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Found 20 results

  1. Inspired by @touthomme's increased tilt modification, I created a multi-level maze that uses various ridged and rigid hoses for ramps. I'd love to see a little revival of the custom mazes taking advantage of the extra tilt. Full video | Inventory and instructions | Maze base mod with extra tilt
  2. I would like to share with you my latest achievement, a maze solver. The maze is 4m² and has 100 boxes of 18cm x 18 cm. The robot has 4 ultrasonic detectors to analyse each case and mecanum wheels driven by 4 vertical engines. The whole is controlled by an EV3 brick hidden inside. You can follow the robot’s path on a second EV3 brick by bluetooth as well as its analysis which may lead to prohibit certain boxes. The robot measures 15cm x 15 cm and it is therefore difficult to move accurately in the labyrinth without hitting the walls. That was one of the difficulties, but I wanted it to be aesthetic and therefore with a body. When the robot arrives in a cell, it analyzes the 4 faces. If it sees 3 walls it blacklists the cell. If there are 2 walls and a forbidden cell next to it, it also blacklists the cell. At each cell it updates an array data of 100 datas, 1 per cell. In this array we will find all the informations about the path of the robot. In case of iddentic choice the robot randomly chooses its direction.
  3. REVIEW - 21305 - MAZE INTRODUCTION Admittedly, I definitely wasn't one of the first backers of the Labyrinth Marble Maze. Not that I didn't like it, but I only visit the LEGO Ideas website every once in a while. When I saw this project I supported it immediately though. Because I have been waiting for this set my entire life? Not really. But it's definitely very original and it is somewhat linked the LEGO games product line, which I do appreciate. When TLG asked if we would be interested in doing a review, I didn't hesitate to volunteer. I liked the opportunity to find out more about this set, especially how the tip-and-tilt mechanism works. I'm guessing we will find some Technic elements, but who knows! PICTURES Pictures can be clicked to view hi-res versions. DISCLAIMER This set has been provided by the CEE Team of TLG. It's not my goal to promote this set. It's my goal to give you an honest opinion about it. Therefor, the opinion in this review is my own and is in no way linked to TLG. SET INFORMATION Number: 21305 Title: Maze Theme: Miscellaneous, LEGO Ideas Released: 2016 Part Count: 769 Box Weight: 1542 gr Box Dimensions: 38 cm x 26 cm x 9 cm Set Price (MSRP): € 69,99 (est.) Price per Part: € 0,091 (est.) Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX The box looks different than a regular LEGO set box. For starters, the entire box is covered with a maze pattern, which obviously represents the set. Furthermore, it's a box with a flip-open cover, so it can be easily used to store LEGO parts or other stuff. The front of the box shows the image of the default Maze, with a container to store the balls. It also tells us that a booklet with inspiration for extra mazes is included, which made me curious. The right bottom shows the LEGO Ideas logo with the number #13, which indicates this is the thirteenth set published via LEGO Ideas (CUUSOO). The back of the box shows it's a 2-in-1 set, which boils down to the fact that there's an extra maze included. The base will probably remain the same. The back also refers to the inspirational booklet. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Nice thing about this kind of box is that you can open it up gently to see what's inside. The instruction booklet is stored beneath the baseplate, which protects it perfectly from damaging. The bags and the four black plates are stored on top of the baseplate. Makes you wish that more sets are be packed like this. Thumbs up for this box The box contains: 1 x Instruction booklet 1 x Base plate - 32 x 32 4 x Black plates - 16 x 8 8 x Unnumbered Bags BOOKLET A single booklet with instructions and inspiration, so there's no separate inspirational booklet. PLATES A 32 x 32 baseplate and four black 16 x 8 plates. BAGS Ten unnumbered bags, which is more than I expected. HIGHLIGHTED PARTS If you are into building modular buildings, this set is a great source for parts. It contains loads of tan bricks and tan and black tiles. You might not expect it, but this sets also contains some interesting parts. 32 x 32 BASEPLATE The Baseplate is actually pretty rare. It's only found in the Parisian Restaurant in Light Bluish Grey. 6 x 6 TILES These tiles aren't new, but they are by no means common. From 2009 to 2012 they appeared in eight sets. Edit: Actually it's this tile included in the set, which is less rare. SOCCER BALLS The Orange Soccer Ball appears in only four other sets and is quite popular in the GBC scene. YELLOW TECHNIC AXLES Since 2016 TLG has changed their "axle strategy". Axles aren't mostly grey and black anymore, but yellow and red. Red for even length axles and yellow for uneven length axles. This set contains two of these new axles, 4 x 9L and 2 x 3L. PLATE WITH TOWBALL This 1 x 2 Plate with Towball has been released this year (2016). It also appears in some Mixel sets and a Nexo Knight set. TECHNIC AXLE CONNECTOR This orange Technic Axle Connector makes his debut this year (2016). It will probably appear in one of the 2H Technic sets as well, because it could have been used in any color in this set. Don't want to spoil the fun, but I can only think of one set.... PART LIST This set contains 769 parts, which can be found in the part list at the end of the booklet. Looking at the image makes clear that this set contains more colored parts than you'd think at first sight. THE MAZE AND THE DESIGNER The first two pages of the booklet are dedicated to the Maze and the Designer. THE MAZE LEGO Maze reinvents the classic ball and labyrinth game, adding a twist of creative LEGO building to the fun. Built entirely from LEGO elements, the LEGO Maze consists of a base frame and a simple tip-and-tilt mechanism made up of LEGO beams and axles. You turn the wheels to move the maze up and down or from side to side, guiding the ball away from the traps. Challenge your family and friends and see who navigates past the obstacles fastest. Once you've mastered the two maze designs included with the set, you will find lots of inspiration to start creating your own mazes using the bricks included or any of your own LEGO elements. You decide how simple or challenging the maze should be. Add extra traps or more walls, or use different colored elements. The interchangeable maze system means you can easily swap maze plates without rebuilding the entire game. The set also includes a removable container to store the balls and a travel lock that keeps everything in place when you are carrying or storing the game. Build up your gaming skills and enjoy hours of challenging and creative fun with this latest creation from LEGO Ideas. Here's a picture of the classic wooden toy. THE DESIGNER Jason Alleman LEGO fan and designer of the LEGO Maze "Growing up I was always fascinated with how things worked. I have never actually owned one of those original wooden mazes, but I would always be drawn to them whenever visiting someone who had one." "After building a few smell mazes it didn't take before I was building larger mazes to run a LEGO soccer ball through. I originally tried to recreate the wooden version of the labyrinth maze as faithfully as possible, but it quickly became apparent that this wasn't practical." "I decided to decrease the size of the maze and eliminate the holes. By having the ball fall into the depressions, the maze could be built using fewer larger plates." "One of the limitations of the original wooden toy is that it is always the same. There is no way to make it more or less difficult, or modify the maze to have a different play experience. As I was designing this model I really wanted to embrace the customization that having it built out of LEGO pieces would allow." "Not only can people modify the difficulty of the mazes to gradually increase their skill, but they can create mazes that follow specific patters, themed mazes, mazes with multiple pathways to the finish. The possibilities seem almost limitless." THE BUILD Enough with the background information and other facts, let's start building the maze! Of course, the inclusion of the baseplate is a huge spoiler of where we begin. This picture is taken right before you start to build some of the elements for the tip-and-tilt mechanism. As you can see the interior of the base doesn't solely contain black parts. Building the base feels like starting the VW Van, UCS R2D2 or some the other Star Wars UCS sets. What they have in common is that they have a monotone or duotone exterior, but the inner section is comprised of a color-vommit of parts. At first I found this strange, but I started to like it. It facilitates the building process and it prevents from getting only grey (or another color) parts. We continue the build by adding some Technic axles and liftarms, which will be connected to the upper section later on. The big black gear on the side will be used to control one of two tilting movements of the upper secion. Finishing the base is all about adding black bricks. After the base frame the first section of the tip-and-tilt mechanism is constructed. This consists of simple square frame, almost entirely made up of tan bricks and tiles. Two black pivot points connect the frame to the base. Here you can see the first section connected to the base. After attaching the second gear, the first section of the upper section can be tilted. The video below shows the inner workings of the Maze. We proceed by building the inner upper section of the tip-and-tilt mechanism. This section has a single stud border with tiles on the inside. These tiles provide a smooth surface to lay-in the actual maze. Since the maze doesn't connect to any studs it's easy to replace with a different design. Here you can see the inner section attached to the outer section. This basically concludes the tip-and-tilt mechanism and finishes the base. Here you can see the entire base in action. Now it's time to build one of the two mazes! This is a matter of building a custom base plate, which is made up of the four black 16 x 8 plates and a single black 8 x 8 plate. After building the base plate it's tan tile galore. Grey bricks are used as walls. I personally would have liked the grey bricks to be covered with grey tiles, to give it a smooth finish, but it's no biggie. The green section indicatates the start and the red section the end. One needs to move the ball from the green to the red section. The maze inlay is conviently placed in the inner upper section, which completes the build! Some people refered to the model as looking rather dull. I definitely don't agree. I think the black base with tan tip-and-tilt mechanism looks great. There's enough contrast between the base and the mechanism. The wooden game is entirely made up of wood, which would result in a completely tan model. I think this is a great compromise. FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS This being the maze game, one can't expect it to have loads of features and functions. You can turn the two gears to operate the tip-and-tilt mechanism. Besides that, there's a lock (the black box) to keep the mechanism in place when traveling. Furthermore there's a storage container which holds four balls. That's about it, and that's exactly what I expected from this set. The video below shows a demonstration of the game. Looking at the video you can see one downside of this maze layout. When the ball moves fast it doesn't "fall into the black holes". It simply moves on. I consider this inappropriate game play. I did make it to the finish once, but the ball jumped a few holes in the process. Another small issue is that the ball has mold marks, which makes it slightly irregular in shape, resulting in sudden unexpected movement. This isn't a big issue though. What I do think is an issue, is that the tip-and-tilt mechanism has slightly more tip and tilt in a single way. This means that tipping one way has more effect than tipping the other way. Same goes for tilting. Sometimes you need to change direction really fast and having less movement can be limiting. Does this diminish the fun?! Not really. A little frustration is what makes this game fun. I still found myself challenged to get the ball to the finish. I showed it to my dad who immediately was inclined to play a few rounds. Putting this game on the coffee table will draw everyones attention, I can assure you that much. ALTERNATIVE MODEL AND INSPIRATION After building the first model, there's lots of parts left. These are used for building the alternative maze. You use the included brick separator to remove the tan tiles and grey bricks, until you only have the black base plate. On that base plate you start building the other maze, which you can see in the picture below. The alternative maze attached to the base. The alternate maze in action. Obviously there's no way to tell how many attempts I needed, but I can tell you this maze is a lot easier. It only took me three times to complete the maze. I must admit that I am not entirely sure what the start and what the end is, so I might have taken the wrong path. At the end of the booklet there are two pages with inspiration for three other mazes. Instructions for these mazes are not included, but they should be easy to build, by looking at the pictures. The front of the box states that it includes a booklet with inspiration for extra mazes. While it does include three extra mazes, I found this to be a bit of a dissapointment. Five mazes in total isn't bad at all, but the statement on the box made me expect more. All in all I do like the alternate maze. It has a bit of a Mini Golf feel to it, which I find rather cool. SUMMARY This set is what it is...a Maze game, so we need to judge this set accordingly. It doesn't have nice little details like the modular buildings, it doesn't have cool Minifigures like some of the Star Wars sets and it doesn't have loads of functionality like most of the Technic sets. We need to compare apples with apples and not with pears. I think the designer did a great job in recreating a classic wooden game into a LEGO set. Ironically the LEGO brand has a history in wooden toys, which adds some value to this concept. The set looks great. I especially like the combination of the black base with the tan tip-and-tilt mechanism. The first maze is a very simple, yet difficult, maze, while the second has more appeal, but is a lot easier. I think TLG (or the designer) made the right choice. The tip-and-tilt mechanism feels a bit flawed, because it extends to one side more than the other. This limits gameplay in a certain way. Same goes for the included balls, which have mold marks and are not completely round. However, both these flaws are minor issues. Overall the game is lots of fun and it will generate a lot of interest. This set contains a lot of tiles, which can be useful if you are into modular buildings. If you are looking for those orange axle connectors, this set comes to the rescue. And it will get you started if you are thinking of starting a GBC career All jokes aside, this set might not be interesting enough for everyone, but I think it's a very original set and I do like it a lot. Thumbs up for TLG and Jason Alleman (and of course for the 10.000+ backers who agreed with me) SCORE Okay, so how do I grade this set? 7 DESIGN Simple, yet true to original. 7 BUILDING EXPERIENCE Straightforward build. 7 FEATURES Changeable layout is a plus. 7 PLAYABILITY Just as much fun as the real game, with some minor flaws. 7 PARTS Basic set of parts, lots of tiles and it includes a 32 x 32 baseplate. 7 VALUE FOR MONEY Worth the money, if you are into this type of set. 7 Maze-merizing EXTRAS There's a nice article on Brickjournal about remotely controlling the maze with your Mindstorms EV3 units. Thanks you for reading this review. All pictures can be found in my album.
  4. And with every mighty superhero team comes a mighty headquarters! Located in the heart of Manhattan, the tall building that used to be Stark Tower until the Battle of New York stands as a symbol of hope and serves as a base of operations for the Avengers. Here, they can train, strategize, create new tech, or just hang out, and sometimes build evil robots that want to kill all humans. Based on its appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, this tower is not just a great display piece, but also functions as both a UCS-style playset and a tilt system for the Lego Ideas Maze. It even features an automated ball return mechanism that is designed to work with mazes that have actual holes in them, so that if your ball falls through, you can watch it roll down the tower, floor by floor, and get lifted back up to the top where it is dropped back into the maze. And the best part is that you don't even need a table to play the maze as the tower doubles as a stand for the tilt system! Here it is without any of the fancy graphics. It took 3 days to render that first image, so please excuse me if I use low-quality screenshots for the rest of this post. Some profile shots of the building. Thanks to the hinges, the rounded back wall can be opened like double-doors. The third picture shows the opened backside. As you can see, there are stairs connecting each floor in addition to the ball-elevator, along with the obligatory fire extinguisher on every floor. A shot of the North side of the building. I'm actually not sure if this side is accurate to the movies since I couldn't find any reference pictures of this side of the tower. If it isn't, please leave your barrage of nerdy complaints in the comments down below. A top view of the tower. It was quite a challenge to get the curvature of the platforms at the top right. As mentioned before, the ball return mechanism only works with mazes that have holes for the ball to go through, but of course you can use mazes without holes as well. Here is how it looks with an example maze which is the official maze from the set with a new color scheme and modified to have real holes. Please note that this maze is just for demonstration purposes and not part of the entry. There is a slightly tilted platform below the maze so that if your ball falls through the maze, it will be guided down to a chute through which it rolls down to the hangar below. Once in the hangar, the ball rolls down the channel on the left, around the outside of the landing platform (which features a working turntable), and back towards the rear of the hangar through the channel on the right. The ball then rolls down a ramp that leads to the front of the building where it then zig-zags down the slanted windows. Once it gets to the bottom, the ball enters the building through an open window and rolls down a channel that leads to the elevator chain in the back. When it gets to the chain, the ball gets picked up by two prongs and lifted up to the top by Jarvis (i.e. a Power Functions motor). That much is clear. The only question is: If you put Thor's hammer on the ball elevator and it goes up, is the elevator worthy? Once it gets to the top, the ball is dropped onto the rails that lead out of the building and back into the maze. The cycle is complete and the fun can continue forever and ever until Infinity War. Now let's take a look at the interior of the tower. The front face of the building can be opened to access the inside as shown in the following image: The first floor features a lobby with the Avengers logo painted on the floor, a reception desk, and a waiting area. The second floor is where the Iron Legion is stored and repaired. Three fully posable robot arms with different tools hang from the ceiling and there is a rack of spare parts and other tools in the back. Counting the spare parts, there are two dozen legionaries here. Clearly they haven't been painted yet at this stage of the assembly. The third floor is a laboratory where the Science Bros, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, can do some science together and foolishly create maniacal A.I.s. There are many computers, holograms, and tools, as well as a medical bay in the back. I based the look of the lab on this concept art: On the fourth floor there is a large training room where the Avengers can hone their skills by sparring each other and dodging fire from several turrets. After training, they can relax in the living room on the fifth floor. Here, they can throw a party, have some drinks, and play a friendly game of Who Can Lift Thor's Hammer. The tower also includes living quarters for each of the six Avengers. The sixth floor houses Hulk and Thor's rooms. Hulk's room is expectedly messy and has food strewn about, a Hulk-sized weight lifting bar, a plant, and a TV. Thor's room on the other hand is decked out in Asgardian gold and looks nice and shiny. It features a golden statue with the winged helmet that Thor refuses to wear in the movies for some reason, a large banner, and a small desk with quills where he can write letters to Jane Foster and his friends back in Asgard. The seventh floor is where Steve Rogers and Tony Stark live. Steve's room is filled with old-timey things like wooden furniture and a phonograph, as well as the American flag of course, and a hanger for his shield. And yes, that newspaper on his desk is the Old Times. Tony's room reflects his egotistical playboy lifestyle as it features a large painting of his alter ego, a hi-tech stereo, and a bed large enough for one or more lady friends to spend the night with him. Note the contrast between Steve's giant old phone and Tony's little smartphone on the other side of the wall. Black Widow and Hawkeye's rooms take up the eighth floor. Both feature a simple bed and a wall where they can hang up their weapons. Additionally, Natasha's room also has a closet and a make-up table (a girl's gotta look good while saving the world! ) while Clint's room has a dart board and a desk where he crafts his arrows. You can click the images for higher resolution and you can download the LXF file here: Avengers Tilt System.lxf Feel free to open it in LDD and explore the tower as I have spent a lot of time building it and putting in more details than I probably should have. I hope you like it and look forward to your feedback. Excelsior!
  5. Maze: Escape From Jakku by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr BB-8 has been given part of a map that leads to Luke Skywalker and it is now up to him to deliver it to the Resistance! Play as BB-8 as you roll through the deserts of the junkyard planet Jakku and escape the clutches of the First Order. But watch out for patches of quicksand or you'll drown! You start at Tuanul village which is under attack by the First Order. Navigate through the Graveyard of Giants past a crashed Star Destroyer. Meet up with Rey at her AT-AT home, travel past a crashed X-Wing and some other wreckage, and enter Niima Outpost where you meet Finn and escape in the garbage Millennium Falcon! The LDD file can be downloaded here: Jakku maze.lxf UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that the maze ball needs a space of 5 plates high to fit through instead of the 4-plates high space that I used, so here is a modified version of the maze to accommodate that. I lifted up the AT-AT, Millennium Falcon, outpost entrance, and outpost building by one plate each. Here is the updated LXF: Jakku maze fix1.lxf Please leave your thoughts below and may the force be with you!
  6. This is my entry for an A-Maze-ing contest. I have chosen Category A. The goal of my maze here is to start at the first rope bridge, into the jungle, and find the golden idol. Enjoy! Here's a video of me playing through the maze:
  7. You awake on a cold stone slab at the top of towering stepped pyramid, the last thing you remember was sharp pain in the back of your head before it all went dark. You can't see anyone around but you're sure things won't end well if you hang around here. You quickly descend the pyramid, afraid to look back. There are huts at the bottom and you try to sneak between them, keeping out of sight, You pass what could be a ball game court and head for the cover of the jungle, heading up a hill, you're faced with a rickety bridge, it doesn't look stable and the valley below is deep and the water dark and fast flowing, but there is no other option but to cross, Your heart is beating when you make it to the other side, you start running, pushing branches of jungle trees out of your way when suddenly the ground gives way....... A spiked pit trap! ....... you manage to keep your footing and swerve around it and soon the jungle opens out and you are standing on a cliff. What's that on the horizon? it's your ship... they're waiting for you. You run to the edge but it's too high to jump, and it looks like there are sharks in the water, you have to find a way down to the beach, Reluctantly you head back into the jungle, you try to fight against it but your path seems to be drawing you back under the ominous shadow of the great pyramid, Soon you are at its foot, the jungle is thick all around it, it looks like a dead end. Then just when you are about to give up you find an opening to a tunnel, its dark, but what other choice do you have.... The tunnel is long but there is a small glow that suggests an exit, so you run towards it..... Eugh, the exit is a mass of cobwebs and spiders, but you're out of the tunnel and back into.... ...more jungle, and its leading you back to the village. It's dusk and you stick to the shadows, skirting around the edge of the pillars of a grey building that could be a palace you head through a garden and back into the trees, The path is over-grown with plants and you duck and weave between branches and leaves and scramble over roots, putting as much distance between you and the pyramid as you can, The light is fading as night approaches but there is a flicker of fire ahead. You emerge into a clearing and stare up in horror at the grinning face of a jaguar carved into the living rock, its mouth open and its stalactite-like teeth seemingly gnashing in the eerie glow of the brazier's flames. There is only one path, so with mounting dread you head cautiously between its teeth. The cave is dark and you narrowly avoid falling into a pit on your right, but heading left you emerge once again into jungle, it's almost dawn. but this time the vegetation is less dense and seems to be sloping gently downwards to the sea, You see a sail... your ship has moored at the beach, you run towards it, and safety..... Click the last image to see a video of it in action
  8. My board entry for the maze contest: it's a castle fortress! This maze board is raised-level, to enable the use of real holes. It is much heavier than a standard board, but works fine with the tilt system. It may be the case that it causes this board to require more careful gear manipulation. Any ball that falls into a hole rolls around under the "floor" and can easily be retrieved at the castle entrance, in a similar manner to public billiards tables. Apart from one high-risk short-cut, the maze has one path, and can be traversed in either direction. The video shows how this works both with the "soccer balls" and marbles. The original board when placed in the tilt system sat too low to do the castle appearance justice, so an extra brick was added below it as shown. (All vision is of the final version.) The inclusion of those bricks also makes it easier to insert & remove the board from the tilt system, it isn't easy placing a 24x24 brick inside a 24x24 hole. Enjoy a demonstration video, in which you may possibly catch my poorly acted vocal reactions. Flickr set Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy. I have certainly had fun playing with the maze...
  9. Eve's ship is leaving Help WALL•E (who is in the form of sphere) get to from his truck (the green tile) And through all the destroyed city and trash to get to Eve's ship (red tile) If it wasnt obvious enough its based off the movie WALL•E. Heres an above head shot for a better view. (couldn't figure out how to get this angle in blue render) And heres the LXF file maze.lxf
  10. Here's my entry for Bob's fantastic maze competition - another theme park entry, this time based on the 1993 blockbuster classic Jurassic Park. Start at the dark green tile by the InGen helicopter and roll through the iconic gates. Pass the Galliminus grazing area and visit the beautiful Visitor Center. Watch out, the T-Rex has escaped! Don't hide in the outhouse... Continue on past the Raptor Enclosure and discover the empty jeep that Nedry once drove on his way out. Finally, pass the Stegosaurus, reach the generator bunker, and restore power to the park! Here's the obligatory shot with the standard maze frame: The tiles near the helicopter and Nedry's jeep are actually trans-blue, but they showed up weird on the render. Likewise the flames are trans-orange. All parts exist, including the red dinosaur:{} C&C welcome!
  11. Hi everyone! This is my entry to the Category A category of the A-Maze-ing contest, a fairground! The fairground comes complete with everything one would have - rides, vendors, even a big circus tent. You start your journey through the maze by the red and white tent, rolling past the race car ride. Past that are two drop towers, one red, and one blue. (Pardon the really bad arrows ) Then, you make your way past trees and into the vendor area. There is a variety of food stands such as an ice cream stand, a pie stand, and a hot dog stand! (Which would be a bun but LDD doesn't have that piece yet!) After that, you go past the Tilt-a-Swing ride, do a couple turns, and curve past the big circus tent in the center. The build is intended to be the same as the water tower in 10246 Detective's Office. Then, you roll under the roller-coaster, past the ferris wheel, over a hill, and reach the end of the race by the blue and white tent! The journey is complete! That's my entry! I might improve the map a bit by integrating some of the rides (such as the ferris wheel) into the maze, but until then this is it! Thank you for looking at my entry, and I hope you enjoy it!
  12. This maze is designed not for precise handling but as a brain teaser. Successful path (order of tilts) has to be found by try-error approach. Path is designed with "full tilt and no timing" in mind. So you can always go to full tilt (no hole directly at end of corridor) but which side you choose to tilt is what matter. There is one, little dangerous, shortcut. Critical tiles at border of holes are red. Board have two levels, which enable use of real holes. Bottom level (grey one) only collect dropped balls, top one is black box with start and finish places. By replacing some black tiles on top with transparent one, or reverse, you can make puzzle more or less challenging. Parts used in my digital work are (after 3 redesigns) all available on Bricklink, so maze can be build in real. LXF file is attached.
  13. Here is my entry for Category B (Maze control system). MAZE joystick control by rodiziorobs, on Flickr Rather than relying on an etch-a-sketch style control system (in other words, rather than the forward/backward tilt movement and left/right tilt movement being controlled with separate knobs), all movement is controlled by a single joystick. MAZE joystick control by rodiziorobs, on Flickr The joystick is attached to a ball joint mounted pointing upwards, which gives it a wide range of motion. A similar ball joint attaches the maze platform to the base. The movement of the joystick is transferred to the column that supports the maze by two control arms within the housing: one arm controls the left to right movement, and the other controls the movement back and forth. Below is a video clip that explains and demonstrates the function of the control system (clicking the video will take you to Flickr to view it there). These features are also explained in the text below: Video by rodiziorobs, on Flickr MAZE joystick control by rodiziorobs, on Flickr These control arms have a reducing effect on the movement of the maze tilt platform, meaning that large movements of the joystick will only effect small movements on the column. This allows greater control over the tilt of the maze in any direction. The reduction effect works because the control arms are attached very close to the base of the joystick but very close to the top of the maze support column. Moving the joystick moves these control arms a proportionate amount in any horizontal direction. The arms move the same distance for the maze support arm, but because they are farther from the pivot center, the change in angle for the support column is smaller than for the joystick, resulting in a reduced tilt. The housing is decorated with an electric blue and black design with white accents. The knob on the joystick is also the storage for the marble/soccer ball. The maze board design is just the official design used in the LEGO Ideas set, based on the project submitted by Jason Allemann, but redesigned in a fiery lava color scheme (which contrasts nicely with the colors on the base). It is for demonstration purposes only, and not considered part of my entry. In fact, you might have seen it on Andromeda’s Gates recently. (Go MANTIS!) MAZE control box, detached cradle, and maze board by rodiziorobs, on Flickr Thanks for looking over my entry! And thanks to Bob for organizing the contest! Good luck to all participants. More at my Flickr page: rodiziorobs
  14. The Tilt mechanism to accompany my Maze board. It doesn't have any additional actions, but it does have lots of skulls. Click the last image to see a video of it in action
  15. Hello Everyone! This is my entry for an a-Maze-ing contest. This is a racing themed tilt system with technic element for the tilt system. But for the place of the game board still use bricks. Added functionality: - Return to center (rubber band aren't flexible, placed on the side of each wheels). Note: in LDD the rubber band aren't flexible, but i've tested in real life - Built-in-tray. (Inspired by Bob De Quatre). This is the built-in-tray with 4274 to avoid slide off: That round plate mean a tire and wheel. This is a 3M axle with stop for easy replacement to change the game board base. (I don't know this was helpful or not): This is the picture with my Cat A entry: (All pictures are clickable) LXF File | Enjoy!
  16. As you escape from the dragon's onslaught, you find a mysterious device in the hills. It responds to your commands by moving around with gusto. With it, you hope to defeat the scourge that raised your village. However, to fight this fiend, you must trek across the lands, and the lands are filled with monsters. Monsters: A hydra in the swamp A nuckelavee in the waters. For those who don't know, a nuckelavee is a water spirit in the shape of a horse with a rider that spends most of its time as an intangible presence in the water. A manticore waiting for the right time to strike along the path A swooping cockatrice attacking from the skies A salamander in its slimey den A sphinx guarding the bridge A dragon surrounded by the burning forest Special features include an alternate path with special point spots, monster body parts that can be moved to block off paths (the hydra heads, the nuckelavee's horse head, the manticore's tail and the cockatrice's wings) and a swiping dragon's paw which can knock the ball right into one of the lava pits. Top view. The green spot is the starting point, the dragon's maw is the end and the yellow spots are optional bonus points. Yes, I checked, the dragon's wings fit in the maze. From this view, you can see the difficulties involved in choosing the bonus point route a bit better; amongst other things, you have to get out of the ditch formed by the salamander. I made various digital stickers for this project; the cockatrice's, the manticore, the nuckelavee and the sphinx's heads and the brick path. All in all, it was a lot of fun making this, and I hope you guys like it! Comments and criticism appreciated.
  17. KamalMYafi

    [Maze] Cat A - Speedway

    Hello Everyone! This is my entry for an a-Maze-ing contest Category A. This is a speedway themed game board. That building is a garage and that thing with slope are mean a spectator seat. This is the pic from more upside to see full of the road and a line from start to finish: This is the picture with my Cat B entry: (All pictures are clickable) LXF File | Enjoy!
  18. Please help Benny to destroy the mega robot that wants to conquer the world.
  19. Hello, my review of the fantastic Maze by Jason Alleman (JKBrickworks) is online since yesterday. And this afternoon, I have created a football pitch - kind of a maze, too. I am looking forward to see many, many mazes around the world in the next months! And this is my small idea, the EM 2016 is near. Best wishes Andres
  20. Hello, this is my review of the LEGO Ideas Maze, set 21305. I built the castle maze, first. It is a kind of 2 in 1 set. Thank you, Jason Alleman (JK Brickworks) for this fantastic idea! And if you like, some more images of this set you can find right here. Best wishes Andres