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Found 10 results

  1. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Research&Development Facility

    *Blimp! Good day! My name is Yennifer. And I’ll be your guide for today. Welcome to Shinrai-Do’s Research Facility, the most advanced laboratory in the E continent. In here, we do all kinds of research and laboratorial analysis for all kinds of purposes. Everything is verified and approved by the most reliable agencies and governments. So, don’t worry. We got it all covered. Just remember to handle all your electronic devices to an official. If an official is unavailable, look for Paul, our most reliable janitor. Our super advanced laboratory has been founded somewhere between 1906 and last year. Since then, we’ve discovered a lot about plants and their use in medicine, food and... all sorts of purposes. All of them verified and approved by the most reliable agencies and governments. If you take the stairs to the first floor, you will find yourself in our laboratory area. Dr. Lukas Brenner is a three-time Nobel Prize winner botanist specialized in alternative uses for venomous substances. He was the first botanist in the world able to compress thousands of ounces of venom into small exploding shells, an experiment that can be used for... all kinds of purposes! Each of them, verified and approved by the most reliable agencies and governments. But remember not to take the stairs. That’s a forbidden area. Next to Dr. Brenner, you will see Dr. Mallorie Lynch, the head behind it all, the scholar-CEO-master of puppets-pyrotechnic-Rockstar-Pulitzer-winner for her countless contributions to the botanical field-tech-guru-war-strategist-trend-setter, expert in alternative uses for exploding paraphernalia analyzing one of Shinrai-Do’s venomous exploding shells. This one has already been verified and approved by the most reliable agencies and governments. On the main floor, if you turn east, you will see Mr. Q. He’s made a whole bunch of money from working in all sorts of industries: toys, fashion, education, military, beauty, restaurants... and now he finances all Shinrai-Do’s botanical researches! Isn’t that cool? And you guessed it. He’s personally verified and approved, too! On the lower floor, through the glass doors, you will find our testing area, where we test all our... plants! Right now, Mr. Treeger, a former hairstylist and now a full-time stuntman, is testing our very own venomous exploding shells. Isn’t it exciting? Oh, remember to put your masks on! And please, don’t enter the testing area. It has not been verified or approved by any agency or government. If you have any questions, please, address all of them to Paul, the janitor, and he will safely escort you to the exit. We hope you had a wonderful time! Thank you for visiting the Shinrai-Do’s Research Facility. *Blimp! _________ I've really struggled to finish this one. I'm running on a theme I have no practice on, which is military-sci-fi, but I'm very happy with the result. Hope you all like it. Let me know what you think! Would love to hear your thoughts. Any comments and feedback are much appreciated. Thanks! Louis of Nutwood.
  2. Godtshep

    MOC - Derelict House

    Based on visits to derelict buildings; not based on any building in particular.
  3. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] Off Topic

    Some times you have to actually make profit for your company. This week Col. Brik is visiting a vehicle assembly plant at a city on Sorn. If you forget making the money to keep the corp alive you cannot extract revenge. Sorn seems to be a constant location for profit for Kawashita. The production has slowed in recent weeks as all the top executives have focused on the attempted assasination of Raven. Things seem to be running smoothly, scab labor at minimum wage is maximizing profits. End "Yes, this build is in my normal city display, after finishing it a week ago I set it up and didn't want to try and move it out of the spot I put it in."
  4. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Dome City

    Just a small thing I did a while back. Dome city by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr
  5. [K - B06] More Than Meets the Eye... Tags: Building, Structure, Kawashita This week's build clocks in at 1750 pieces and is hopefully the beginning of a longer arching story arc featuring... well, read the story and you will get an idea. As you can see from the renders, I tried using Bluerender for the first time. I think it worked quite nicely. C&C always appreciated! Also, to the judges, note that I bought Domination for Dummies in the Kawashita Dojo thread before posting this. Thanks! --//Recording of a private conversation. Date: 2906(38)15. Scramble code: rHJKjfanfal73Lj2ljnnkm.//-- Aera: Colonel Q, this is Aera Lure, do you copy? Q: I read you Aera, what is it? Aera: During last week's science mission on Sorn, we sent out a number of probes to scan its seas. It's probably nothing significant, but one of them just came across what looks like an old Awsomnium Generator lying in a crater in the middle of nowhere. Based on the state of the generator and the plant life, it's been there for quite a while. Q: Send me the video and the scans. Aera: Done. It's probably nothing of interest Sir. My guess is that it's just the rests of some old power station for one of the 'Gates' indigenous spec... Q: Switch over to a alpha level security channel, authorization code 830Q7b immediately. Aera: Sir, wh... Q: Now. --//Recording of a private conversation stop. Scramble code: rHJKjfanfal73Lj2ljnnkm.//-- --//Alpha Level Encrypted Private Log Begin. Date: 2906(38)15. Scramble code: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [Encrypted].//-- --//Alpha Level Encrypted Private Log End. Signature: Col. QL. Scramble code: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [Encrypted].//-- Thank you for reading, additional pictures and comments under the (third) spoiler button!
  6. [K - A06] Arrival at the Behemoth Kaiju So, you guys know the drill. I plan on doing something smaller for this week's build. I fail. This week I failed especially hard, considering that the Kaiju space station is ~6000 pieces (of which the space station itself is ~2500). However, I had great fun doing it, and I'm especially happy that everything could be done using legal techniques and pieces (so, if someone wanted to build it IRL, just contact me!). About the build; the base plate is 48x55 studs, no idea how tall. The high quality rendering took around 10 hours using LDD to POV-Ray (I should probably switch to Bluerender soon... I think some images would even look better using it, for example I'm not super-happy about the fourth rendered picture). After the "story", I included a little discussion regarding the size of the station, including calculations and assumptions, if anyone is interested. Also, when I edited everything together, I kinda noticed that the some of the parts resembles certain German WW1 and WW2 symbols. This is purely unintentional, so if anyone feel offended, I'm terribly sorry. C&C always welcome! --//Recording of a private conversation. Date: 2106(38)15. Scramble code: oaffalHLAkj2nj4lmkaa.//-- Narbilu: Hey, Q, everything okay with you? Q: Yes sir, everything is awsome. The new mines on Guinevere pump out gold at a steady pace, and our military bases should be able to keep M.A.N.T.I.S. at bay. Narbilu: Okay, that's great... how about... the wasps? Q: What do you mean sir? Narbilu: Well, you know, those private recordings we have... they aren't really private. See what I'm saying? Q: ... Narbilu: And, you know, as our chief engineer, you don't have to be at the front line all the time. Q: I don't? Narbilu: No. Q: ...but what about my awsome looking guns that I carry around with me all the time? Narbilu: You don't have to carry around them either. Q: I don't? But I thought they were standard requisition. Narbilu: *Sigh*, okay, first of all, you are a Colonel, and between you and me, soon to become a Brigadier General, so you don't have to use standard requisition. Second of all, have you ever seen any of our troops carrying around weapons like that? I mean, seriously, where did you even get them? And, I mean, you're an engineer, why would you even need those? Q: ...because they look awsome? Narbilu: *Sigh*, you know what. One of our Behemoth class space stations, the Kaiju, has arrived at Guinevere. You were in charge of designing them, so hop on the next Akena, take a tour around it, and see what can be improved. Since most of our gear is either manufactured there or ships via it, you will still have full control of our operations at Guinevere. Does that sound okay? Q: Sure, can I bring my guns? Narbilu: What, why wou... yes, fine, whatever, yes, you can bring your guns. The next Akena leaves from forward base 37/4-Gamma in 2 hours. Make sure you catch it. --//Recording of a private conversation stop. Scramble code: oaffalHLAkj2nj4lmkaa.//-- --//Private Log Begin. Date: 2206(38)15. Scramble code: 123StopListeningToMyPrivateStuff.//-- Heh, I love playing dumb with Narbilu. He gets riled up so quickly. Of course I know they are listening to all my private recordings. I generally like being on the front lines. Keeps you alert and makes sure you really understand what your men need. Not Guinevere though. Crappy piece of dust with those d*mn wasps. Guinevere is the 'Gates' equivalent to that place from those ancient Terran stories... Bruges, I think they call it. Anyway, it's good to be back on the Kaiju. Last time I saw her, she was in the space docks above Orinshi being built. Oh how far you have come my beautiful gargantuan lady. The Behemoth class space stations are truly the masterpieces of the Kawashita Group. Currently, there are two active; the Kaiju, and the Atlas, which is en route to Traig IV as I record this, with a third one, the Shiva, being built in the Orinshi space docks. The Behemoth class space stations are 100% modular and consist of three main types of parts; Residential, docks/engineering and science facilities. The residential areas are the big "rings". They have an independent propulsion system in order to create artificial gravity and super high speed MAGLEV elevators for transportation to the core. The Kaiju has two types of residential areas. The larger ring is configured for non military personel, i.e. science, engineering, miners, settlers, etc. The smaller rings are configured for military personel due to their proximity to the dock/engineering bays. The docks/engineering bays come in three different sizes depending on the type of ship. The largest host Ad Alpha class ships, including carriers, settlement, mining and maintenence vessels (in the docks closest to the largest ring), in addition to docking solutions for Dreadnaughts such as the Akena class. The second biggest host Alpha class ships and the smallest host fighters and bombers. Since gravity is not as important in the docks, it is simulated using directed magnetic fields. The dedicated science facilities on the Kaiju are fairly limited. There is an observatorium at the top of the station and a... sensor array on the bottom for... picking up signals? However, there are a lot of makeshift laboratories in the largest residential ring. Perhaps this is something that can be improved upon? Apparently there were some major destruction in one of the sectors after two junior researchers injected some sort of yellow reptilian creature with Awsomnium without the knowledge of their superiors. According to them, they had heard that "M.A.N.T.I.S. are doing it everywhere and creating a new breed of super-strong biological weapons". Seriously, why would anyone come up with an idea like that? It's just stupid. --//Private Log End. Signature: Q. Scramble code: 123StopListeningToMyPrivateStuff.//-- Discussion: 1. Regarding the size of the space station; when I decided to introduce the Akena class Dreadnaught to the build, my idea was that they were around 1.5 kilometers long (i.e. roughly the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer). This would make the bigger ring have a diameter of around 4.5 kilometers and a circumference of around 15 kilometers (D*Pi), and the smaller ones around 3/10 kilometers. Now, based on the Akena being 10 studs long, 1 stud is 150 meters. The rings are around 2 studs thick, i.e. 300 m. This would mean that the area for the big ring is (2.25 km ^ 2 - (2.25 km - 0.3 km) ^ 2) * Pi = 3.96 km^2 (and 2.54 km^2 for the smaller ones). The rings are 3 and 2 studs high respectively, i.e. 0.45 and 0.3 km, which yields a volume of 1.78 and 0.76 km^3 respectively, resulting in a total volume of ~3.31 km^3 in the residential area. If we assume that we are pretty generous with the space, for being a space station, and that each inhabitant would have 80 m^3 each (40 m^2 * 2 m), including all other area required, this would result in the station being able to host 3.31 / (80 / 1000 000 000) = 41.375 million people. If we assume the extra space takes up about twice as much as we initially thought, we'd still be able to host around 20 million people on the space station. Pretty nice. 2. Why are there no visible guns? Well, first of all, the base hosts an enormous fleet, which could take over an entire world by itself, so it doesn't really need that many guns. Second of all, even the biggest guns we have seen so far in AG are around 30 meters long (in my Polar Base), which would only be a fifth of a stud, so guns aren't really visible on this scale. Third of all, what's up with that absurdly huge sensor array which kinda looks like a doomsday device and is only close to military facilities? Wait, why did I bring that up when we were talking about guns? Nevermind. More pictures/comments under the spoiler button!
  7. C03-Torresta M.A.N.T.I.S. HQ Lady Kianna slowed her breathing and focused on the movement of the rivers of lava around her. Here in the Realm of Truth, as the lava garden just outside the HQ of M.A.N.T.I.S. is called, one is expected to focus on the upcoming mission. Maxx (Maxxenne) had insisted that she come here to ready herself mentally for all that was to come. As she watched the lava flow Lady Kianna remembered how she came to this moment in her life. Born in space to a military family, she grew up with all the daily discipline and ritual the lifestyle demanded. Her father was a leader and military tactician aboard the spaceship the Black Star where she and her family lived and worked. He knew both Maxxenne and Maxximus Corvus personally as he reported directly to both of them. Lady Kianna excelled at all her studies, showing great promise as someone who was willing take charge in the most hostile of situations remaining calm and focused, to be the first in volunteering for dangerous situation, and loved a good challenge. At the end of her formal schooling years, she was required to do a three year tour aboard the spaceship Obsidian. It was there that she learned much about mining and covert military operations. After settling on the planet Torresta and as the HQ began to take shape, Maxx (Maxximus) came directly to her father and recruited her to the engineering team. Having completed the first series of mission to planet B03 - Linopeia III she was now preparing for the next series of missions. With several choices to choose from Lady Kianna contemplated the challenges of each different environment for the engineering skills she would need to best support her team. Enjoy! C&C Welcome.
  8. [K - E10] Polar Military Base on Traig IV This is my first microbuild ever, so all kinds of CC is approciated! I had a lot more fun building this than I had initially anticipated, doing things on a microscale forces one to think in very different way than one usually does. As usual, my projects tend to become bigger than I intend... this one clocks in at a little over 1200 pieces. For scale purposes, one tile (without stud) is around 2m high. (Also, I realized why rendering was so slow last week (custom radiosity), so this week you'll get a lot of renders (one high def, and a few a little lower def)!) --//Transmission Begin. Date: 1506(38)15. Scramble code: hhakKHI7924kja29jKllflhgm.//-- Due to reports of possible imminent direct contact with Octan, HQ decided we needed to set up a forward base on Traig IV. Its mountainous islands near the poles, which are covered with thick layers of ice and snow, provide excellent opportunities for building such bases, both thanks to the strong magnetic fields eminating from them, which interfere with enemy scanning equipment, the supply of fresh water from the snow, and the opportunity for our scientists to study the planets very interesting oceanic flora and fauna. The majority of the base is located underground, including a vast hangar which can hold up to 6 Alpha Class airships (one of them which is currently landing), 50 heavy bombers and a couple of hundred smaller fighter jets, plus several different ground vehicles, including variants of the ATC-76 (which can be seen approaching the base). Some parts are located on the surface however. The living arrangements for the troops and scientists, which consists of several self propelling modules, which land on each other to form a tower of sorts, is located above ground in order to minimize the space used (for harder visual/radiation tracking) and to facilitate rapid evacuation in case of an emergency. The research facilities require daylight for particular types of experiments, so part of it is above ground. The Awsomnium tanks were just delivered via orbital delivery ships, and will be hauled into the hangar as soon as possible. Two ATCs approaching the front gate. The base from above. Col. QL, out. --//Transmission End. Signature: Col. QL. Scramble code: hhakKHI7924kja29jKllflhgm.//-- Hope you enjoyed it! More unrendered pictures and comments under the spoiler button!
  9. NuckElBerg

    [K-D10] The Hamilton Belt Mine

    Okay, I might've overdone it a little this week. The build consists of 2331 pieces and should be legal/stable (I've actually added a couple of "bearing pillars" behind the scenes, so it would make sense in real life. This is a continuation of Commander/Agent Beltar's build from earlier this week (which can be found here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109963), and it's actually implemented (almost in its entirety) in this one). I hope you like it! Tags: Building, Mining, Space, Kawashita, Engineer, Structure --//Transmission Begin. Date: 3105(38)15. Scramble code: kliuJHBGaow8a3rllvmMma.//-- Q's log: The Hamilton Belt Mining, 31 Maian 3815 I arrived at the asteriod which Agent Beltar discovered last week on D10, The Hamilton Belt. As Mister S noted, it is quite peculiar to find liquid Awsomnium on an asteroid like this. However, I do have a theory to why this is the case here. After doing some readings, I found that the whole asteroid is highly ferrous (Note to self: After Awsomnium mining is finished, consider asteroid for metal mining). Due to the high frequency, rotation of the asteriod, this result in creating a highly erratic magnetic field. Now, if the once solid Awsomnium deposits of the asteriod suddenly became liquid, such as through a high energy Gamma burst from a nearby star, the quickly shifting magnetic would probably be enough to infuse the Awsomnium with enough energy for it to stay liquid. Hmmm... The magnetic field would actually also explain Beltar's difficulty in reaching HQ, as it would scramble most of his transmissions. Very impressive of his robot, PauL, to withstand such a field... In all honesty, it almost seems like PauL has been able to withstand... *ehm*... "scrambling"... better than his owner. When we arrived, Beltar started shouting... actually, it's probably better if I include the actual recording: Q's log: Arrival at The Hamilton Belt, 29 Maian 2815. Audio recording. Beltar: "ARE YOU HERE? REALLY? OR ARE you just in my mind? Like the others?" Q: "I can assure you Agent, me and my crew is really here, and we're here to extract the deposits you found." B: "OH, YES! There's so much Awsomnium, you should really see it! Okay, bye." Q: "Yes, we will, that's why we're here... wait, are you going? Where? B: "Can't talk, must get off this rock. Been here 2 weeks. Bye. PauL, let's go!" PauL: "Yes sir." Recording end. Seriously, that guy hasn't had any real contacts with humans in weeks, he has this conversation, and then 10 minutes later, he is off? I hope he turns out okay, especially considering that he left most of his resources here. Also... what's up with his skin tone? Anyway, back to the matter at hand... The mining is going well, despite there being some... interesting abnormalities as a result of finding liquid Awsomnium on such a small asteroid. First of all there is the gravity. The Awsomnium doesn't stream and fall as much as just... floating in different directions. However, the effect is not as noticable as one might think - I estimate that the Awsomnium is still "falling" at a pace around 1/5 of Terra's gravity - once again a result of the asteroid's magnetic fields. Still, there is something oddly soothing about watching those slow-falling purple "water falls". In order to pump up the Awsomnium in the most efficient way, I've invented a pump type which I call "The Sweeper". Essentially, what it does is have a number of autonomous, semi-intelligent "arms", which home in on fast flowing Awsomnium currents, leading them to the "final resting place", and when that is swept up, back to the original well. At the moment, Awsomnium seems to be flowing from the core faster than we are able to sweep it up (again, the magnetic fields), but I have my crew out, making adjustments, in order to bolster the Sweeper's efficiency. There also seem to be some durability issues with the pipes due to the extremely high energy density of floating Awsomnium. Still, it's not outside the expected range. I expect that, when running at full capacity, we should be able to extract all Awsomnium from the asteroid within 2-3 weeks, generating 25-30 standard size tanks, which should be able to power our fleet for at least a couple of weeks. Operative Nu'q Learberg, out. --//Transmission End. Signature: Col. QL. Scramble code: kliuJHBGaow8a3rllvmMma.//-- More pictures and comments under the spoiler tag!
  10. Communications / Supply Station Linopeia III [M-B03] Lady Kianna, Engineer 30 Maian 3185 Engineer’s Log: Hot today, dry, no signs of man eating yellow or brown frogs. Finished installation of the forward Communication and Supply Station. All systems are working perfectly. Installed the security perimeter towers in six locations around the site. Supplies fully stocked, one Orbit Bar noted as missing. Galactic Juice, Hydrolyzed Water, Corporate Coffee, full stocked. Energy generators and power rods, stocked. Will need to send special report to HQ; pure Awesomnium detected by accident when drilling for support poles for the station. Containment rings placed around two wells, bubbling with Awesomnium. Moved location of supports, station is stable. Side Notes: The Awesomnium seems to be located under sage like plants with bright red flowers. As the lakes recede and the ground drys there seem to be no signs of the frogs, they must need the wet sandy soil. As I was leaving I noticed a third Awesomniun spring bubbling up under a sage plant near the front of the station. That brings the total number of wells to three. This is a superb site for drilling. I will send a full report upon return, calling for pick-up from site now. Lady Kianna ending log report. Front view Ramp down front view. Interior view. Side view, new Awesomnium spring. C&C Welcome. Hope you enjoyed it!