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    (MOC) Avengers Mansion

    Hello everyone! Here is the update from the MOC...It isn't perfect but it is good enough for my needs. Thank you mediumsnowman for the clue with flickr I managed to solve the problem with the joints... so here is my link: https://www.flickr.com/gp/133874064@N07/NTGVs5 I hope you guys like it! regards, qoob
  2. qoob

    Batcave Southeast Restructure

    I cannot find words to describe it...i'm crying with happins watching this beauty
  3. qoob

    (MOC) Avengers Mansion

    Hello everyone! This is my first MOC ever and it is still under construction. It will be one of my sceneries for my upcoming brickfilm. The idea is to build the Avengers mansion with some of Tony Starks sneaky engineering skills. I wanted to add the gantry machine to the movie at all costs. It can be moved back and forth. The big sliding doors and the balcony with the desk and couch can be opened so Iron Man can land directly and change the suit or whatever. I have a big problem with the balcony. The joints that are used to open it, are not as stable as needed. Maybe you have some idea how to fix it? Of course I will add some more images as I progress. What is planned? - Iron Man armory/lab - Avengers showroom with all the different Avengers - A garage with different vehicles If you guys have some ideas just let me know :) Greetings, qoob
  4. qoob

    Avengers Age of Ultron - Busts!

    Thank you!...aaaand thank you
  5. qoob

    Avengers Age of Ultron - Busts!

    Wow kevkipo!!! I love it! Every single one Keep this great work up!! What part is this clear CA "flight path" if i may ask? Greets