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  1. BillyG

    [MOC] Pirate Brigantine

    Thanks for the feedback! It started out as kinda like my version of Rackham's ship but then I pretty much made it my own sort of thing. Looking at the masts twice you're right for sure, I'll have a play around with it!
  2. BillyG

    [MOC] LEGO Eldorado Fortress, redesigned

    If this was a set I'd be right on it. Just incredible! And it looks so good next to Pirate bay!
  3. BillyG

    [MOC] Pirate Brigantine

    Me again, this time with a take on a small pirate ship. I like how it turned out really classic-looking due to the colour scheme, it wasn't my intention going in but I'm actually really happy with it. The idea for it came from trying to use the bow pieces as a hull. If I add rigging it will probably look more ship-like and less 'toy'-like but for now I think it works well. Maybe the masts could be redesigned too I reckon. Let me know what you think! The stern could use some redecorating at some point maybe. No interior details just yet but it is ready for it. Here's a rough photo of the first version of it before I remade it. And finally next to the massive Unicorn, barely fitting in the frame together!
  4. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it! I never had blueprints so I just looked through lots of reference pictures on the internet and in the film. And for the bow and rear I used this Hull Brick 16 x 13 x 2&category=[Boat]#T=C Also that Snowy figure is perfect, I'll have to try and get my hands on it if possible! Hi, there is a capstan it was just obscured by the minifigs for the most part. It's right behind the foremast, I just posted new pictures featuring it! And I'm glad the colours came out well! :)
  5. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Wow, thank you! That's really kind of you, I didn't expect that! And the rigging is definitely a plan, I agree that lego ropes are definitely the way to go but sadly all I have are what's on there now! I've looked around on bricklink but they're really quite expensive to get I would definitely like to though, as they really add so much to the build, as I saw in this moc of the Unicorn from a while back We'll see what happens though!!
  6. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Thanks, I really appreciate it!! Thanks!! I'm glad you think it did the job regarding accuracy! Thanks!! It went through a couple iterations but I'm satisfied!! :) Whoah, that's awesome! Where can I see that? And thanks!! Haha, what an absolute classic, hey!! I got sick of not seeing enough of the ship in LEGO (it's just so beautiful) so I had to make my own Have fun reading!! And yes sir!
  7. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Thank you very much! I tried to make it almost like a big playset, without compromising the design. I'm glad you like it! And yes, Tintin is very nostalgic for everyone! Thanks, and yes the Unicorn is a truly beautiful ship! I chose the yellow colour to differentiate from the others out there as well as to make it more vibrant and contrasted, closer to the film's version than the comic's. The galleries were a pain but I'm satisfied in the end. I don't really have experience with rigging, I tried to before but I didn't have rope of the right thickness so maybe I'll give it a go eventually. And are you kidding, who wouldn't love Tintin!?
  8. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Thanks a lot! The cannons are from bricklink. And I just added some more pics!
  9. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    My first post! My rendition of the Unicorn from Tintin (mainly based on the film). Just edited with better photos. Would love to hear your thoughts! And here's Tintin and Haddock with the Unicorn model - please forgive me using a cat for Snowy!!