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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! It's been a very long time since I posted anything online and I have decided that this ends now! In the next couple of weeks I will upload a few creations of mine that I built in the last year or so and never published.. until now! The first in this series of MOCs is the tiny minifig-scale AT-RT walker. I designed this one to have all the articualtion it needed to fully crouch down for storage in a LAAT/i or an AT-TE while maintaining the right proportions and shaping when standing up, too. There really isn't much to say about this tiny build, so here come the pictures! :D I hope you like them and if you do, leave a comment. And even if you don't like them.. constructive critcism is always welcome! ;) Instructions can be found in the Spoiler below:
  2. Mar.28.2019 updated rev13 Build instruction is made as HERE May.27.2019 updated Still be inspired by other fans' MOC, and kept on optimizing my design, the latest rev14 conception as below. With piece parts in hands so far, some prototype were built to compare with last one (rev13), given up full studless, make it more compact. Your comment are appreciated, and please feel free to let me know which one is your prefer. And some more pic of this rev14, to show the pose it could be. As usual, previous rev were edited as blow folders
  3. Regardless if he or she is ore is not a Star Wars fan, probably everyone has heard of the AT walkers by now. Starting with the AT-AT and the AT-ST, these constructions of terror would create a legacy of vehicles that would come to appear in nearly every corner of the Star Wars story. Eventually, with the debut of Revenge of the Sith, the Republic AT-RT walker was introduced into the Star Wars story. A small, yet maneuverable walker, the AT-RT proved to be a valuable Republic asset throughout the entirety of the Clone Wars. LEGO has made 4 renditions of the walker (5 if you count 30006-1, even though I don't), and some have paid great attention to detail, while others moreso to accuracy in size and shape. Personally, I think that the small version of the walker included in 8098 is the best to date. I set out to improve on that design. This version is based on the standard AT-RT, which first debuted in Revenge of the Sith and subsequently appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film, in addition to multiple episodes of the animated show. It features everything the walker from the TV series open control seat, a place for the clone trooper's blaster, an adjustable frontal blaster, and adjustable legs. Furthermore, the best part is the model has an improved design and is built to match minifigure scale. This version is based on the 501st Legion AT-RT which first appeared in Season 4 Episode 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It features everything the standard walker design does as well, but it reflects the paint swap for the 501st Legion Clone Troopers. I am really impressed with how these designs turned out, and I hope you are too. MOCpages (Standard) MOCpages (501st Variant) Comments welcome. God bless.
  4. AT-RT: All Terrain Recon Transport: I know there have been a hundred quadrillion MOCs of the iconic AT-RT vehicle but ain't nobody seen one like mine, actually theres so many on the internet you probably have Anyways this is my version which isn't perfect but was an attempt to make it as close as possible in terms of scale and shape rather then being 100% screen accurate. Look they even fold like on the Clone Wars Show! Albeit with the need of slight support. A Platoon of the 444th Hornet Legion on patrol on some pure white planet that looks oddly like a photo shoot Any feedback (questions, comments, and suggestions) is welcome. If you want to see more pictures of this as well as other Star Wars MOCs please visit my flickr page. Thank you for viewing Bonus picture:
  5. Nagol of Fortfield

    [MOC] AT-RT

    Hey Eurobricks! Here is my newest creation, the All Terrain Recon Transport. I was unsatisfied with all of Lego's versions, so I made my own. Enjoy! Gree would be proud! by Sir Nagol, on Flickr Here is an updated version that allows the rider to sit down. Someone suggested that I replace the blaster with an antenna, which I think is a great idea! At-rt Version 2 by Sir Nagol, on Flickr (Please let me know if the pics are too large. I can replace them with smaller ones if necessary)
  6. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOC] AT-RT

    Hi guys! Today, I have my latest model, an AT-RT I built for LN.01354's MOC contest on his Flickr group, Lego Star Wars: MOCs 'n' Shots. It ended up winning first place over one other entry. But, that's besides the point. I'm really happy with the results of this AT-RT, since it fits a good scale and looks relatively close to some source material. I built it from the ground up, the feet being the hardest. I settled for half snot, which looks pretty good in the end. Full snot would have been nice, but it didn't work out I also made a breakdown for this guy, just in case anyone wants to build it. It was my first shot at a breakdown, so any suggestions on what to improve are appreciated. Without and further ado, here are the pictures! AT-RT by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr AT-RT Breakdown by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Any comments and criticisms are welcome, so feel free to comment.
  7. ISB Agent Goatm An clings to life as he is rushed to the medical lab aboard a secret Imperial freighter. After crash-landing on an icy, Rebel-held planet; being pinned down by Rebel troops; shot by a laser ice cutter; and rescued by snowtroopers, Goatm has a chance to survive. Med Evac 2 by goatman461, on Flickr Goatm's fortuitous rescue and surgery are the result of the special attention he has received from the Emperor's Royal Guard. While searching for Boba Fett, Goatm stumbled upon and deactivated a secret Imperial surveillance team working on Bothawui. The surveillance team had been under surveillance themselves, by the Emperor's own Guard, because of their connection to leaked Death Star plans years ago. The Royal Guardsman overseeing this activity was thankful for Goatm's actions, impressed by his abilities, and interested future services Goatm might provide the Guard. Seeing Goatm left for dead provided this Guardsmen with an opportunity to bring Goatm into his own inner circle. If Goatm survives, he will see a new side of the Empire ... from within the Royal Guard. Please judge this build. C&C appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Mraz Skintas

    501st AT-RT MOC

    The other day I picked up a couple of the AT-RT sets, and thought they were pretty neat, had some cool parts, but they were HUGE. Well in comparison to the scale they shoulda been, so I took the liberty of deconstructing them, and making them more to scale, here's the result; Right side Left side Lowered so the driver can get on Rear Front (I'm not sure why, but this image makes it look crooked Compared to the new BARC with sidecar Standing Tall with Rex, to show the scale to a minifig Mostly blown up And the 501st against General Pong Krell! I hope you enjoyed this little MOC -Skintas
  9. Little_russian_AFOL

    AT-RT and Sniper Droideka mod

    Salam Alleykum! I am Little Russian AFOL, and today i am show for You my custom AT-RT from Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars animated shorts and Dave Filloni Clone Wars animated episodes! Also i'll show you "bonus" - sniper droideka mod! Ready to attack. by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr AT-RT by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Battle scene: Li'l scene by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr ARC Lieutenant clone: ARC lieutenant by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Capt. Fordo: Captain Fordo by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Droideka fig: Destroyer!!! by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Clone troopers: Clone troopers by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Crab droid: Crab droid by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr BONUS!!! Droideka-sniper. Epic too. by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Pew-Pew!!! by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Staying with sniper droid from CW 2003: Sniper Droideka and Sniper droid by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Dasvidaniya, users!!!