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Found 4 results

  1. I have made a short stop motion movie. I hope you enjoy it :D "Avengers: Vulture Battle with Iron Man and Spider-man" - LEGO Stop Motion Movie My other LEGO animation: "Avengers: Vulture Battle with Iron Man and Spider-man" - LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Grand Theft Auto" - LEGO Stop Motion Animation LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Spider-Man: Trunk Man's Challenge" LEGO Stop Motion Film-"I Will Get You..r......Hot Dog" LEGO Short Film--"The Bad Day Not Too Bad"
  2. Hi. I'm always very amazed with MOC creations of mechas and action figures. However, my current collection are all system based bricks with little technic. Currently i have the 76031 Hulk Buster Smash set. Since i don't have any experience in building MOC mechs or action figures i need advice. Should i purchase the 75111 Darth Vader CCBS set and combine it with Hulk Buster to make a MOC mech? I would imagine it would look really cool as my first MOC mech. I need your ideas, comments and suggestions? If i'm successful in making a mech out of these 2 sets, i would probably be interested in making more mechs. However, i'm not interested in the Bionicle line. I need advice on what sets (besides Bionicle) to purchase to build more mechs? Thanks!
  3. My son received the official Lego set from the Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Hulk Buster Smash - 76031 back in April. After seeing the movie several times, we both came away disappointed in what Lego produced. Honestly it just looked to thin and spindly and weak. I understand Lego was trying to stick to a certain price point with this set but still it was a let down in some design/color aspects. So my son and I this spring/beginning of summer set about to redesign/tweak the official set. Our first goal was to up armour the Hulk Buster exo-skeleton and change the colors to more dark red and gold. We redesigned the legs, chest/abdomen, and back. My son came up with the more functional opening chest/abdomen/ribs that also help to hide all the exposed holes. As far as the Hulk containment apparatus, our goal was to make it more symmetrical, change the color, and make it a bit more playable w/out making it into something more movie accurate. Both pieces now definitely feel a little more playable/displayable and the Hulk Buster Armour actually looks like it can take some hits. Additional Images can be found here: And here is a link to the original set:
  4. mediumsnowman

    [REVIEW] 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash

    Hello and welcome to my first set review on Eurobricks! Today I will be covering the new Age Of Ultron set, 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash! I picked up this set a Toys'R'Us, a few weeks before its official release. Here is the box art, front and back. Box art is nice, showcases features well. Contents of the box include 3 numbered bags, separately bagged hulk, sticker sheet, comic book, and instruction manual. Here are the parts found in bag 1: A nice selection, and it has the first exclusive figure, Scarlet Witch! I'll cover minifigures near the end. Bag 1 done! Parts from Bag 2: Hulkbuster is taking shape! The dome at the top is a new piece and printed too! Contents of Bag 3: Bag 3 done! Quite impressive. It instructs you to build an extra missile thingy for the stud shooters on the arm. Now for the minifigures! I'll let the photos speak for themselves. They are all excellent figures! I believe Scarlet Witch and Ultron are exclusive to this set. They have nice printing, front and back. The new Hulk looks much better in person. The Hulkbuster is up next! As you can see Iron Man fits inside! It's quite cool actually. The other net thing is kinda lame, and the only play feature is to knock down Scarlet Witch with the Super Jumper. Here's a few more shots of Hulkbuster. And the whole set: Now it's time for ratings! Parts: 7/10 Nothing too special, but I like the printed dome and all the nice dark red! Minifigures: 9/10 On the other hand, the minifigures are great! Nice printing all around, I just wish there was maybe an Iron Man sit variant. (Besides the Hulkbuster!) Design: 7/10 Hulkbuster looks nice, but it's a bit too big next to Hulk. The net thing seems tacked on. Price: 8/10 29.99 USD for 248 pieces+a bigfig seems spot on! OVERALL: 31/40 says the ratings. But it is an Iron Man suit designed with the sole purpose of fighting Hulk, so I'm bumping it up to 35/40. I hope you enjoyed my review. Comments welcome! What do you think of the Hulkbuster? P.S. Not sure why some of the pictures are rotated... Must be because I took them on my iPhone. It someone knows how to fix that it would be great!