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  1. Hi, try first to close LDD and second open bluerender!
  2. TheMomiX

    [Diorama] The Avengers Age Of Ultron

    I apologize because I was on vacation! I'm glad you enjoyed my work! I still think of exposing this diorama 1 more time this year! I hope
  3. TheMomiX

    [Diorama] The Avengers Age Of Ultron

    ok! I organize and I make a post dedicated to the Truck! Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm back! In June I started my Avengers Tower maybe some of you remember. http://www.eurobrick...444&hl=avengers I am very excited tower is my first Moc and Diorama. But I did not stop, I continued to develop the tower and add other Moc for my diorama dedicated to the film Age of Ultron. 1 to 2 August I had the opportunity to expose my Diorama 6x4 to 32x32 basplate in ITLUG Lecco 2015 Italy. I created the scenes of the film that impressed me the most. The Avengers Tower with all rooms and magazines in addition to the armory, about 4000 bricks. The throne of Ultron when recruits Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. 3000 bricks around. Hulkbuster modified with 2 sets and enhanced thanks to the advice of Loris Donadello. About 400 bricks. The truck with the body of synthetic vision with detailed inside the cradle. 1000 bricks. V10 Audi R8 E-Tron Hybrid (my invention motorization) detailed engined V10 and Reatttore Arc, I was inspired by a Set of Ideas seen and modified according to my personal taste. 180 bricks. All this has required two months of very intense work, about 3 hours a day, but I have an exact figure. I took these photos, if more friends send me their public even those. I hope you will like this post and my work. Ps: The tower currently exceeds 1 meter Me and My Diorama The throne of Ultron HulkBuster VS Hulk Truck Vision Audi R8 V10 E-Tron
  5. TheMomiX

    [MOC] It's A Jungle Out There!

    ACPin the Best!!! You propose solutions always entirely in LEGO really interesting. Also your smile transmits happiness even through a photo THANKS
  6. TheMomiX

    [MOC] Avengers Tower By TheMomiX

    It Is a pleasure Cmay91472 you wrote. I can safely say that you have launched this fashion in the World, it is by your photographs I took idea to build the tower. I think I have watched hundreds of times your tower to understand how best to develop the mine. I did not want to make a copy, but to understand how did you do tilt harmonious. The floor of the garage I like, but not excites me too the union between garage and tower oblique. I think I will make another plan of arrangement in the middle to join the two sides in a less clear and more harmonious. Your first plan I like and I think I could make a similar plan as an intermediate. Ps: I apologize if I make mistakes, I am not a native English.
  7. TheMomiX

    [MOC] Avengers Tower By TheMomiX

    Landed Quinjet today, but I lost a rocket, you say that Hulk will be angry?
  8. TheMomiX

    [MOC] Avengers Tower By TheMomiX

    thanks I'm glad you all like. And to think that one day I fell off the table and disintegrated completely. then I said I take this opportunity to build back better and add details
  9. TheMomiX

    [MOC] Avengers Tower By TheMomiX

    Ultron I'm glad you like how I modded garage entrance. It was the hardest part. the part above the sliding door is insulated from the outside, with a glass type maximum security prison with raked lenses.
  10. TheMomiX

    [MOC] Avengers Tower By TheMomiX

    The room of the Party is my favorite! Thanks to All!
  11. Hello, this is my first MOC. My class is 1985 and my last personal creations belong to 1996 when I start my dark age of LEGO! Today present my tribute for my favorite super heroes Avegers! I used 5 set of 76038 and varius extra parts for interior! General view Interior Garage and R8 Tony Stark First floor Pepper Potts office Second floor Iron Armor, Army Avengers and Coulson Rifle. Third floor the laboratory Banner and Hologram J.A.R.V.I.S. and ULTRON Fourth floor Iron Legion and infirmary Fifth floor Tony Stark laboratory and ULTRON Sixth floor Scepter Cosmic Loky and landing strip. Eighth Party Room and surprise ULTRON Ninth top floor Room supervision
  12. TheMomiX

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Hello, In Italy, ITALY LEGO Group will not distribute the Pirates in 2015 in ordinary toy stores. We Italians can only buy them on-line in the LEGO shop. Or from the store with a parallel import at a higher price
  13. TheMomiX

    Custom Avengers Tower

    Hello! Very Good Work