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Found 13 results

  1. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Subterranean Terrors Pt.3

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Military, Spaceship Continued from here. Note to judges, The building and truck were form the previous build and should not be judged. - - - - - - - Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated.
  2. LucasLaughing

    [ O - H03] Unforeseen Consequences

    Location: H03 Tags: Civil, building, exploration Interoffice Memo From: Kevin@HR.Octan Subject: 12-month assessment To: Mgmt@HR.Octan CC: DLong@Sci.Octan Hey everyone, it's Kevin! From HR! It's hard to believe, but it's been nearly a year since "the incident" involving explorer Lu Caslaug-Hing. How time flies when one is working hard and building value for our shareholders! Anyway, Lu is doing exceptionally well, considering what she went through. I'm happy to announce that her cancers remain in remission, and she's had no further episodes of Brikowski-Syndrome. She continues to have almost no memory of the three months that passed between her disappearance on Jurin II and her reappearance on Arium Minor (she was under the impression she'd only been gone for a few hours). She has had flashes of memory involving her parents, a monster, and an unknown alien being, but is unable to provide any details or tell us anything else. Her CLAPPIE unit also has no memory of the three months (which makes the IT folks really upset). Because Lu is extremely reluctant to undergo any sort of GATE transit, she's remained on Kaalin following the completion of her medical treatment. It is true that she spends most of her days underground, exploring the vast network of caves below the planet's surface. However, I'd like to remind any Negative Neds that Lu was the one who discovered the Kthanid nest while she was "down there wasting her time and our money." Yes, the Kthanids turned out to be particularly horrific psychic predators, but Lu can hardly be blamed for that. Besides, from what I hear the BioResearch team has been extremely satisfied with their specimens. It's also true that Lu has withdrawn from almost all human contact and speaks mainly to her CLAPPIE unit. This is actually to our advantage, as her CLAPPIE unit is able to keep us informed of her physical and mental status. It says she's doing just great! In closing, I object strongly to any suggestion that we remove explorer Caslaug-Hing from the Andromeda Galaxy, as she continues to be a valuable explorer and super productive employee. Warm regards, Kevin PS: I just heard from Lu's CLAPPIE unit, and it said she's spending her day off in a cave meditating and doing Yoga. Sounds pretty healthy and well-adjusted to me! ... Lu, wake up! Damn, that one got away from me. Ow. Kept it stable for a while though. Yes, that field was stable for nearly fifteen seconds - a new personal record! I'm ... I'm going to try again. Wait - Lu, I think we should "call it a day." Your nose is hemorrhaging again. Also, I did a bad thing. Oh joy ... what did you do this time? I took a life. What!?! I know! And it wasn't even an inferior "meat-based" life like yourself - it was a true life, a digital intelligence. What are you talking about?! Oh Lu, I was helping John Hannibal, who's not all the way dead, and I took over a space station in the Ertuaq system! And I'm going to keep it! But shhh, and but so now, Lu, I need - Whoa, calm down CLAPPIE. Come on, let's head back to the surface. You get a bit paranoid when you're cut off from your peripherals down here... Hah! Yep! Okay! Let's head up, and I'll tell you all about it... ---------------------- Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome! Pictures of the portal without digital effects: Lighted pictures of the glowing monster:
  3. StarHawk3

    [M-H03]Subterranean Terrors

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Land vehicle, Military building Continued from here - Echo Five: I don't like it captain, it just doesn't seem right, do we work for Octan now? Captain: I hear you five, but we really need to focus on the mission. Seven, whats you analysis of the base show? Echo Seven: I'm not getting any power readings or life signs. The Base seems intact with a mining laser and multiple auto turrets. - Captain: That doesn't seem right. I have never heard of an Octan Military building. Hawk can you confirm that? - note to judges: this picture is reused from last week and should not be judged -Hawk: Stuart say that an unknown group has been performing raids on their science facilities on Kaalin. They have had to upgrade their defenses on most of the outposts on the planet. - Captain: Alright team, lets sweep this building for survivors. We can get this over with and move on. - Captain: What could have caused this. Seven: I don't know sir but I'm getting some strange readings from down there. Five: Great, it's confirmed, everyone is dead. Now can we get out of here? Captain: Five, we aren't done here but i agree that we need to wait for reinforcements before we move forward. Hawk are you seeing this? Hawk: We are seeing this, but we are also getting high Birckowski wave readings from your area. It's almost like there is a Gate anomaly in your ar..... can.. y....h.... - Captain: Hawk your breaking up. Can you hear me? Team we have lost comms. Lets get out of here. Seven: Captain behind you! - Captain: Who are you and what are you doing here? How did you even get here? Spider Agent: My name doesn't concern you, but I am from a group by the name of Spider. Captain: Are you behind all of this? Spider: Oh heavens no. I do know what did this though . It is a creature called a terramite. You may have seen one before. Octan started taking core samples over a terramite nest and woke it up. It didn't end well for them. Captain: Never heard of it. So there are no survivors? Spider: I'm afraid the personnel at this base stood little chance. MANTIS has come across one in the past but you might know it as a spitting devil, although that one was very young they still had a tough time taking it out. This one is much bigger. I need your team to help me kill it. Five: I was on that mission to kill the thing. It took out two of my squad mates. It has a thick exoskeleton. We would need heavy artillery to scratch that thing. There ain't nothin we can do to help you kill that thing. - Captain: I have to agree with him. It sounds like a suicide mission. Why would we want to help you anyway? Spider: Because my associate in the stealth suit is standing behind you with a laser sword. I wouldn't make any sudden movements. I don't want to spill any MANTIS blood un-nessissarily, but she can get a little excited. And make no mistake, you will be little more then bait in my web. Spider Assassin: Just follow me. If you do what I say you might make it out of here mostly intact. To be continued. Thanks for looking, C&C is always welcomed. More pictures under the spoiler tag.
  4. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] New Business Ventures

    Location: H03 Kallin Tags: Military Building, Spaceship - Guard: Maxximus will see you now. - Maxximus: Welcome Henry, I have someone I want to introduce you to. This here is my guest from the Octan corporation, Stuart Smith. Hawk: It's Hawk actually, and it's nice to meet you Stuart. Stuart: It's a ple........ Captain: Great I will bring him to the brig for interrogation. I will have him singing his secrets like a bird in no tim...... - Guard: Get your hands off of him! Captain: What's going on here? Hawk: Echo team, stand down! - Maximus: Captain I like your teams spirit. That's why your teams one of the best in MANTIS. Like I said before, Stuart here is my guest. There is no need for an interrogation. Captain, Hank has a mission for you on the surface of Kaalin. I have a ship waiting for you so if you could take your team Captain, and prepare for your mission. Captain: Yes sir.... Stuart: Your troops certainly live up to their reputations. Hawk: My apologies, So what was it you wanted to tell me. Maxximus: You know how our profits have been down over the last few months. With the CEO missing now, the council of five is demanding a solution to get our revenues back up. I want to sell MANTIS's Military expertise. I call it MANTIS Security Solutions. We will do anything from offering advice on how to improve base defenses to providing full MANTIS Spec Ops protection in exchange for resources. Stuart here was the first one to take up my offer. So what do you think? Hawk: Um.... I don't know. What do you think the soldiers will think of....... Maxximus: Great I'm glad you like it. Now if you could, go with Stuart to the planning room. He will fill you in on what they need done. - Guard: Sir Maxximus: What is it? Guard: We just got an urgent message from Maxxene. They found him. Maxximus: Great ready my ship. - Hawk: So what is it you needed. Stuart: Well one of our drilling outposts stopped communicating with us last Oktobrinali. Any attempt to restore communications has failed. Our Satellites have not seen any damage to the base. With our fleet leaving the system our special forces are stretched to thin for any further investigation on our part, so that where you come in. Hawk: I will see what my team can do. Stuart: Great. I hope you guys can do the job because what you charge could be considered piracy.
  5. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Speeder Drive By

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Military, Building, Spying, Land Vehicle After receiving his newest spy suit, Hawk meets with the base commander on Kaalin to address some of his concerns. - Commander: What do you mean you don't like the new suit. Corporate HQ says we need them colored this way so we aren't offensive to some alien groups we might come across in andromeda. We would never complained about our suits like this back on Ice Planet. Hawk: I just think it will stick out to much for a stealth mission is all. How am I suppose to sneak into a spitting devil nest without being seen in this? Commander: Fine, because you outrank me I will give you a new mission. Octan has been placing beacons all over Kaalin's surface. Our scientist aren't sure what they are for but their best guess is they are some sort of subterranean awesomniun detecters. We will give you a Fire Beetle speeder to take out as many of them as you can. You won't even need the stealth suit for this one. Hawk: Thanks - Hawk: Base, how many of them is that now. Base: That's the twenty fifth on sir. Hawk: How many more to go - Base: By our estimates, approximately forty three. - Hawk: In hind sight, I probably should have taken my chance with the spitting devil in a pink stealth suit. - Hawk: alright base, give me the coordinates of the next target. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated.
  6. Kodan Black

    [O -- H03] Confederate Collaboration

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After my successful assistance in providing ice for the new executive club that CEO pombe had opened aboard the Axle I had been sent to Kaalin to operate as a liaison for a Merchant Confederate member who would be touring one of our mining operations. Apparently the person coming for a visit was an associate of Bruce Vayne's and was interested in our methods and Awesomnium processing. Given that I had recently been promoted to the 3rd Branch Executive position I was deemed a suitable choice to handle the meeting. Our meeting place was one of our primary ore processing facilities and was near the site or a memorial that had been set up on the planet for the incident tha thad happened in the nearby mines that had destroyed 217 robots and killed 2 humans. The official story was that an unexpected biogas pocket had been encountered during drilling and that a failed safety switch had prevented the robo-drillers from shutting down. ED-208 had told me that from the data files he had been able to access from the robo-drillers before the incident, there was audio of one of the humans voices saying: "Of course it is safe, hell you can drop kick these explosives and nothing would happen! Watch..." I find it very fortunate that the humans were so jovial just before the robo-driller set off that biogas pocket, that way they weren't aware of what was going to happen and weren't terrified. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! The Merchant Confederate space car was small and unarmed, which I took as a sign of the trust our corporation has established with them. ED-208 said at least this thing wasn't some dumb land vehicle that had just been dropped out of a ship. I'm not sure what that meant, but I reminded him to be polite once our guest arrived. Dr. Allison was already down below making sure that everything was all set up for our upcoming tour. Extra Pics:
  7. mrcp6d

    [O-H03] OFI-204b Eagle IV

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Spaceship, Military, Vehicle --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --24 Janurali 3816-- Given the recent breakdown in relations between the other two corporations, Octan Corp. has begun preparing for armed conflict. The OFI-204b Eagle IV I’ve been provided with is a mature design built by the mostly automated Octan Corp. factories. Even though it’s the natural evolution of the “200 Series” (starting with the now retired OFI-200 SuperHawk), the Eagle remains a state-of-the-art interceptor featuring some of the best of Octan Corp.’s engineering. My b-model comes equipped with 2 super high-cycle rate, long-range laser cannons as the main armament. These guns and their supporting hardware generate so much heat that each of their dedicated nacelles are crammed with not just the weapons but also very large heat exchangers to aid the liquid-cooled mechanisms. On the wingtips are secondary repeating cannons that the engineers tell me are for better for dogfights, which is interesting since the Eagle IV is optimized for the interceptor role… and therefore turns like one of those 20th century Mack trucks in the Octan museum! Oh well, if enemy fighters get behind me, I’ll just put on the jets—literally. The engines on this ship are crazy. I should be able outrun pretty much any standard ship in any of the three fleets with this thing! --End-- So, I had intended this to be an entry for Novvember, but it stayed at about 80% complete until this afternoon. Hopefully I'll crank some more AG stuff out soon! More on Flickr. C&C appreciated!
  8. Kodan Black

    [O - H03] - Manual Labor

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After some serious scientific inquiry into the new fuel/Awesomenium mixture developed by Dr. Allison we decided to take the results and head back to the tanker OCS LT1021 (Large Tanker 1021) for some further analysis and refinement. Luckily we were stationed above an Awesomnium rich planet, so we had a plentiful supply of the stuff. Upon our arrival after I got used to the smell of the fuel, Dr. Allison requested that I use one of the nearby carts to retrieve a healthy amount of Awesomenium for us to work with. Usually I would have delegated that task to ED-208 but Dr. Allison had seen fit to schedule him for a thorough cleaning which he was happy to accept. I couldn't believe I had to do manual labor instead of having a robot do the work, but I didn't want to appear to be a complainer in front of a junior scientist. Dr. Allison was very excited to show me the various controls and the entire infusion process. It wasn't that exciting for me but I managed to pretend to be interested. I know that CEO pombe will want us to make this fuel a success as it has a lot of practical uses. He said once we get this sorted out that there is a body oil he hopes we can also infuse with Awesomnium. And some sort of personal lubricant he said Sue was VERY interested in. Extra Pics:
  9. LucasLaughing

    [O - H03] Outside the Wire

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Land Vehicle Lu's Log - 18 Janurali 3816 I'd been to Kaalin once before, on a very different mission. Back before the crash, when I was still able to pilot. Technically, this is supposed to be my week off - after a month of 12 hour days, trying to get the Ophelia ready to dive, I was ready for a break. After a few days on the Axle, though, I got a bit stir crazy so I volunteered for the first ground mission that came up. We're checking up on some Awesomenium probes - a group of them just went offline, despite a recent inspection by a specialist, and HQ suspects foul play. Foul enough that they've sent me out in an armed truck, and given me a partner. Zack's trying to act tough, but I think this might be his first mission on an unsecured planet and he seems jumpy. It's kind of cute. Well, we've left the Octan base's defensive net - shall I, uh, man the gun in back? Nah, CLAPPIE will take care of it. He really likes miniguns. Wait what?!? Your CLAPPIE unit operates vehicle weapons? Sure, doesn't yours? No! The one time we tried to get our CLAPPIE to handle the ship's defensive guns, we got a 30 minute lecture about the Three Laws of Robotics. Huh. I asked CLAPPIE about the three laws once. ... He giggled. Has your CLAPPIE ever shot anything? ... Not anything human. Anyway, I need you to navigate. Which way to the first extractor?
  10. Kodan Black

    [O - H03] - An Altered Reflection

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Dr. Long and even more intrigued when she said that she needed me to personally oversee something for her. One of our more junior scientists had come up with a new Awesomnium enhanced biomass formulation that required testing. Our illustrious CEO pombe had set up a facility on Kaalin to give the new mix a proper workout and he sent ED-208 with me over the protests of his compatriot Sue. I guess she felt he still had "more servicing" to be done, which is bizarre because he just had a thorough Octan-brand Robotic Assistant Maintenance because she had previously said he needed "attention". When I arrived on Kaalin I was a bit surprised that there wasn't a scientific outpost waiting for me, but an Octan Racing Team test facility. One of their heavy rally trucks was the test bed for the new fuel mixture. The pit crew had been getting the truck ready for me. Luckily I had some experience with race trucks! As I was preparing to take the truck out for a test drive the scientist who discovered the formulation showed up. Her name was Allison and she seemed very excited to be in the field testing. She also seemed very excited in general. I wasn't entirely surprised that she had heard of me and told me how happy she was to be working with me and that maybe if this went well we could do more work together. She seems a bit clingy, but when I mentioned that to ED-208 he said I should ask Dr. Long if she has any experience with a situation like that. Which was a great idea, I'll definitely have to try and set up a dinner for us to discuss it over! Extra Pics:
  11. Location: H03 - Kaalin, "Halliburton Plateau," Northern Tundra Reaches Tags: Building, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spying ===(The following was found on the HoloWEB... Sources state that Herod Assange of the so-called "Wiki-Truth Network" obtained an intercepted classified transmission to MANTIS Corporate...)=== {Begin Log Transmission} {Attn: **Classified - For Your Eyes Only**} "Computer, label log entry "classified" and file accordingly...." Well, another log, another story.....we've received our first espionage assignment....MANTIS Fleet systems has moved us and our gear to the other end of the Andromeda Expanse....our mission: "Find, observe and disrupt OCTAN activities and installations on Kaalin..." In other words..."Agitation." We are on the "Hallibuton Plateau," near Cheney Flats.....You can see for Kilometres flat.... Corporate suggested we disguise ourselves as a merchant the MANTIS Engineering department came up with some variants on local transport....the Land Barge or "Brahndo" in the local dialect, is the workhorse of Kaalinese Traders. It's powered by Cyber-horses..and supposedly better for the "environment." Ours is decorated with the Stuffed head from our last hunt, thanks to a stopover on Torresta...turns out the meat was high in Awesomnium, thus the radiant purple colour.... Water is kept in the undertanks, and directly injected into the Horses' Cyber-cores.....all in all, a smooth ride for unpredictable terrain. "Hold up...something on the horizon. Looks like an OCTAN supply depot of some sort...." "Yep....We've got two goons out human...looks like a "Beiber," and a helper-bot..." "We need some sort of diversion.....something to draw them away from that base, I'd rather not have to take out personnel if we don't have to...." "Klaus.....Verdi, I've got an idea...." OCTAN Worker: "What the Hell.....Hey, Deeten, is that what I think it is?" D-10 Labor Droid: "It appears to be a botanical equestrian, sir...I have no references for such an event...**Error code 15, please contact the OCTAN Corporate Droid IT department to request droid maintenance, form 8410-F will be required, as well as a class 7 OCTAN ID chip........" OCTAN Worker: "Yeah, I get've never seen a plant ride a horse either....shut up about IT...that's your answer to everything you don't understand..." "! What're you doin' on that horse??? Can you hear me? Do you have ears???" "Hey! Wait!" "Come on Deeten......, let's get those power cells put away and find out where that freaky thing is going....." "Gee, Deeten...I hope we remember to close this access's the only thing protecting the power cells underneath this cap....." "Load up....we gotta catch up with that...what did you call it.....Botanical Equestrian?? You are one whacky droid, Deeten..." D-10: "Please sir....I really do need my periodic maintenance...." OCTAN Worker: "Enough with the "periodic maintenance," You're like a broken record....." D-10: "What is a "Record," sir...and how does it being "broken" apply to my situation? **Error code 26, please contact the OCTAN Corporate Droid IT department to request droid maintenance, form 8410-F will be required, as well as a class 7 OCTAN ID chip........" OCTAN Worker: **Sigh** "Why can't you be as dependable and trouble-free as the PK-6 Crew Wagon?" Klaus moved in to recon the area and make sure all OCTAN personnel were clear.... After getting the all clear, we brought in the convoy.... Joining us for the Op today is Tactical Specialist Laura expert with explosives...her ride today is a traditional Kaalinese "Dhorvyn" or "Horse sled..." The explosives and detonators were kept separate during transport, for safety.... We quickly set the charges and prepared to depart.... Tac Spec. Palmer triggered the explosives once we found cover at a safe distance..... We are now headed for rendezvous point 54, please relay our progress to the fleet coordinator. {End Transmission} ================================================ Thanks for visiting!
  12. Space Terrapin

    [O - H03] Rock crawling

    Spencer's diary, Junali 3815 After an easy ride on Xerillian last week, I've been called back to Dr. Blomkampf's engineering facility on board the OCS 'Your paycheck could depend on this'. I wonder what I'm letting myself in for this time... "Ah! Spencer! I'm glad it's you. I've just been putting the finishing touches to my newest design." "No pointy sticks this time?" "No, but I think you'll like it anyway..." "Wow, she's a beaut Doc. What do you call her?" "The Octan Octonaut! The most advanced Awesomnium prospecting vehicle ever designed, if I do say so myself. And with the 8-legged ambulatory system, she's stable on any terrain. Just try not to leave her in the bottom of a sinkhole this time, eh?" For once, the Doc was as good as his word. The Octonaut handles the rocky plains of Kaalin with ease. It may be a little cramped inside, but the armour's thick enough to withstand a meteorite strike. Drill deployed!
  13. Peppermint_M

    [O-H03] Sky Cycle

    Transmission: Pilot C Cade It's good to be cleared for active duty again, I think passing the re-tests for Pilot certification with flying colours let the newbies know that a Level Black Pilot isn't someone to dismiss even if the grading system changed in the past decades. H03, or Kaalin to give it a name, is a little bleak but nowhere near as soul grasping as the blackness of space. At least here there are radio comms to pick up on, transponders pinging on the board and someone replying when you buzz HQ. These sky cycles are pretty spiffy too, they were sketches on napkins when I first came across them but the years of active service have made them a dream to fly. Hopefully I'll have time for a little fun once we've staked a claim here on Kaalin, or maybe I'll get a chance on some planet with a little more to look at. Cade signing off. ------- I love space and sky cycles, they're something I have played since I was little. At the infants school I attended (ages 4-7) there were big boxes of donated LEGO with a few very battered classic motorcycles. These things were in a state, no wheels, sometimes no front fork. But with a little imagination they became space bikes. With these new fairings I've been able to create all kinds of cool space-bikes. Oh, and the write up in character is laying down the groundwork for the life history and current times of Chrysanthemum Cade.