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  1. Warzone 13: Katoren Break Out Location: F13 Who Can Participate: Everyone Terrain: The Road to Qarkyr is not without its perils, but as the desert gives way to mountains, travelers find relief in this region. Water sources are not as scarce, small hamlets dot the roadside, and the foliage, soil of different hues, and wildlife can be quite pretty in the high desert that stretches towards the Rakath Mountains. History / story: Not much happens in this region, it is mostly known as the road between Qarkyr and Katoren. There were no major battles, no notable citizens, nor nothing of value found in the soil, besides the spare small oil pocket. Mostly, the region has been used to travel through. Until now. Aymeri, Lord of Katoren, is one of the last lords holding out for the High Council, in and increasingly Desert King friendly region of the map. The Desert King has cut his supplies lines, and now Katoren risks losing the ability to feed its people. Although a small town, they are a proud people and will not give up without a fight. Which led Aymeri to his plan – the breakout. The easiest way to supply the city would be to quickly advance his forces along a swath of land to the nearest High Council held territory. However, the map is not his friend in this plan. His advisors devised a way that Katoren troops could take and hold a pathway to the sea, but it would require taking Qarkyr too. Lord Aymeri has confidence in High Council support if he can just get to Qarkyr… and there lies the problem. The land in zone F13 must be crossed. The DK and Ulandus spies have already sniffed a whiff of this plan, and since they cannot use their larger armies within the walls of Qarkyr, they have both turned them on this stretch of land to the west of the city. It is here that Aymeri and his allies must first defeat two armies, and then set their sights on Qarkyr and beyond that, the sea. Mini-challenge: Although it began a forced march for the High Council troops, it soon became a pitched battle between three armies. But Aymeri knew this was coming. Before leaving Katoren, he had many of the houses disassembled for building materials and had his engineers, led by the famed Kaliphlin master engineer Sergio Jarrett(who just so happened to be in the area when the war broke out), craft movable fortifications. This would give the High Council an upper hand over the two other armies who were closing in on them. He also split his forces into stronger light platoons assigned to each of the moving fortresses. He confiscated every ox and horse within his land and assigned each to a team. High Council Builders should depict a scene where these mobile defensive fortifications are used in combat to repel enemies from one or both of the other two sides. Ulandus and Desert King should depict their soldiers overtaking one of these mobile defenses. Special Category: Best high desert foliage (covered in blood…) As this battle happens in the sparse high desert, there should not be any structures besides the mobile defenses. The foliage, rocks, differing hard dirt and sand patterns should be the real star of the show… but there happens to be a battle upon them currently, so they should be splattered in blood and gore, but still retain their natural beauty somehow… The voters will choose the best depiction of High Desert Foliage with combat stains… (you can depict foliage without stains on it too, just need at least some that has been tainted by battle. The winner of this category will be crowned “Enricher of the Soil” of Kaliphlin. Best Transformer: It is not required that your MOC can actually transform from mobile to a stationary defense platform by natural movement – but if it doesn’t, you can enter this category (no taking apart more than a few pieces and putting it back together in a different formation.) You may also submit additional pictures / video of the MOC in your thread. Judges of the entire zone will be asked NOT to judge the results of the zone on the ability of MOCs to transform, but to judge this as an entirely different category. Winner of this category becomes the current“The Historican Master of Transforms,” and will keep that title until another transformer challenge comes up in the future (there won’t be another in this challenge at least. ) Restrictions: 32x16, with limited overhang. Must have an irregular base. Due Date: April 26th