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  1. GuyDudeMan27

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    It's the mouth print that is upsetting. It's at a much steeper angle than a normal stormtrooper, and doesn't conform to the mold of the helmet. The prints aren't even as detailed as the OT ones, and have a cartoon-y look. That's why there's so much hate.
  2. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOC] Luggabeast

    Looks good! It just looks like a robot, not an animal in some armor. It's probably pretty hard to get those details in, but anything would work. I also think the color scheme is a bit too clean. The picture makes it look very dirty and worn. Just some stuff to consider. But still a great little build!
  3. GuyDudeMan27

    9493 Heavy MODS-W.I.P

    Looks great! I have fully tiled wings on mine, and I can't imagine going back. I absolutely love the engine design as wel! I saw something similar and I wanted to implement it on mine. Maybe I'll use this as inspiration. What more do you have to do?
  4. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOD] Imperial Assault Carrier 75106 - Need advice

    I actually love this! It's super simple, but it gets the job done. I'm not a huge fan of the assault carrier, and if I ever did get it, I'd probably just drive myself mad with practically tearing it all apart to make it look better. I'm already seeing improvements I could make I'll wrap this up so I don't end up Mocing myself one I already fell victim to Moding (Really just Mocing now) a B-Wing and Kylo's shuttle But great Mod!
  5. Looks great! I tried for hours and thought it impossible to replicate the 10212 cockpit design for minifig scale. But kudos to you! I want to do pretty much all the mods you did here at some point, I'm just too lazy to get around to it but I also have other projects so I'll use them as my excuse.
  6. GuyDudeMan27

    9493 Heavy MODS-W.I.P

    Looks great! I've also been modding 9493, and I've found it a very fun and interesting challenge. One question, did you change the wing mechanism at all? I want to re-do fine, but I don't feel like there's enough depth to achieve everything I want to do. Also, How did you make the stand? It looks amazing. I would love to make some kind of stand like that foe mine as well.
  7. GuyDudeMan27

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hi there! As a general rule, I don't like eBay when trying to buy Lego. It often turns out to be a hassle for little things like this. I prefer to use Bricklink, as you can buy almost every Lego part ever made, in addition to every mini-fig and set. You can find all the listing for the cloud city Boba Fett here. I never realized until now, but they're quite pricey If you want to use eBay, maybe message the seller and ask if it's custom or not. Otherwise, compare it against other images to see if there are any discrepancies. I hope I could help!
  8. GuyDudeMan27

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    It's all old news by now. The only sets we're missing (I think) are the Battle of Takonda and the A-Wing. We have absolutely nothing about the A-Wing yet, which is a bit worrying as I'm really interested in it. These are planned for a January release date, correct?
  9. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOC] [WIP] The Command of the AT-AT

    This is absolutely stunning! I realized you were a great Moc-er when you debuted your Snowspeeder (which I still wanna build), but this is leagues above it. All the shapes of the head are represented perfectly. The details you added are in great abundance, and really bring the model to the next level. Almost everything I could think of is represented there, including some of the more minute details. Details like those really bring out the model. I have high hopes that this will be the best AT-AT model ever created, which is a title I think it deserves. I would also like to take a moment to gush once more about your photography. If you can't tell, I'm a big fan I absolutely love the mid section as well, specifically the pale stripe. It provides the perfect break from the monotony of the LBG. I almost even like that color better than LBG I really can't wait to see this all come together. It's gonna be one of the best Mocs I've ever seen, for sure. Good luck with your building!
  10. GuyDudeMan27

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Personally, I like the gunship better. The AT-TE is pretty good, but a bit too static. The gunship is a blast to build, and a blast to just play around with. Not to mention its impressive looks when on display. The AT-TE is just kinda a blob of grey to me.
  11. GuyDudeMan27

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I have a feeling it's gonna be very similar to the last one. There can't be too much innovation in a microfighter. I really want a blue and white X-Wing pilot helmet like some of the Poe figures out there. I think I really just want a blue and white X-Wing
  12. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOD] Imperial Shuttle and two First order TIE

    Your shuttle and Ties look fantastic! I've had an obsession with getting a good shuttle built before I bought Tyderium, but about a month ago I caved. I really wanna re-do the wings like yours now, as the plated wings just look a bit off.
  13. GuyDudeMan27

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Uh... No. It's an A-Wing pilot helmet with new printing.
  14. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOD/MOC] Darth Vader's Sith Interceptor

    Looks nice. But personally, I would have put more black. The grey almost looks white next to the black. But that's just me.
  15. GuyDudeMan27

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    They could be gloves. But I seriously doubt that that's Luke. It's an ad for Droid Tales. No relation whatsoever to Episode VII. And honestly, making a home made Luke can't be that hard. Cape, hood, black legs, black robes, and a scraggly old man face. I doubt he'll even have a big role in the movie so it doesn't matter too much anyway.