[M-G03] There is No Stopping Now

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Location: G03 - New California

Tags: Spaceship

The shipyards of M.A.N.T.I.S. are running full tilt, 24/7 constantly cranking out new designs and mass numbers of older craft. The latest design is a simple pod, built for pure speed in order to get commandos to the surface of a planet or the hull of an enemy ship. To make up for this craft's lack of weapons are strong armor, an old experimental design has been updated, given increased weaponry, and put into mass production. This design was christened the Bulletblade.

The Pod

The Bulletblade

Testing on using Bulletblades to protect drop runs by the pods is nearly complete, and both craft will soon enter main fleet service.



The bulletblade is an update of a design used in one of the challenges, so judge it as you see fit. The pod is new. C&C welcome!

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The BulletBlade is really nice, I'd love to see it built out of real bricks.

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