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  1. PriorMarcus

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Modded the JP gates; Expanded the base outward and rebuilt it to look more like dirt (the original is also in reddish brown, which matched the gates and isn't accurate to the film). I also made it so the tire tracks are 8 studs apart as my next project is going to be building a custom Explorer for myself. Added more diverse foliage and to the base as a result and a little easter egg; Fully enclosed the back to match the front as I thought the mini-scenes were silly and ugly. I had to rebuild the structure for this, including running technic beams up the hollow inside for strength. And, this is very minor tho, I fixed the placement of the torches on the front. In the official set they are no where near the proper positioning, and literally all it took to fix this was flipping a couple of tiles and replacement them. I have no idea why the original set is so wrong. The only thing I'm not 100% on is my new solution for the track the cars run on as its a bit simplistic and plain compared to the official set, but the parts to emulate that method don't exist in dark tan and I was getting pretty bored by this point so;
  2. PriorMarcus

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm trying to track down a blog I found about a year ago of someone who was modding the gate from T-Rex rampage and chronicling the progress. Does anyone have this?
  3. PriorMarcus

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Maybe the Creator Expert cara are going to start alternating between a film or TV set and a regular licensed car? James Bond two years ago and now this?
  4. PriorMarcus

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Is there some trick to preventing the entire body from being loose against the wings? It rocks side to side on my model and often pings off the engine intakes.
  5. PriorMarcus

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Here you go. The biggest change that wasn't just a colour swap is the engine, which I built in reverse practically so that the dark tan curved bricks could be at the front. I built the other engine to match too.
  6. PriorMarcus

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Here is my progress on a white and red Red Five. Made some modifications to the wings to allow me to use the printed pieces that came with the older sets. Added lots of changed colour panels to the model work, including a mod to the side of the nose so that the red striping would be a consistent height on the model. I've also modded the top engines so that I could get the dark tan into the right one. For the most part this is as screen accurate as I can make it so far, though I am going to Bricklink some more pieces and make the nose in white. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. PriorMarcus

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    It's okay. I fixed it. The problem was I jumped the gun and put the pilot in before construction was finished. I figured this would be easier but it turns out until you install the technical t-shaped piece at the rear the seat module has a tendency to bend upwards and thusly a pilot won't fit. So really it was never an issue.
  8. PriorMarcus

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Do the newer style of Pilot helmets not fit in the cockpit? I've built mine to spec and the windscreen wont close all the way. There is a few millimetre gap all around.
  9. PriorMarcus

    My Hulkbuster UCS MOD

    Here's my MOD of the Hulkbuster UCS set. Hope you all like.
  10. PriorMarcus

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    The doors do still open, yep. Sometimes the blade piece will be pushed up out of place if your not careful but that's easy enough to fix. Minifigs do fit inside, yes. I'll have to take a couple of extra pics to show that off. I did think about using that piece to add some detail to the exhaust, as it's something other builders have done, but after examing the film and replica models there's actually very little texture of them. I'll have to look into your suggestion for the red capacitors.
  11. PriorMarcus

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    It's a non-purist jewlery wire I'm afraid. I did debate taking it off for the photos but decided to keep it included. The model just doesn't look complete, to my eyes, without it. Out of interest, where is it you've been debating it? @jp-30
  12. PriorMarcus

    Back to the Future Delorean MOC

    Here's a MOC I've been working on. Lots of parts inspired by other MOCs. Feedback welcome.
  13. PriorMarcus

    The Hulkbuster UCS MOD Topic

    I'd love a parts list for all the additional parts chubbybots used for his full mod. I might try and work one up in the next month or so but I doubt I'll have the time.
  14. PriorMarcus

    Friends Hot Dog Van MOD

    Well at the moment I have the air filter in the space where more shelves and detail would go. I'm 50/50 on removing it and having more storage space and detail there.
  15. PriorMarcus

    Friends Hot Dog Van MOD

    Hi guys. I've been meaning to do this for ages. Here's the Friends Hot Dog Van modded to work in a City layout. Pretty self explanatory. Eventually I want to make some furniture that can be stored on the roof and taken down once the van is in location but I'm running low on parts for that. Any feedback or suggestions would be great.