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  1. StarHawk3

    [K-F09] Kawashita Mastodon Assault Tank

    Fantastic! Great last build for AG. I'm sensing a little bit of Forge World inspiration.
  2. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Subterranean Terrors Pt.3

    I didn't have a build last week. I titled it part 3 on purpose. I intended to have a part2 but didn't get around to building it.
  3. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Subterranean Terrors Pt.3

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Military, Spaceship Continued from here. Note to judges, The building and truck were form the previous build and should not be judged. - - - - - - - Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated.
  4. StarHawk3

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    All my credits to SpacerSteve please.
  5. StarHawk3

    [O-E03] Docking Bay 41

    The ship is really nice but my favorite part is the landing platform. The pneumatic lift and the grabber mechanism are inspirational.
  6. StarHawk3

    [K-G09] The Old Geyser

    I like how you did your terrain and the geysers but my favorite part is the ship. For it's size it feels very complete and has a nice shape to it.
  7. StarHawk3

    [M-G03] The Council

    I really like the lighting in this. The council of five looks really menacing. I wonder what they had to say to Spacersteve.
  8. StarHawk3

    [O - F09] Extraction 1.1

    Welcome back from the dead. Nice ship. I look forward to seeing more AG builds from you.
  9. StarHawk3

    [O-F09] OF-222 Wanderer

    Cool little ship. I really need to get some of those jurassic world bubble windows.
  10. StarHawk3

    [M-H03]Subterranean Terrors

    Thanks. The rubber bands work as suspension for the back wheels. It sometimes feels like I build more for Octan then I do for MANTIS. You will soon know what it's like now that Kodan is a full fledged spy. Thanks Ask and you shall receive.
  11. StarHawk3

    [M-G03] MANTIS LR3 Mobile Missile Truck

    I like the blacktron feel to the missile truck and how the missiles retract. Your landscape is very nice to and makes me want to try some new things with rock work in my builds.
  12. StarHawk3

    [M-G03] Zircon Squadron

    What a strange squad of star fighters. Thanks for translating the morse code.
  13. StarHawk3

    [M - G03] Speedy Owl

    Great ship. It has some great detail. I can't wait to see more pictures of it.
  14. StarHawk3

    [M-H03]Subterranean Terrors

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Land vehicle, Military building Continued from here - Echo Five: I don't like it captain, it just doesn't seem right, do we work for Octan now? Captain: I hear you five, but we really need to focus on the mission. Seven, whats you analysis of the base show? Echo Seven: I'm not getting any power readings or life signs. The Base seems intact with a mining laser and multiple auto turrets. - Captain: That doesn't seem right. I have never heard of an Octan Military building. Hawk can you confirm that? - note to judges: this picture is reused from last week and should not be judged -Hawk: Stuart say that an unknown group has been performing raids on their science facilities on Kaalin. They have had to upgrade their defenses on most of the outposts on the planet. - Captain: Alright team, lets sweep this building for survivors. We can get this over with and move on. - Captain: What could have caused this. Seven: I don't know sir but I'm getting some strange readings from down there. Five: Great, it's confirmed, everyone is dead. Now can we get out of here? Captain: Five, we aren't done here but i agree that we need to wait for reinforcements before we move forward. Hawk are you seeing this? Hawk: We are seeing this, but we are also getting high Birckowski wave readings from your area. It's almost like there is a Gate anomaly in your ar..... can.. y....h.... - Captain: Hawk your breaking up. Can you hear me? Team we have lost comms. Lets get out of here. Seven: Captain behind you! - Captain: Who are you and what are you doing here? How did you even get here? Spider Agent: My name doesn't concern you, but I am from a group by the name of Spider. Captain: Are you behind all of this? Spider: Oh heavens no. I do know what did this though . It is a creature called a terramite. You may have seen one before. Octan started taking core samples over a terramite nest and woke it up. It didn't end well for them. Captain: Never heard of it. So there are no survivors? Spider: I'm afraid the personnel at this base stood little chance. MANTIS has come across one in the past but you might know it as a spitting devil, although that one was very young they still had a tough time taking it out. This one is much bigger. I need your team to help me kill it. Five: I was on that mission to kill the thing. It took out two of my squad mates. It has a thick exoskeleton. We would need heavy artillery to scratch that thing. There ain't nothin we can do to help you kill that thing. - Captain: I have to agree with him. It sounds like a suicide mission. Why would we want to help you anyway? Spider: Because my associate in the stealth suit is standing behind you with a laser sword. I wouldn't make any sudden movements. I don't want to spill any MANTIS blood un-nessissarily, but she can get a little excited. And make no mistake, you will be little more then bait in my web. Spider Assassin: Just follow me. If you do what I say you might make it out of here mostly intact. To be continued. Thanks for looking, C&C is always welcomed. More pictures under the spoiler tag.
  15. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] New Business Ventures

    Location: H03 Kallin Tags: Military Building, Spaceship - Guard: Maxximus will see you now. - Maxximus: Welcome Henry, I have someone I want to introduce you to. This here is my guest from the Octan corporation, Stuart Smith. Hawk: It's Hawk actually, and it's nice to meet you Stuart. Stuart: It's a ple........ Captain: Great I will bring him to the brig for interrogation. I will have him singing his secrets like a bird in no tim...... - Guard: Get your hands off of him! Captain: What's going on here? Hawk: Echo team, stand down! - Maximus: Captain I like your teams spirit. That's why your teams one of the best in MANTIS. Like I said before, Stuart here is my guest. There is no need for an interrogation. Captain, Hank has a mission for you on the surface of Kaalin. I have a ship waiting for you so if you could take your team Captain, and prepare for your mission. Captain: Yes sir.... Stuart: Your troops certainly live up to their reputations. Hawk: My apologies, So what was it you wanted to tell me. Maxximus: You know how our profits have been down over the last few months. With the CEO missing now, the council of five is demanding a solution to get our revenues back up. I want to sell MANTIS's Military expertise. I call it MANTIS Security Solutions. We will do anything from offering advice on how to improve base defenses to providing full MANTIS Spec Ops protection in exchange for resources. Stuart here was the first one to take up my offer. So what do you think? Hawk: Um.... I don't know. What do you think the soldiers will think of....... Maxximus: Great I'm glad you like it. Now if you could, go with Stuart to the planning room. He will fill you in on what they need done. - Guard: Sir Maxximus: What is it? Guard: We just got an urgent message from Maxxene. They found him. Maxximus: Great ready my ship. - Hawk: So what is it you needed. Stuart: Well one of our drilling outposts stopped communicating with us last Oktobrinali. Any attempt to restore communications has failed. Our Satellites have not seen any damage to the base. With our fleet leaving the system our special forces are stretched to thin for any further investigation on our part, so that where you come in. Hawk: I will see what my team can do. Stuart: Great. I hope you guys can do the job because what you charge could be considered piracy.