people, proclaiming himself owner of the land.” She paused, starting to get visibly upset. “Our fate wanted us to arrive at the village exactly while my brother was trying to oppose them and was getting beaten up. We started throwing arrows at them from the forest and managed to kill a few, but were quickly located and outnumbered. We could only run back into the forest while my brother was shouting my name…” Her jaw clenched and tears appeared at the bottom of her eyes. Laesonar took another salami from the bag: “Let me guess” He said peacefully “They wanted to know who you were so they tortured your brother, uh?” He kept chewing. The girls were surprised by his calmness and all looked at him in silence. He continued: “He didn’t give up so they killed him, didn’t they? That’s how he died and you feel guilty about it, am I right?” He kept chewing. Helga was taken aback by such direct comments and turned her head, while Elysande got fired up: “How can you be so insensitive?!” She shouted “Don’t you see she’s suffering?!” Laesonar frowned: “I do not take pleasure in seeing someone suffer, but death is just part of life.” He swallowed a big chunk of salami “And so is pain. And this world, in particular, is full of both and a million other nasty things. So I’m not impressed.” A moment of silence followed. Elysande thought that it really wasn’t the moment for such philosophy, yet she found some truth in those words, so she kept on uncertainly: “But... this was... an injustice. It was... simply bad. Are you just going to accept such things?” Laesonar: “In the path of life that Mother Nature has prepared for us, good and bad merge together everywhere around us, at any given time. We can’t but follow such a path. What we can do, is make our choice in front of the events that unfold in front of us. We shall decide whether to take action or not, whether to forgive or seek revenge, depending on what each of us deems fair and just or simply on what we choose to care about.” He picked another salami from the bag and kept eating. The three girls were incredulous. What was more surprising? The meaning of those words, the moment he picked to pronounce them or the calm he pronounced them with? Krisly broke the silence first: “Well then, Helga has made her choice and will seek revenge and we will be at her side, indeed. Yet we already know that we have no chance of winning this battle. So tell me, Laesonar, would you help us fight those brigands? Would you deem it fair?” Laesonar kept quiet for a moment, chewing. Then replied: “Well I am no mercenary, ya’know. And my experience has taught me not to put my nose in other people’s business. However, these brigands just seem to be overbearing boors and they’re certainly disrupting the natural flow of life here. In addition, I do feel compelled to consider the cute faces of those who have asked me such favour. And finally... Well...” He turned the bag upside-down and shook it gently, showing it was empty “Well, I do owe you one for the sausages, so yes, I’ll help you” He smiled. The girls were relieved and started to smile as well, then he added: “But at one condition.” He paused, everyone waiting for his request. “You let me stew those two rabbits for everyone to have dinner tonight.” He grinned. “Oh and that’s only if Helga actually wants my help, that is.” While the other two smiled at each other, Helga passed a hand on her face as to snap out of confusion: “You’re the strange type, Laesonar. But for some reason I feel like I can trust you. I accept your help. Thank you for that.” She smiled, and so did everyone else. Despite the lack of salt, the stew turned out pretty well. They spent the evening eating, chatting, telling stories, laughing. It was already late in the night when Krisly and Elysande whispered into each other’s ears, getting close to the house door. Elysande: “Well, have you seen, Laesonar? Apart from the cooking we aren’t such modern girls after all, right?” Laesonar: “What do you mean?” Krisly winked at him: “We have had the stewed meat. Now just let us demonstrate something.” She indicated the house with her head. They all smiled, Laesonar grinned even more than usual. The four of them got into the house. Whole MOC: So, my comments about the house are in Chap. 2, what else can I add? I’m pretty satisfied with the big tree. As for the fir, I followed LJ’s advice and it does look better now, can still be better, I reckon. As for the weeping willow, I reckon everyone here knows where the design comes from It proved to be much more difficult than I thought (and it fell down at least three times..) – I think it can turn out better, I’m going to have to try again ^^ As for the water, I wanted to try something different from the (only) other time. Not sure yet, but I reckon I prefer this one. As for the photography, it looks like the sun has abandoned Berlin for a while, so this proved to be very difficult! I think I’ve entered a new (philosophical?) sphere when trying to add light without creating shadows… More Pics! All C&C are most welcome! Thanks for reading/watching! ^^ Ep. 4
  2. Ep. 1 Laesonar - Episode 2 Unexpected Encounters – Part 2 Laesonar found the river easily, just as Ogrik said. “It must be passed midday” he thought, trying to spot the sun above the dense foliage of the tree tops. He then focused on the water, drinking and washing his face. “ This water smells of... something. Let me see if... ???” His thought was interrupted. Something was wrong. He looked at a big rock outcrop behind him, at a distance of around a hundred meters. He looked and listened hard: nothing. He wielded his katanas, ran quickly towards the rocks and up to the top, then jumped down to the other side: nothing. “Well, this is strange. I’m sure I felt a noise right here... Pity, I was hoping it was some sort of meat…” He started to go back to the river. “Hang on, ‘felt’ a noise? How exactly can you ‘feel’ a noise? Yet it was undoubtedly a noise, like a rustle. And I didn’t hear it, I ‘felt’ it.. …?” He was surprised and somewhat confused. He stood still for a while, trying to understand this new sensation, but his thought was interrupted again. This time, by the rumble of his stomach. “Eh, skipping breakfast really IS bad. So let me see this water, it smells of... Of...” He started sniffing all over the bank and the water, a bit up river, where a small stream was flowing into the bigger one. “Ah, here the smell is stronger. It smells of... Hmm Sniff Sniff... It comes from this little creek here. Hmm It smells of... Sniff Sniff Sniff... … Sausage!” He stood tall, looking at the stream, smiling and glowing with happiness for having found the way to some easy food. He started following the stream up at a fast pace. He didn’t have to walk long before he could hear something: “I should’ve known, no sausage grows on plants, unfortunately.” He sighed and listened harder: “There’s three of them. And one is... punching a tree?? Man, this forest is really… Oh my! They are ladies!!” Grinning, he cleared his throat and passed a hand into his hair. After reaching the top of a hill, he could now glimpse the shape of a house through the vegetation. He stopped behind some bushes to check the situation. Three girls seemed to be the inhabitants of a semi-abandoned wooden house, the vegetation overgrowing all over and around it. One of them was chopping some wood with a big axe; she was big herself, with a bit of a masculine look. Another one was busy moving sacks and boxes around, a quiver with arrows attached to her back. The third was dressed in black and was, indeed, eating sausages. “My my, they all look fantastic!” he thought “And so do the sausages! I need to play this one well!” He suddenly got out of the bushes right in front of the three, with a radiant smile: “Good afternoon, nice ladies. I was wondering if you could lend me some clothes for the coming night, if you don’t mind?” The three girls were startled by the sudden appearance and rushed to reach their weapons. The black-dressed girl, pointing his short sword at Laesonar: “Now, don’t take another step! Who are you and what do you want?!” “But of course. Why do I always assume that ladies are nicer than other people?” He thought, sighing in disappointment. Then replied: “My name is Laesonar, I happened to pass by and..” The black-dressed girl: “Yes, ‘passing by’ in the middle of the forest, uh? You must be a bandit!” Laesonar frowned: “A bandit? Do I look like one?” The ‘archer’ girl, with an arrow ready at him: “I must admit, you look pretty good for a bandit…” The black-dressed girl: “Are you a spy? Can you prove you’re not a spy?” Laesonar raised his voice a bit: “Hey! How am I supposed to prove such a thing?” A moment of silence followed, as everyone pondered the last point. The big girl approached slowly with heavy steps, wielding her axe: “Now now, girls, let’s not forget our good manners, shall we? The gentleman simply asked for something. And politely enough.” The black-dressed girl: “What are you talking about, Helga? Are you going to parley with a..” She looked at Laesonar for a moment “... a random... armed... half-naked half-elf??” “Helga, uh?” He thought, looking at the big girl and checking out her facial painting “What luck! Now let’s get some... sausages!” Helga: “Well, the half-elf asked for clothes as he is, indeed, half-naked in the middle of the forest! He doesn’t have an aggressive pose and by the look of it, I say he could’ve taken the three of us down already, if he wanted to. Am I not right, Mr. Laesonar?” She said with a subtle smile. Laesonar: “Absolutely, Ma’am.” He replied proudly. “No harm meant here. And say, you’re called Helga, right? I might be able to prove that I’m not a spy after all: I’ve got a message for you from Ogrik.” The ‘archer’ girl lowered her bow: “You’re the faun’s friend? So you’re an ally! Are you here to help us?” Laesonar frowned. Helga smiled: “Now, Krisly, one thing at a time. So, what’s this message?” Laesonar: “He thought that I might meet a girl with facial paintings called Helga in the forest. He asked me to tell you that he’s sorry about your brother. He’s going to Laelariel to take care of some business and then stay there as he believes this forest is not safe anymore. He would like you to join him there.’ Helga frowned and looked at the ground: “I see. When did you meet him?” Laesonar: “A few hours ago, just uphill from here. We slayed a couple of boors together.” Helga: “What? What happened?” Laesonar: “Well these guys appeared and shouted something about surrendering and becoming their slaves, so we killed them. Ogrik said they were some of the bandits that proclaimed themselves owners of this area after the Avalonian Civil War.” Helga: “Ah! Good that you’ve killed them! I thank you for your message, Laesonar. And for having taken some of those b******* down! Thanks to you, there’s going to be less of them when the moment comes. I think we can trust you.” She smiled. The black-dressed girl: “You still want to go? Let’s just meet Ogrik instead and...” Helga: “I’ve made up my mind, Elysande. I shall have my revenge.” She turned towards Laesonar: “So, which clothes do you normally wear?” She stressed the word, looking at the other girls, who seemed to remember something. Laesonar: “Normally, brown trousers, a green coat and a very light chain mail. Then a light armour and a green cape.” Helga smiled while the other two looked surprised. Krisly: “If we happened to have something like this, how could we be sure that they’re yours?” Laesonar: “My armour has got a small ‘L’ carved in the inside. As for the clothes... Well...” He grinned “You’re going to have to smell me.” Elysande: “How could you think that we...” Helga interrupted quickly: “Come on now, Ely, you can see he means no harm.” She winked. Elysande blushed slightly: “Oh, whatever! Let’s just give them to him.” She quickly got into the house. Laesonar grinned. Helga chuckled and got back to her wood-chopping, while Krisly smiled and put her bow away. Elysande: “Here. Are these the clothes you mean?” Laesonar: “Hey! Those ARE my clothes! And all of my stuff! How do you have them?” Krisly: “They seem to have appeared overnight. We found them this morning, right here in front of the house.” Laesonar: “Oh that makes sense.” Krisly: “It does??” Laesonar: “Well, I seem to have appeared around here this morning too, so...” Elysande: “What are you talking about?” Laesonar: “I just woke up in this forest this morning. I don’t know why or how. I guess the wizard might have something to do with it, but I forgot his name...” He picked up the sausages that Elysande had dropped: “You’re not going to have these anymore, are you?” He bit one and started chewing greedily. The girls looked perplexed and amused at the same time. Krisly: “And how did you find us?” Laesonar: “Oh that was easy, I followed the smell.” The three girls were startled: “What smell?!” They all shouted together. Laesonar “The smell of the sausages, of course. I assume you have washed your dishes in the creek or so?” The girls seemed relieved. Elysande: “Actually, Krisly dropped few of them in the stream...” Krisly: “I’ve already said I’m sorry.” Laesonar, chewing: “Well, my turn with the questions, if you don’t mind. This house is obviously abandoned, what are you doing here? And how do you know the faun? Oh and... you don’t happen to have more sausages to spare, do you?” Elysande smiled and went into the house, coming back with a bag full of salami: “Only these at the moment. And two rabbits that we’ve caught, but we haven’t roasted them yet.” Laesonar bit a whole salami: “They’ll do just great, thank you very much! Oh, and rabbits are best stewed with some herbs and vegetables.” Krisly looked surprised: “Can you cook?” Laesonar: “But of course. Why? Can’t you?” Krisly blushed slightly, looking at the ground: “Well, none of us can, actually.” Laesonar sighed loudly: “Ehh. Modern girls. Not the good old times anymore, uh? No more good old-style girls, all meat-stewing and sex...” Elysande got fired up: “Hey you don’t know that! You should see…” She realised the mistake and stopped. Laesonar raised his eyebrows, smiling: “Yes?” Elysande threw the bag of salami at him, watched him catching it and then looked into his eyes for a moment, pointing at him with her index finger, smiling slightly. She then turned around and disappeared into the house. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Diary, Today I’ve taken a bit of a risk: Laesonar almost caught me! I’m sure I made no noise, so he must’ve felt my presence or so. How did he do that? What’s wrong with that guy?? I need to be more careful from now on. Love, L --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ep. 3 So, ladies&gents, the MOC was ready almost a month ago but I couldn’t find the time for the story. When I found it, I realised that it was too long for only one chapter (sorry, I didn’t keep the promise ), so I’ve decided to split it into two. What we have right here: The house: my very first attempt! [LJ managed to have me going for timber, after all ]. You’ll notice SK’s offset wall and windows [thanks for the tutorial, SK, I really like how it works!]. I do have a question: how do you guys normally keep the two parts of the roof together? I seem to have found a way by using 1x2 hinge bricks, but it was just a coincidence if it turned out with the right angle for the support, hence my question. Also, you’ll see that it doesn’t fit perfectly on the left-hand side right above the door – this is due to the small canopy that I stupidly added at the end. Speaking about the roof: UoP credits: I’d like to claim credits for 1/3 roofing technique (weathered shingled here). I know it’ll look ‘basic’ to you guys, but for me it was the first time… Blush Also, if I understand correctly, the point of the University is for me to show mastery of a technique, rather than creating a new one, just as many people here did around 2 years ago [I did check - please do correct me if I’m wrong!]. As for the story… well, I hope you enjoy it Though there were reasons here, I do need to try and cut down on dialogues, I reckon? No worries, next part is definitely shorter! More Pics [the house too] All C&C more than welcome! Thanks for reading/watching! ^^
  3. Well then guys, the wait was long enough, but here we go! Please allow me to present my very first build for GoH as well as the first chapter of Laesonar’s * adventures: Unexpected Encounters [Part 1]. * For those who don’t know: this is my 5th MOC ever --> all C&C are most welcome! ^^ As for the MOC: I’m obviously working on landscape, especially terrain and trees. See more pics in my Flickr album: Encounters 1 UoP credits: I feel like I can claim credits for the ‘classical’ trees [the big ones with brown and tan trunk - Landscaping, Trees, only one type out of the 3 required]. On the other hand, I’m not satisfied with the design of those ‘fir’ trees, so any suggestions on how to improve them is encouraged. As for the photography/editing: it’s my first attempt at doing something more than just ‘taking a pic’. Comments will be most useful for me to learn (I’ve got no camera, just a Lumia phone) – if you feel like giving advice, do check all pics on Flickr, I’ve posted few questions there As for the story: again, it’s my first attempt and, being the first chapter, is a bit lengthy – I hope you enjoy anyways and I promise: next time it’ll be shorter Thanks for reading/watching! ^^ Laesonar - Episode 1 Unexpected Encounters – Part 1 “Nice and fresh, yes. Hmm, such nice and fresh air.. Really fresh.. How is it so fresh? I did close the window last night. What is.. ?!” Laesonar opened his eyes. He was laying down, supine. He could now see the green tree tops far above. Under his body, something vaguely soft, yet definitely not his bed. Some rustles, birds singing, the fresh air of a forest. “Where am I??” He sat up, looking around. Only few rays of sunlight were reaching down to the humid soil, cutting through the dense foliage of the tree tops. Up there, leaves and branches were fluttering gently in the morning breeze, while the air of the deep forest underneath was rather still, yet rather nice and fresh, indeed... “My, my.. Now what has happened this time? I remember going to bed last night in the tree house.. The wizard was smoking his pipe and I said Good Night..” He was worried: he looked around and listened harder. “Only my sleeping trousers. This confirms I was in bed after all.. But wait, my katanas are here? What on earth.. ??” He stood up, picked up the katanas and whirled them with a quick movement of the wrist – they were undoubtedly his own. Incredulous, he looked into the forest and felt lost. The sensation made him feel childish, to which he quickly reacted: “Well then, let me see. I have no idea where I am and no idea how I got here. Has my memory just got even worse? I do remember my training with the wizard, as well as the tree house with the garden, right in the middle of.. ? Oh great!” He couldn’t remember the name. He felt angry, becoming then resolute. “Very well then, not much I can do about it. So, this looks like a path, the moss indicates the North.. Hmm, I do feel a bit thirsty so first things first: let’s find a river or.. Hang on. Something is coming. Hmm.. two ‘something’, from two different directions. What could it be? A nymph perhaps? A nice forest maiden?” He smiled, passing a hand through his hair. He cleared his throat and listened harder: “Hmm, no ladies, I’m afraid. Three men instead, one is heavier than the other two. And what do we have this way? It’s faster, so it’s going to be here first. Oh my, horse hoofs, yet lighter than a horse.. could it be.. a goat?! Hang on, a goat.. on two legs?!” The thought amused him and his sense of adventure suddenly spiked – he felt serene now. He shook some leaves off himself, wielded his katanas and waited. He could see him now: a middle-aged faun armed with a tomahawk was walking quickly uphill towards him. Noticing Laesonar, the faun stopped for a moment and looked around quickly, then stared at him. He frowned, then smiled sarcastically, whirling his weapon and carrying on walking, just a little slower than before. Laesonar: “Smiling, uh? That’s the spirit! I mean, after all he’s just seen an armed half-naked half-elf all alone in the middle of a forest!” Again, he felt amused. “So, let’s see: an experienced fighter, quick and rather strong. I might even like the guy! Only.. Oh man he’s ugly.. !” Laesonar: “Good morning, good sir. I was wondering if you could please point me in the direction of a river, if it isn’t too much trouble.” The faun, smiling, nodding once in agreement: “Good morning to you. I happen to come exactly from a small river. Just follow the path. But please allow me a question: how do you happen to be in this area, this early in the morning?” Laesonar, nodding: “Now, THAT, good sir, is something I’d really like to know myself.” He replied, raising his eyebrow. The faun’s sarcastic smile turned into a sarcastic grin, to which Laesonar reacted by grinning in the same way, in amusement: “Yes, the guy definitely has the spirit!” However, he focused on the other approaching steps: he could now hear a light clang. Thus, he became serious. Laesonar: “Say, do you happen to know this area? Do you know whether small groups of armed men are in the habit of passing by?” The faun turned serious as well and frowned: “They do, actually. And to my knowledge, there’s none that I particularly like, I’m afraid.” They waited shortly: three armed men, displaying unknown heraldry, popped out right in the middle of the two from behind a big rock formation. They were all startled, and immediately unsheathed their weapons, bearing their teeth. Laesonar: “So, the big one is kind of strong, yet slow. The swordsman just average. As for the archer, he’s getting too close: he doesn’t have a clue.” The big man shouted: “Both of you, drop your weapons now and surrender!” Laesonar, looking up to the sky: “Surrender to what? And why? And who are you?” The big man shouted: “You lower creatures have no right to question anything at all! Drop your weapons now and none will be hurt!” Laesonar, getting irritated: “Lower creatures?! Someone is lacking respect here, which does not bode well for..” The big man interrupted him, still shouting: “You think you’re allowed to an opinion?? A half-goat and a bastard elf! Haha! What a joke! You will just serve as slaves.. ?” He couldn’t finish as Laesonar didn’t think about it twice. The archer had got too close - he jumped and slayed him with a single hit. He then jumped towards the swordsman, who tried to hit, but he dodged easily and beheaded him. The big man screamed and attacked with his heavy mace: Laesonar was right on time to use both katanas to block the hit right over his head, shaking slightly. Laesonar: “Well, he has strength after all.. Now let’s see if I can..” He saw something flying towards the man’s back, who screamed in pain and dropped dead. Laesonar managed to step aside right before the blood overflowing from the man’s mouth could touch him. The unidentified flying object was, indeed, the faun’s tomahawk – he was still standing in the same position. They looked at each other and smiled slightly. Laesonar: “Well, I didn’t think you’d do that.” The faun: “I could say the same.” Laesonar: “Eh, what can I say, I hate people when they’re not polite!” They grinned again at each other, in agreement. The faun approached and picked up his weapon. The faun: “I must say, your agility is rather impressive” He gave his hand to Laesonar: “My name is Ogrik.” Laesonar, shaking the faun’s hand: “Ogrik? Really? But you are no ogre.” Ogrik, chuckling: “Hehe, what can I say.. And you are.. ?” Laesonar: “Oh, how rude of me! My name’s Laesonar.” Ogrik, smiling: “Laesonar? Why? I mean, your enemies do have lesions after meeting you, I can tell. But you have no idea where we are, do you? So isn’t it rather you having a lesion? No offence meant..” Laesonar, smiling back: “None taken. And well, both, I suppose.” Ep. 2