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Found 4 results

  1. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Outpost 135B06

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Spying, Military Building, Land vehicle Hawk had been sent to Sorn, away from the main MANTIS conflict with Octan, to evaluate Kawashita's presence there and to gather as much information on their activities in the area. He was sent to an unremarkable rocky island. - - The Island was designated outpost 135B06 and was left over from much earlier conflicts between the MANTIS and Kawashita corporations on Sorn. MANTIS had built many hidden bunkers around the surface of Sorn, and 135B06 would serve as a base of operations for Hawk in his missions to come. - Base AI: Welcome Agent Hawk. Hawk: Just call me Hawk computer. What is the status of this installation? Base AI: All systems operational. - Hawk: Good. Computer, arm the defensive weapons. I don't think we will come under attack from anyone from Kawashita, but it sure wouldn't be good if one of those Sharktipus's tried to find its way in. Base AI: Order received. Weapons are now online. - - Hawk: Computer, monitor any unencrypted messages on all Kawashita channels. Lets find something worth looking into. Base AI: Yes sir. This is a message I recorded earlier. I hope you find it useful. start transmission...... - They keep sending us ships to repair what is going on out there? Is MANTIS attacking our fleet? - No its something else, an unknown fleet at Crentium. They are giving our fleet a tough time. None of our other star ports have the resources to repair the new ship design so we have to send them here. end transmission...... Hawk: Thanks computer. That is worth looking into. Tell me where this star port is located. More pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated.
  2. LegoMathijs

    [M-D04] Tracked Chrome Driller

    My first MOC for Eurobricks' Andromeda's Gates. I've designed a mining vehicle for M.A.N.T.I.S corporation. The Tracked Chrome Driller can be used at different kinds of terrain, such as rocks, ice, desert, and forests to mine ores. I've started mining at planet D04. I've found a small place at planet D04 which contains many ores. Hope to find some interesting and usefull ores which I can use to make powerfull mining equipment. Tracked Chrome Driller driver: Mathijs Pictures: 01_Trackd_Chrome_Driller by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Tracked_Chrome_Driller by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_cabine_inside_view by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Cabin inside view. 04_mining_ores by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Mining some ores. Soon I create more mining equipment
  3. SpacerSteve

    [M-D04] Searching For Biomass

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: MANTIS, Exploration, Ground Vehicle, spaceship interior SpaceSteve has been searching the barren surface of Terrial Minor for sources of water to be used for new MANTIS agricultural operations. - Eventually after a couple weeks of searching. He comes across a small oasis. It is teeming with life forms and plant life. He scans the oasis and sets the beacon for future MANTIS development. - - - Suddenly he get a call from the Sythe in orbit. KosmicKevan- Steve you had better get back up here we are heading through the gate ahead of schedule. We have been summoned by a very important individual in the **Classified** system. I have sent a dropship to your location. - Back on the Scythe KosmicKevan informs SpacerSteve about what he knows about the meeting. - SpacerSteve- Well this will should be interesting... KosmicKevan- He says he knows the location of **Classifed** we haven't seen him since we left Spyrius. KosmicKevan leaves and SpacerSteve watches Terrial Minor quickly disappear in the distance. - Some more shots of the hovercraft - - - Thanks for looking C&C welcome. I'm not satisfied with the rocks on the base. I also reused my Cat C build this week. I just had to use it once more before I tear it apart for parts for my Cat B.
  4. Mark of Falworth

    [M - A05] The Dangers of Yallorn II...

    Activity- Exploration. Location- A05 Yallorn II Previously, Mark of Orion had helped in the occupation of Barnius and was disgruntled with his task of constructing a "very complex" sensor array... After complaining explaining to his superior officer, Second Branch Executive Ninja Nin, that he was more interested in exploring than assembling equipment, Mark was given a different mission on MANTIS' next target, Yallorn II. Mark was very pleased with the change of position, now he was free to wander around and explore an entirely new planet! Yallorn II was a particularly interesting place. Mark had decided to explore the southern sector along the coast. To his surprise, the normal earth tones of the soil gave way to mud of a deep blue color with small plateaus of clay on which vegetation abounded. Mark deduced that the tide was out, and the foliage in this vicinity was not capable of growing below the waterline. Mark's peaceful walk was interrupted by by his radio ringtone... "Mark here, what's up?" "Hey Mark, this is John." "Hey John! How's the view in your sector?" "Pretty good, But that's not why I'm calling..." "Oh?" "Yeah, my scanner says my area is clear, but that there is some unidentified lifeform activity near you. See anything?" Mark took a quick look around. "I don't see anything near, maybe there's something underground... I can see there being clams or something in this mud?" "Heh, probably nothing serious, just thought I'd call and check." "All right, much appreciated, John!" "Okay, see ya later!" "Later! Bye!" (Click) After hanging up with his co-worker, Mark reflected on the dangers of being too absorbed in the scenery. "Hmm, I should check my scanner more often, something big and ugly could creep up on me without me even knowing!" "The planet description did say "moderate alien activity" and..." The Ghastly Galloping Garctaloid of Yallorn II ! by Mark E., on Flickr Suddenly, Mark looked over his shoulder and realized that a huge alien had snuck up behind him!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" The ferocious alien bellowed and screeched as it galloped towards Mark! "GROGGLAAK!! SKREEEHHKK!! GROGGHLAAKK!!" Mark wasn't about to let himself get gobbled up! He quickly raised his MANTIS death ray blaster and fired into the belly of the beast! The enormous creature screeched out ten times louder than before! But the MANTIS death ray blaster is quite effective on most fleshly beings... The monster collapsed into a pile of squirming dismembered tentacles as it's gnashing mouth slowly stopped chomping in rage. Mark, in a rush of adrenaline and exuberance, dashed towards the dying creature and grabbed one of the limb-like tentacles. "What a monstrous brute! You could've been so useful to MANTIS! To bad there's no stun setting on my death ray blaster..." Mark, still clutching the limb, turned and continued on his exploration. "But all is not lost! I'm sure Big Sal or one of our other scientists will be able to concoct something absolutely terrifying with your DNA sample!" Yes, Mark was beginning to enjoy this exciting job! To Be Continued!