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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, Here is my latest build based on the final battle scene from Age of Ultron. I tried to put a lot of detail into the different battles taking place throughout this build to keep it interesting (including Spiderman inside the building waiting for the next movie). I've also made it a bit more colourful than the movie since most of the buildings in the movie scene were grey and dull. Thanks. Overall Park Road Ruins Section Some of the superhero close-ups
  2. And with every mighty superhero team comes a mighty headquarters! Located in the heart of Manhattan, the tall building that used to be Stark Tower until the Battle of New York stands as a symbol of hope and serves as a base of operations for the Avengers. Here, they can train, strategize, create new tech, or just hang out, and sometimes build evil robots that want to kill all humans. Based on its appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, this tower is not just a great display piece, but also functions as both a UCS-style playset and a tilt system for the Lego Ideas Maze. It even features an automated ball return mechanism that is designed to work with mazes that have actual holes in them, so that if your ball falls through, you can watch it roll down the tower, floor by floor, and get lifted back up to the top where it is dropped back into the maze. And the best part is that you don't even need a table to play the maze as the tower doubles as a stand for the tilt system! Here it is without any of the fancy graphics. It took 3 days to render that first image, so please excuse me if I use low-quality screenshots for the rest of this post. Some profile shots of the building. Thanks to the hinges, the rounded back wall can be opened like double-doors. The third picture shows the opened backside. As you can see, there are stairs connecting each floor in addition to the ball-elevator, along with the obligatory fire extinguisher on every floor. A shot of the North side of the building. I'm actually not sure if this side is accurate to the movies since I couldn't find any reference pictures of this side of the tower. If it isn't, please leave your barrage of nerdy complaints in the comments down below. A top view of the tower. It was quite a challenge to get the curvature of the platforms at the top right. As mentioned before, the ball return mechanism only works with mazes that have holes for the ball to go through, but of course you can use mazes without holes as well. Here is how it looks with an example maze which is the official maze from the set with a new color scheme and modified to have real holes. Please note that this maze is just for demonstration purposes and not part of the entry. There is a slightly tilted platform below the maze so that if your ball falls through the maze, it will be guided down to a chute through which it rolls down to the hangar below. Once in the hangar, the ball rolls down the channel on the left, around the outside of the landing platform (which features a working turntable), and back towards the rear of the hangar through the channel on the right. The ball then rolls down a ramp that leads to the front of the building where it then zig-zags down the slanted windows. Once it gets to the bottom, the ball enters the building through an open window and rolls down a channel that leads to the elevator chain in the back. When it gets to the chain, the ball gets picked up by two prongs and lifted up to the top by Jarvis (i.e. a Power Functions motor). That much is clear. The only question is: If you put Thor's hammer on the ball elevator and it goes up, is the elevator worthy? Once it gets to the top, the ball is dropped onto the rails that lead out of the building and back into the maze. The cycle is complete and the fun can continue forever and ever until Infinity War. Now let's take a look at the interior of the tower. The front face of the building can be opened to access the inside as shown in the following image: The first floor features a lobby with the Avengers logo painted on the floor, a reception desk, and a waiting area. The second floor is where the Iron Legion is stored and repaired. Three fully posable robot arms with different tools hang from the ceiling and there is a rack of spare parts and other tools in the back. Counting the spare parts, there are two dozen legionaries here. Clearly they haven't been painted yet at this stage of the assembly. The third floor is a laboratory where the Science Bros, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, can do some science together and foolishly create maniacal A.I.s. There are many computers, holograms, and tools, as well as a medical bay in the back. I based the look of the lab on this concept art: On the fourth floor there is a large training room where the Avengers can hone their skills by sparring each other and dodging fire from several turrets. After training, they can relax in the living room on the fifth floor. Here, they can throw a party, have some drinks, and play a friendly game of Who Can Lift Thor's Hammer. The tower also includes living quarters for each of the six Avengers. The sixth floor houses Hulk and Thor's rooms. Hulk's room is expectedly messy and has food strewn about, a Hulk-sized weight lifting bar, a plant, and a TV. Thor's room on the other hand is decked out in Asgardian gold and looks nice and shiny. It features a golden statue with the winged helmet that Thor refuses to wear in the movies for some reason, a large banner, and a small desk with quills where he can write letters to Jane Foster and his friends back in Asgard. The seventh floor is where Steve Rogers and Tony Stark live. Steve's room is filled with old-timey things like wooden furniture and a phonograph, as well as the American flag of course, and a hanger for his shield. And yes, that newspaper on his desk is the Old Times. Tony's room reflects his egotistical playboy lifestyle as it features a large painting of his alter ego, a hi-tech stereo, and a bed large enough for one or more lady friends to spend the night with him. Note the contrast between Steve's giant old phone and Tony's little smartphone on the other side of the wall. Black Widow and Hawkeye's rooms take up the eighth floor. Both feature a simple bed and a wall where they can hang up their weapons. Additionally, Natasha's room also has a closet and a make-up table (a girl's gotta look good while saving the world! ) while Clint's room has a dart board and a desk where he crafts his arrows. You can click the images for higher resolution and you can download the LXF file here: Avengers Tilt System.lxf Feel free to open it in LDD and explore the tower as I have spent a lot of time building it and putting in more details than I probably should have. I hope you like it and look forward to your feedback. Excelsior!
  3. Hello, this is my first MOC. My class is 1985 and my last personal creations belong to 1996 when I start my dark age of LEGO! Today present my tribute for my favorite super heroes Avegers! I used 5 set of 76038 and varius extra parts for interior! General view Interior Garage and R8 Tony Stark First floor Pepper Potts office Second floor Iron Armor, Army Avengers and Coulson Rifle. Third floor the laboratory Banner and Hologram J.A.R.V.I.S. and ULTRON Fourth floor Iron Legion and infirmary Fifth floor Tony Stark laboratory and ULTRON Sixth floor Scepter Cosmic Loky and landing strip. Eighth Party Room and surprise ULTRON Ninth top floor Room supervision
  4. qoob

    (MOC) Avengers Mansion

    Hello everyone! This is my first MOC ever and it is still under construction. It will be one of my sceneries for my upcoming brickfilm. The idea is to build the Avengers mansion with some of Tony Starks sneaky engineering skills. I wanted to add the gantry machine to the movie at all costs. It can be moved back and forth. The big sliding doors and the balcony with the desk and couch can be opened so Iron Man can land directly and change the suit or whatever. I have a big problem with the balcony. The joints that are used to open it, are not as stable as needed. Maybe you have some idea how to fix it? Of course I will add some more images as I progress. What is planned? - Iron Man armory/lab - Avengers showroom with all the different Avengers - A garage with different vehicles If you guys have some ideas just let me know :) Greetings, qoob
  5. TheGeekMeister

    Age of Ultron Customs

    After only buying one Age of Ultron set (The Hulkbuster is the one in question), I decided that I couldn't have a few of the good guys missing... And maybe a villain ;) Here they are; QUCIKSILVER SCARLET WITCH Changed hair and made new energy THOR BLACK WIDOW HAWKEYE NICK FURY MARIA HILL BARON VON STRUCKER And I couldn't resist making these two minifigures ;) MATT MURDOCK DAREDEVIL
  6. Here's my first attempt at stop motion so its going to be a little choppy. I like to make toy videos and I used the Lego Hulk Buster Smash Iron Man for this one. It's not too long, but if you want to jump to the iron man, then he starts break dancing at 1:35.
  7. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Ultron Action Figure

    Just a quick attempt to put together a non-existent CCBS/Ultrabuild Ultron figure. CCBS Ultron by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Enjoy
  8. FinalFeature

    Iron Mans Hulkbuster Suit

    In my upcoming film featuring the Avengers, I had to come up with a design for a more compact and sleek Hulkbuster suit for Iron Man to use to take on the Hulk. You can check out the suit in action November 1st on my Youtube channel. I went through alot of stages devolving this. It's pretty sturdy and sleek and I'm happy with the overall result. I thought about using a 4x4 dome and motion tracking it with an Iron Man head decal but it didn't look as great. It would make a great fight against *Hint* Hint* Thanks for looking!