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Found 43 results

  1. Hi guys! Another digital scale model! Alfa Romeo 33/3 from the early '70. This model is totally RC, with an XL motor for the traction, a servo for the steer, battery pack and IR receiver; fake V8 engine, indipendent suspension. The scale is +/- 1:8. If some of you want to build it, here it is the link with the LDD file: "The Alfa Romeo 33/3 made its debut in 1969 at the 12 Hours of Sebring. The engine was enlarged to 2998 cc (183ci) with 400 hp (298 kW), which put the 33/3 in the same class as the Porsche 908 and the Ferrari 312P. The chassis was now a monocoque. The new car did poorly at Sebring and Alfa did not take part in Le Mans after Lucien Bianchi's death in a practice session. The car took a couple of wins in smaller competitions but overall the 1969 season was not a successful one, and Alfa Romeo was placed seventh in the 1969 International Championship for Makes. In 1971 the Alfa Romeo racing effort was finally successful. Rolf Stommelen and Nanni Galli won their class at the 1000km Buenos Aires (followed by De Adamich and Pescarolo), before taking another class win (and second overall) at Sebring. De Adamich and Pescarolo later won outright at the 1000km Brands Hatch, a significant result against the "invincible" 917s. They then took a class win at Monza (where Alfa Romeo took the three podium slots in the prototype class) and another one at Spa. At the Targa Florio, Vaccarella and Hezemans won outright, followed by teammates De Adamich and Gijs Van Lennep. Hezemans and Vaccarella won their class at Zeltweg, and De Adamich and Ronnie Peterson won overall at Watkins Glen. Alfa Romeo finished the season second place in the championship. In 1972 the 5 litre Group 5 Sports Cars were banned and the 3 litre cars of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Matra, redesignated as Group 5 Sports Cars, competed together for outright victories." Wikipedia
  2. 1:21Lego Forbidden Island 6270 Timelapse Review by JackyWackySmacky 7 views19 hours ago Classic 1989 Forbidden Island review. Hope you enjoy, and I will gladly accept any suggestions/constructive criticism.
  3. This bank was originally designed for the Western theme as a two story open-backed model. I then decided it would look better as a regular town model and thus I added a rear half and third floor. The model opens like a dollhouse on a hinge, and locks shut on a Technic pin, just like most of my buildings. The more modern-looking truck model is a modified version of the 2014 set 76015, Doc Ock Truck Heist, with the bulk of the changes inspired by Flickr user eurotrash48903, or Eurotrash as he is known he on EurobBricks. The truck is already built in real life, but it is included in the LDD file as well. When the building is built in real life as well, I will update this thread with pictures of it in real bricks instead of in digital screenshots. The bank should feature printed 1 x 1 letter tiles in various spots: the top of the building below the clock should say "1892" while just above the front door should be the word "BANK". Inside the building on the lower floor is the three teller windows and loan officers desk. The middle floor features three counting tables and tow vaults. (those vaults are the same as the one in set 10217, Diagon Alley) The upper floor features the bank manager's office with filing cabinets and three chairs. The rear of the building. This truck was inspired by Eurotrash and his own MOD of the set to be 7 wide. I didn't change it quite as much as him, but I did follow his lead in several spot, such as shortening the frame by 2 studs and getting rid of the ridiculously over-sized original wheels. The roof and front have been strengthened and a door added to the rear, as their was none before. One mini-figure can sit in the drivers seat. The LDD file for the both bank and truck is included in this link here. As usual, comments, questions and complaints are welcome.
  4. Year: 1990 Number of pieces: 183 Number of minifigs: 5 Price: 23$ Thanks for watching!
  5. I just released on Rebrickable my Lego Technic model of a Rolls-Royce Phantom II Coupe [1934] The model is fully RC controlled and has back-side suspension, functioning side-folding bonnet, trunk, suicide doors and working engine. It is operated by 2 L-motors and a servo for steering. I build it in about 40 hr. over a period of 2 weeks and made instruction of it that are free to download from Rebrickable. http://www.rebrickab...m-ii-coupe-1934 Be sure to also check out my other models on Rebrickable. Update: Just have to add these incredibly nice renderings that jesuskyr made for me at his own initative. Thanks a lot for them. More pictures are in the later postings in this topic.
  6. It`s Christmas Time and we all know that Santa will be super busy this Time of the Year. Sure,we all know that Christmas is about Traditions and so is Santa,but this Year he decided it`s Time to upgrade his Mode of Transportation.Thanks to Animal Right Activists he had to retire his Fleet of Reindeers and had to whip up a modern Sled Replacement that is still tricked out with all the Christmas Magic. Well and here it is,Santa`s new Truck. It is based on a Ford Model AA with Dual Axles and a large Truck Bed to have enough Rom for all the Presents. 20161203_120613 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120628 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120641 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120658 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120705 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120722 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120738 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120807 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161203_120926 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr It started as a rough Idea on LDD and developed into this Model.The colorful Design is intentional and so i incorporated red and white as the main Colors but added small gold and green Touches to fit in the Christmas Theme. The Front End,the Cabin and the Truck Bed are all in different Width in Studs and so i connected each witch Technic Pins. I tried to put in some Details like an Engine,a Drive Shaft and some Exhausts so it doesn`t look too bland on the Underside. The Truckbed is loaded with various Gifts (mainly taken from Adventcalendars and similar Builds) and is decorated with Lightstrings and golden Chains. Without the Presents,the Part Count is at roughly 190 Pieces. I really hope you all like my newest MOC,feel free to leave a Comment... Happy 2nd Advent.
  7. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, I'd like to introduce my Lego Ideas project to you: Meet The Fiat Bartoletti Race transporter from the fifties. This is definitely a car i would like to see in an official Legoset Your support is more than welcome ;-) Best Regards from Holland Startbrickingtoday (Michel)
  8. This is my newest lego set i bought and filmed yesterday and tried some vintage to my video . Hope you guys like it .
  9. I think it is about time for me to show what i have build for this contest. Please let me introduce the Volvo BM LM 620 front loader, a great old school front loader from the late seven tees. These pictures is only early wip, the entire machine is already finished. The rest will be uploaded as soon as possible... Plase feel free to comment and tell me what you think. Just added some more WIP pictures.. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/432762
  10. Not really a MOC but an adaptation to that 30's car that come out in an exclusive Superman set There are some differences from that set and, most important, done using only bricks I already own Hope you appreciate my effort
  11. Hi EB! Haven't been building MOCs in a while but here is one I just finished this afternoon! The centerpiece of this MOC is an original LEGO Wooden toy from the 1950s! 50's LEGO Wooden Train. MOC "End of the Line" by Chris Rozek, on Flickr 50's LEGO Wooden Train. MOC "End of the Line" by Chris Rozek, on Flickr 50's LEGO Wooden Train. MOC "End of the Line" by Chris Rozek, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  12. I know this is probably a long-shot, but I am very interested in buying a wooden LEGO duck toy like the one below. I would like to find one in very good condition, with most of the original paint and the LEGO decal. An example like the one below would be good for me. If you have one you would like to sell, or you know someone who might be able to help, please let me know. I'm looking for this duck because I recently purchased a photo from eBay that appears to show a child playing with the same exact pull-toy. (See 2nd picture.) It would be nice to have the actual duck to display along with it.
  13. Hello folks! Few weeks ago I presented my version of the VW T1: the canvas covered pick-up for Volkswagen Service. Now I show you my last MOC, an Oldtimer workshop for Volkswagen "Bulli family". The right place for my T1 (and not only...). Here some pictures: In order to build the internal of the workshop I watched my real garage where I used to spend a lot of time restoring and repairing old motorcycles and bicycles. There are many tools and details in the workshop. [ Last winter I spent many nights to build this workshop and I'm very satisfied with this MOC. Soon probably others Transporter will be recovered in this garage… For more pictures, details and informations: flickr MOCpages
  14. Hello Everyone This is a pretty broad topic but I am looking for town (mostly vehicles, and construction sets along with small buildings), and also trains (12v and 9v era). If anyone has extras of these that they do not and have them at a REASONABLE price (I mean reasonable). Please either reply to this topic or preferably pm me. I am trying to build with older sets just because they are personally better looking and I am a collector of trains. Cheers, -RailCo
  15. Hello guys, i'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I suppose this is an unusual thing to post here, but please bear with me.My 4-year old son (big LEGO fan since age of 3, when i started to give him my (by now vintage! :D) childhood LEGO sets) will soon turn 5. He has become good at building and he follows instructions effortlessly, even on a Technic set, which he recently got. I want to make him a very special present and i do not want to just buy yet another LEGO or Technic set - i want it to be one of a kind. Also, at his age an RC car would be a great present and even better if it's LEGO Technic. So the 4x4 crawler would be great, even better would be the 41999 - it's just cooler than the stock model and my son likes it better too. But it would be just another "off the shelf" present. I got inspired by the 41999 set - a different chassis on the 9398 Crawler - and downloaded Lego Digital Designer to experiment around. About me - i'm 30, i have built lots of stuff with LEGO as a child, and now and then i build something together with my son, but i have never owned a Technic set and my only experience with Technic is when i looked how my son assembled a Technic bike set. Also, i have never ever before used LDD. So it's 3 new things for me - eurobricks, Technic and LDD. Anyway, to cut the long story short, i put tons of time into this and i was initially only aiming to see how far i can get on my own in regard to the exterior, the visuals, by doing things that should be possible in real world, but without building the proper structure underneath the exterior. I got surprizingly far, although there are many issues that need to be ironed out on the exterior too (especially the top - i wanted it to be angled, but didn't manage to do it properly. On the other hand, i really like the looks of the model altogether, but i will never be able to design a proper structure that holds the chassis and that holds steering mechanisms, motors, etc. Also, i won't be able to do any design of the mechanics themselves - i've never held a Technic gear in my hand and this structural design is just too advanced for what i can pull off (and i won't have so much time to learn all that stuff til my sons birthday). For someone like me without any experience with this, it is very time consuming to find all the proper parts that might come in handy - that's the biggest handycap as i realised soon - not knowing by heart, what parts could solve a certain problem - that's especially the case with converters, angles, joints and their various types, etc. LEGO has canceled the designed by me service, which might have been another option where to find help. Hence i really hope for your help guys. I was thinking that i could provide the LDD file with the chassis, which i hope can inspire others and, please, feel free to borrow stuff. But i would be really grateful, if someone who is good at building, could come up with the underlying structure that would be needed for this chassis to play nicely with a stock Crawler set. I suppose not all of the exterior design elements will be possible to be implemented the way as it looks now, but i would be glad if the front and back could remain as close to what they look now. If anyone finds the time and interest to help out - you have my gratitude, as i would be stoked, if it would work out and i could give my son such a wonderful and unique present. About the build itself. I think i will call it "69 restomod". I wasn't aiming for a particular muscle car, but i was rather trying to figure out what can be done with the parts that lego offers for this scale, which would be not too big or small for radio control and PF functions. I was mostly inspired by 68 firebird, 68 mustang gt500, 69 dodge challenger - these are elements that hopefully can be recognized in the build. I've attached a couple of pictures and the LDD file in the hope that this might pick up some interest. Any advice or comments would be very welcome. Thank you very much for any help and all the best regards to everyone, Karlis Here are some variations of the most recent iteration of the 69 body design:
  16. Stop Motion review of 6276 Eldorado Fortress Year: 1989 Pieces: 506 Minifigures: 8 Brickset Bricklink Peeron
  17. Does anyone know the name or number of this set? Despite my endless google searches I have not come up with anything that looks remotely like it?? Help!
  18. Ever wondered what LEGO set 264 looks like? BrickGrrl Hailee Hollingsworth reviews 3 sets from LEGO's 1974 lineup. LEGO set 264 Living Room, 272 Mirror and 293 Piano. Leave a comment to tell us what you think of these Throwback Thursday episodes of BrickGrrl.
  19. (Please note: I could not remember making a topic for this train. I looked through about 15 pages of train topics and couldn't find anything like this... sorry if I missed it or something.) This four car passenger train was inspired by LEGO sets 10015 (Passenger Wagon) and 79111. (Constitution Train chase) The color scheme is based upon the one seen in the movie "The Lone Ranger", although that film takes place in the 1870's and this train is from the 1910's. The locomotive is a 2-6-0 (two leading, six driving, and zero trailing wheels) steam locomotive. The piston design was taken from Benn Coifman and his instructions for adding pistons to set 79111's locomotive, while the tender was inspired by the one attached to Anthony Sava's 4-6-2 steam engine, with SNOT (Studs Not On Top) stripes from his 4-6-0 engine's tender. The rear of the engine features a ladder for access to the cab from the train along with a red tail lamp. The coaches were originally designed to look like set 10015, but the design evolved to it's current form through a combination of expensive parts shortages, guessing and inspiration. The rear of the train is supposed to have "BRS" (short for Brick Railway Systems) in black printed 1x1 tiles situated on the back railing. These letters also go on the sides of the tender, while the number 4613 go on the locomotive cab sides. The LDD file is here if anyone wants it: http://www.mocpages....1421791760m.lxf Here is the pictures of the train in real life: The locomotive is a 2-6-0 (two leading, six driving, and zero trailing wheels) steam locomotive. Engine number 4613 usually pulls the Emerald Express. Combination baggage and passenger car for the Emerald Express. Two identical passenger coaches for the Emerald Express. The observation car of the Emerald Express. The letters BRS stand for Brick Railway Systems, the owner of the train. Comments, questions, & complaints welcome!
  20. hello ther. its been long time and i have a greate news... i finish my first retro town! Description: My town is based on another town called "Radiator Springs" from the movie "Cars". Although there are elements from "classic Lego" "The Simpsons," "Cars" "The duck of hazzard" and more. Buildings: There are roadside restaurant is decorated in the style of 1950. There is a motel that I made a long time ago. Also retro style. There is a gas station with a 24/7 shop and a garage. Fire station in the center of the town There is a shed / warehouse Luigi's place from the film "Cars" is used as Tire store. There is also a cinema (from a set of Lego). There is a clinic and motorcycle shop (classic Lego) There also a pub. Sheriff Office. Notifications Center. Bank. Post office. Town Hall. kwik E market (Simpson). Houses: Most of the houses are from "classic Lego" with the change of colors. But there are some Houses that are mine as: Jesse's farm. The shed of Meter. And more ... Vehicles: Most of the vehicles are classics. GM "old-look" transit bus 5101 coach - 1949 GMC cannonball 1947 Chevrolet tow truck 1947 Chevrolet delivery k1500 sheriff patrol off-road 1965 Chevrolet apache 1958 Rat tow truck. (towmeter) VW transporter 1961 bus VW transporter 1961 pickup with cover. ice cream van from "lego movie" (vintage style) dodge pickup 1952 with cover chevy nova 1968 (dead proof) Chevrolet bel air 1955 "BLASPHEMI" (Roadkill) the simpson's family car willys MB 1942 Chevrolet k2500 pickup 1965 Chevrolet k2500 pickup 1972 Dodge charger 1969 (General Lee) classic fire truck Hudson Hornet 1952 Chevy 1935 RatRod. Chevrolet Apache Pickup 1947 (with camper) Chevrolet delivery van 1951 ambulance mercury police cruiser 1949 Chevrolet Bel-air 1952 RAT Dodge Pickup 1948 Cadillac el-dorado 1966 (boss hog) Chevrolet Series 5700 "Loadmaster" RS 2-ton COE Truck 1947 Plate Chevrolet Series 5700 "Loadmaster" RS 2-ton COE Truck 1947 rumptruck Chevrolet Series 5700 "Loadmaster" 1947 Pepsi truck Ford model T cope 1929 Ford model T Pickup 1929 GMC Vandura 1983 delivery van GMC Vandura 1983 armor bank truck GMC Vandura 1983 mail van fiat 500 1966 alfa romeo junior 1300GT 1969 I also have the motorcycle (Vespa. Chopper) and the "rat-rod" download link: http://s000.tinyuplo...292908117518159 15,500 pieces!
  21. When I finished this vintage limo i placed a zombie minifig driver to check it, which was simply the closest minifig to me, and the next second I came to this Idea about Zombie wedding. It made me laugh and I want to share it with you. I also add it to Lego.Ideas, so if you like it pls vote here
  22. A boys (probably) room from the 80s. I got inspiration to this model after watching some 80s movies that contained scenes similiar to this one (such as E.T., Goonies etc) and saw how cosy and detailed these rooms were, filled with toys, but still well-decorated and organazied for the movie. Perhaps you recognize some of the toys?
  23. Over the last few months I have been trying to put together all my vintage classic space Lego sets. Now it's time to take a look at my old town sets. The collection that I shared with my brother was raided early last year, and what I was left with is a complete mess. Only a few complete sets. So I have started to attempt to resurrect my old town. First up is set 376 - house with garden. This is all I had to start with. Instructions, minifigures, the base plates, the tv brick, and some other assorted pieces. 376_01 I picked some parts out of my inventory, and also did a large Bricklink order, and my house is almost complete 376_04 It was a nice little build, with a nice bright colour combination. 376_05 The front door is supposed to be white, and I'm missing the window panes and stickers for the awnings. I hope to get those things sorted out soon. The back yard has some sort of incinerator, or brick feature - not sure! some nice seating and flowers. 376_06 The house is built on two 16x16 baseplates and can be opened up like this 376_07 The interior revealed. Kitchen sink near front door (I'm missing the tap), seats, and on the right side a lounge area with the Tv on far right. There is no bedroom or bathroom which is unfortunate. I guess they could sleep on the couch, and use the sink for a bathroom 376_08 The happy occupants. 376_09 The smart Tv 376_10 I have another 21 sets to sort through (most are vehicles though) and will update as I build my town. Thanks for looking, and I Hope you enjoy seeing the old stuff.
  24. Vintage style 2-stage spaceship, with total 4 minifigs, a mini rover, and 1 robot. The wingmen operating a dish each (the computer/radar screens should be the old vintage ones, and the slope under the cockpit should have a space logo) More pics and lxf file here http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=551332
  25. This is another MOC I'd like to present as a part of my introduction here on Eurobricks. As my current work is still very much in a WIP state (but should be presentable very soon), it's another older model that I made in September/October 2011. As a long time Citroën aficionado, my favourite car maker was of course one of the first subjects I tried when going back into LEGO. One fascinating type of vehicles Citroën made in the '20s and '30s are half-tracked vehicles. Based on their normal production cars, they featured a relatively classic front end, while the rear wheels were replaced by tracks. Besides being used in snowy areas as buses or snowploughs, as agricultural or military vehicles, the most famous purpose of these cars were the expeditions Citroën undertook in those years. They led deep into the African or Asian continent where no vehicle has been before, sometimes crossing mountains where the cars had to be disassembled and carried over some dangerous passages. The model for my MOC was a 10HP type which was used for the crossing of Sahara in 1922/23. Pictures and more info (in French!) can be found here: http://passioncitro....e-22590275.html The goal for this build was to include the following: - fake engine with transmission to the rear tracks - front pendular axle with steering (via steering wheel) - tracks with suspension - realistic bodywork - scale given by the wheels from 8258 (used as front wheels) Later I included also an XL motor for driving the tracks, as the behaviour of the tracks on smooth floor was very unsatisfactory when the car was pushed. Some views of the finished vehicle: This is how the chassis looks without the body: The transmission from the motor to the driveshaft was later changed from 8T-8T-24T to 12T-36T. This shot shows a bit better how the steering and pendular axle work (on an older version of the chassis): The two movements are independent of each other, of course. Having no remote control at the time, I placed a switch between the battery box and the motor which I could take out of the car on its cable. This way, it was much easier to control the car than with fidgeting on the battery box switch: Of course I have disassembled the MOC long time ago, as I was pursuing other projects. However, the idea is still in my head to make an improved version of it with the more parts and experience I have now. I still like the front end a lot, including the mixed studless/studded building style of the front body. For me, it somehow reflects the look of these vehicles which always had an improvised touch. What I'd entirely revise are the tracks. The suspension is somewhat quirky and very far from the original. Also, the tracks are really not up to their job, and I'd use rubber tracks for better adhesion. Then I'd also add some more detail to the rear body, as it was rather plain looking. Plus a remote control for driving and steering. More pictures and some (low quality) videos are on my Bricksafe page: 10HP Kegresse