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Found 10 results

  1. StarHawk3

    [M-B05] Scouting on Marphacia

    Location: B05 Marphacia Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Hawk was given a pretty simple weekly mission. He was sent to investigate a Kawashita communications relay deep in the swamps of Marphacia. The base itself seemed overgrown and poorly maintained but it still appeared operational. - - Hawk sent out his beetle scout droid. Once it was in place on the satellite dish, it would send MANTIS intelligence communications coming though the relay. - More pictures under the spoiler tag. Thanks for looking. It doesn't really continue my story I have been working on. I had something more elaborate in mind but I was running short on time this weekend. As usual, C&C welcomed.
  2. Big Sal

    [M - B05] Mission G3B05

    Location: B05 Marphacia Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying So what information are we trying to get out of them sir? We need to know if they detected the massive explosion we caused the other day. If the Kawashita seismology lab didn’t detect the explosion, we’ll know the GATE field expanded ahead of the explosion and stopped the information leaking out. If so, we have a functioning cloaking device, we'll just have to fine tune the stabilisers. Couldn’t we just ask them if they detected it? No! If we just ask them if they’ve detected any explosions recently, they’ll know we’re up to something. We have to persuade them to tell us, preferably without even realising we’re from M.A.N.T.I.S. That’s why we’re in this Kawashita boat! Exactly. And it has to be a row boat so it doesn’t upset their seismology instruments. No point annoying them before we even get there. And you have to be here to do the rowing… I see the lab sir! Good work Stevens, bring us in. Now, this is probably going to take a lot of natural charm and quick wits, and you don’t have a persuadomatic spy suit, so let me do all the talking. It could be very difficult to get the information out of them, so prepare to witness some incredible spying. Yes sir! Ok, here goes. I guess I’ll knock on the door. This is going to be very difficult, so you’re going to have a great story about my awesome spy skills to tell your friends. Oh my… can it be true? Are you real? I haven’t seen anyone since I was posted here back in Julali! I’ve been so bored – there’s not been a single seismic event the whole time I’ve been here! Well… that was easy. Uh, sorry guy, we must have the wrong lab. Best be off! No, no, come in and have a drink, I insist! Do you like tea? I love tea! Wonderful! Come on in! I’ll just put the kettle on! This is so exciting! Damn it Stevens! Oh, I’ve been so lonely here. I’ve only had my plants to talk to, and they never say anything back. Guess that makes sense though. There are lots of sentient, communicative plant species in Andromeda actually! That’s what I told them! But they’re still giving me the silent treatment! Oh boy… Right, well, thanks for the drinks, we’d best be going. What?? No! Please don't leave, I’ve been so alone! And besides, I’ve made some food for us to share. It would be a shame if you had to leave before you try it… you could have all sorts of ‘accidents’ if try to you leave on an empty stomach… *Gulp* OK, OK! We’ll stay for some food, sure, no need for any 'accidents'… Oh, how wonderful! I’ll just go get it! Damn it Stevens, why couldn’t you keep your mouth shut?? This guy’s a lunatic! Sorry sir! Hopefully he’ll let us leave if we eat his food. I hope it’s not anything weird, or we might have to make a run for it. Fresh sushi! Made with local ingredients! … … ... Quickly Stevens! Come back! --- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! I have to confess that I straight up stole the roof design from Bushido - Way of the Warrior by Disco86, which is one of my all time favourite MOCs. Hopefully Disco86 won't mind, as a fellow M.A.N.T.I.S. player
  3. Big Sal

    [M - B05] Experiment G2B05

    Location: B05 Marphacia Tags: Land Vehicle, Science Note to judges: Only the scenes with the swamp speeder should be judged, the rest re-use my build from last week. I’m just worried after what happened last time. Ah, but last time we didn’t have the expert advice of Ensign Stevens. He’s part of Moose’s team so he’s up to date with all their latest findings. Isn’t that right, Stevens? Err, well… Excellent! Plus, I’ve completely redesigned the stabiliser architecture. Speaking of which, where the hell is Redsyn with the last stabiliser? I’ll give him a call. Redsyn! Where are you? I'm having a little difficulty with the natives. Well, hurry up, will you? I’m getting bored here. Yeah, I’ll try. Some time later… ...and I usually play as Mitgardia. Redsyn! What’s the hold up? Trouble with the locals. Still?! Different ones this time. Unbelievable. Right, let’s just go ahead with three stabilisers. What?? It’ll be fine. We almost had it right last time with four stabilisers, but these new ones are a lot stronger. We could probably even manage with two. What do you think, Stevens? Err, well… Exactly! Norton, activate the stabilisers. Activating stabilisers! Sal, I just did some calculations, and going from fourfold to threefold stabilisation symmetry is likely to decrease the discontinuity threshold by at least seven orders of magnitude! Good point! Norton, only initialise the GATE drive once Stevens and I are a safe distance away. I promised Moose I’d get Stevens back to him in one piece. Wait, what?? Initialising GATE drive! --- To be continued! Thanks for reading, C&C welcome! The build below is the new stuff for this week. More pics of the speeder in the spoiler.
  4. Big Sal

    [M - B05] Experiment G1B05

    Location: B05 Marphacia Tags: Science Are you sure this will work? Oh, yeah, totally. Moose’s team has been messing around with this stuff for a while. They’re off testing it out near Donwarr as we speak. You mean it hasn’t been tested yet? Uh… it probably has? I kinda just skimmed Fields’s notes: superpositions, n-dimensional singularities, certain death, blah blah blah. Anyway, I figured if we can create a stable hollow GATE field around a ship, the field should transport all incoming or outgoing signals through the GATE, meaning that the ship will be undetectable. But couldn’t we wait until Moose’s team has finished their tests first? And let them get all the credit? No chance! GATE stabilisers equalised at 100% Sal. Excellent. Ok, you ready Walker? I guess…? Ugh, it stinks here Sal. Why did we have to do this in the middle of a swamp on a planet we haven’t even settled yet? Blame Chief Accountant Long. I wanted to do this on Torresta but Long got all upset about it just because the risk assessment said there was a small chance of a catastrophic Rhumkopf discontinuity. She insisted we do it out here where no one will notice if we implode a continent. What was that?! Nothing! Fire it up! It worked! We can’t see her! Err… but shouldn’t we not be able to see the GATE drive too? Hmmm… Switch off the drive and see if she comes back. Nooo! Where is she?? Calm down. She probably ended up in a parallel universe or something. I’m marking this down as a success! What?? Well, the aim was to make her undetectable. Norton, can you detect her? Er… no… Exactly! Success! Now, who wants to go next? Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Make sure you check out the spoiler
  5. EpsilonEta

    [K - B05] Raiding supplies

    Location: B05 – Marphacia Tags: Piracy, Spying, Land/Water vehicle Raiding supplies Raven have completed her Dust Demon training and even had time to access some restricted data before her first mission. With others credentials (it's amazing how guys don't mind a charming girl hanging over there shoulder as they log in) she then access coming Demon strikes to various Kawashita targets. Raven notice several disturbing things, first there is no record of Octan or MANTIS being attacked. Second ,which might explain the first, the level of intel they have about Kawashita operations and movement indicate they have an inside source. If she send the data she found the normal way (hidden in a media file posted on a social network) anyone knowing what to look for could find it meaning it's very likely the traitor would find out we where after him. Raven decides to give the data to someone she can trust and download everything, including her own observations, to a data chip. If someone where to cross reference the Demon's data and employees at Kawashita it should be able to find who had access to these specific operations. Especially as Kawashita often have canary traps in there documents. Raven might not agree to all the honor stuff but she love there intelligence and espionage like approach to running there company. She leave a comment with a hidden message to meet at B05 on motorcycle forum called “Angel customs”.It's a cover site used by Kawashitas “internal affairs agent” Now it was time for here first mission with the Demons. An easy raid on a supply transport on Marphacia. D***, they are having extra guards. I call for an extra drop ship. No need, I can take them. Just wait 30 seconds and then start shooting at them. No, they have hard plate armor, we can't hurt them with these weapons. Sure we can, remember, 30 seconds. Then she runs away. The captain and Trevor wait half a minute and start shooting. This is stupid, lets retreat. They wont follow us, they have to guard the supplies. Wooow!! That was fantastic! You just... and then... Raven and the captain don't listen as they round up the soldiers. Are we going to kill them? No! We wont execute people, Kawashita is mad enough from the raiding. A short time later. What are we waiting for? I can't get this stupid loading droid to work without the access codes. Try, talking to it, offer it a better job. It worked for MANTIS. That was Octan drones. You don't just hack Kawashita stuff (unless they are test drones) Then we can at least use it for target practice. Booom! What the h** did you do that for? But it's useless without the access codes. Sarah is getting them now! And the codes to this hover platform! Oops Some time later “Sarah” gets the codes and they can get away. (I attempted to do speed blur without the proper tool) Extra guards and active security codes. Those Kawashitas are really angry with us now. They start unloading the supplies manually as they “lost” the loading droid. Look out! It's that robot guy! What? The one who killed a lot of us, blew up the Direstan base and destroyed the walker droid? Run for your life. Hopefully he can't run in three directions simultaneously. Get aboard the Wasp and take off, I'll delay him. Koro seemingly blocks the shots with his sword (or Raven misses on purpose, hard to tell) As the gun breaks Raven roll and twist the sword from Koro's hand. Koro put away his gun and pull the second sword. Raven only have basic swords training and Koro is faster and stronger thanks to his cybernetic body. Raven soon falls. She roll away and leave the data chip. (You know if you read the initial text) Koro pics up the chip as Raven “escape”
  6. Dragonfire

    [K - B05] Biomass Extractor

    Mission Log: Entry 8 ~ At last, I've been assigned to man a vehicle which isn't a prototype! Too bad it isn't a shuttle or a speeder, like last time. At least it looks kinda cool. The journey from Sorn to Marphacia wasn't a long one. However, I got to travel in style on board a colossal troop transport, where I was briefed for my next mission. As you know, the surface of Marphacia is covered in plant life, foliage and swamplands. It is the swamps that particularly interest us, since they contain raw biomass, which is essential to our corporation. Therefore, you will be piloting a Kawashita Biomass Extractor, a revolutionary new mecha which extracts this biomass from the ground using our newest technologies. I've assigned Jycho Tyrus to accompany you on this mission, since there is a possibility of M.A.N.T.I.S. presence on Marphacia, and I've been informed that you don't have any weapons training . Good luck! [ The KBE. Note the fully poseable legs and rotatable control seat. I still don't know how the heck it extracts biomass from the ground - that's the scientists' concern, not mine! ] [ Minus the KBE and figs ] [ C&C welcome! ]
  7. Blackhawk STX

    [K - B05] Marphacia Musings

    Location: Marphacia Tags: Kawashita, Marphacia, Airplane, Spaceship, Military I think I may be getting noticed! During my tour on Sorn, I managed to locate a MANTIS convoy and wound up shooting down two planes and sinking a transport (all in fine style, of course!). Then Aera came in with her Hiryu and, well, there wasn’t much left. So it seems that things are improving… Now, I’m flying recon over Marphacia in a Zephyr interceptor. The Peregrine was a great ride with firepower, but this little puppy handles like nobody’s business! It may not be packing as much of a punch, but with twin phase pulse blasters and two 11-shot “Pepperbox” mini-missile launchers, I can hit pretty hard and then split in a hurry, calling in some bigger guns if needed. Now I just need to find some Bugs to swat! Marphacia. Primarily jungle and swamps. Hot, sticky, nasty. Man, God bless the drivers and explorers like Commander Turtle, Mister S, and Dragonfire. Why they would want to hike around in the mud and humidity while avoiding nasties that want to grab, slime, sting, and chomp a bite out of your bottom is beyond me. Nope. Give me the wide-open expanse of space or sky, the unrestricted freedom of flight. But, I will help those mud-marchers out as much as I can… All right! Kawashita really needs to address the issue of safety! These techs are unbelievable! They should know not to hit the suction function on the fuel cart when the hose is detached and there’s somebody near it! I mean, really? The fact that the guy nearly fell to the floor laughing didn’t help, either. This one was fun! I like the small, compact builds I’ve been seeing and decided to try another one myself. It is a rather simple build, but I like how it turned out. I’m really pleased with the missile launchers. They work better than I had hoped. Just wish I had a different color for the engine thrusters so that they would stand out more.
  8. Location: B05 - Marphacia Tags: Vehicle Voice Log of Mister S: "Kara Scel's special forces expertise actually helped me more than I expected. While I have extensive knowledge of tech capabilities and structural limitations, Kara has first hand knowledge of combat scenarios and strategies I had never thought of. Honestly, in hindsight, I don't know why I hadn't thought to request the input of a special forces expert myself. I suppose my overconfidence in my own abilities got the best of me. Well the short of it is, without Kara, I would have had a hard time coming up with this fantastic new design, and most definitely not within the deadline. Gotta say Kara is amazing! I have once again been summoned to a holographic meeting with one of Kawashita's top executives, most likely Akito again. I am confident in a better outcome this time around." A few hours later- Akito Kawashita: I have taken a look at your new design and am impressed. Mister S: I knew you would be sir. I must inform you that Kara is to be credited for a good portion of the design. Akito Kawashita: Yes, of course. It is now time to test the Tarantula HAM in the field. We have a few operations going on the planet of Marphacia. We want M.A.N.T.I.S to think that we are trying to sabotage their efforts there but in reality we have no interest in the planet at all. A few days ago we got intel of the location of the leaders of a M.A.N.T.I.S guerrilla unit that is a high level threat, not only to Kawashita, but to the entire Galactic Council. The unit is led by Thomas Terabyte, a top level M.A.N.T.I.S. programmer, and Anna Toxita, a Council bio-scientist whom Thomas recruited into the M.A.N.T.I.S corporation. Our agents have recovered data that indicates the two are in the process of staging a massive attack but the target has not been identified. Two hours ago, one of our probes identified both Thomas and Anna on Marphacia. We are sending the best retrieval team we have and you will be their heavy munitions support. Kara will be commanding the squad from the Kameko. Mister S: Oh wow! I finally will get to meet Koro! Akito Kawashita: No. Koro is not on attached to this mission. Mister S: But I thought you said the best retrieval team we had??? Akito Kawashita: Koro indeed may be our best agent, but he prefers to go solo. Besides, we need both Thomas and Anna alive and sending Koro in would only raise our chances of them ending up dead. Koro has another directive more suited to his specialty. I understand that the Tarantula HAM has advanced identification software. I am sending you a copy of the latest photograph we have Thomas and Anna taken about two years ago before they went off the grid. Seems that Thomas had programmed a drone to take their picture at one of the great falls on Hunstun. However great a programmer he is, he evidently is no photographic expert as the picture is very grainy. But you can easily identify them from it. If you come across them, do not kill them. Go get packed and be ready to board the Kameko. It leaves in an hour. This meeting is now over. [Transmission Incoming] And a few more hours later- Voice Log of Mister S: "The mission was not a success. While we managed to save a few local species who M.A.N.T.I.S were collecting to send back to their labs, we did not manage to locate Thomas and Anna. However it is likely that all M.A.N.T.I.S. personnel have now withdrawn from Marphacia as they all ran like Godzilla was chasing them when they saw me coming in the Tarantula."
  9. gurusql

    [K-B05] - Science in the Marsh

    Location: B05 - Marphacia Tags: Science Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston freshly into Andromeda. I am on my first mission to take scientific readings on Marphacia. We are currently about two clicks from our current base of operations. The area for study was selected because someone saw purple flowers and wanted to know if the plants were somehow using Awesomnium. I have been collecting sample for about 90 minutes, about 5 minutes ago my driver Bill reported that the grav-vehicle was full so Bill has returned to the base with the first round of samples. He assured me that this region was perfectly safe." At that moment I was snapped out of the routine and back into the moment as a long black and scaly serpent like creature splashed it out of the mucky water. "End mission log. Computer connect me with Bill - NOW. Bill what is your ETA?" As quickly as the creature appeared, he spun around and dove back under the muck. Five minutes later Bill finally returned without a reply and I was never so glad to see another human being. Luckily I had the helmet camera on, or everyone might not have believed in my encounter. Comments are welcome
  10. Mission 04 Kawashita Corporation, Target, Marphacia Mission, Biomass exploration and extraction After the debacle on Sorn the board of directors decided I needed a escort going forward. They were gracious enough to assign a Kawashita-MFZ-MkI semi-autonomous robot to keep me out of danger. Or as I see it, keep me from breaking more corporate property. After landing on Marphacia I decided to break out on foot to see what the planet had to offer. The landscape is all jungle and swamps. The heat is relentless, or I should say the humidity is relentless. One great thing about Kawashita is there is always a abundance of sharp swords to cut your way through a jungle. I just hope I don't accidentally cut myself. I am also hoping they don't point and laugh to much at my new hat, I really like my new hat. I think it makes me look rather Independent or "Indy". Ya, kind of like a adventurer even though I am a pilot.