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  1. TOO OLD?

    As per the LEGO Movie, the age range on the box is merely a suggestion.
  2. Procrastination Thread

    Radiator's finally done. Now it is getting around to changing the summer tires to winter tires so I can drive the car again.
  3. Star Wars

    He's swimming with the fishies. My daughter is watching our 1980s Transformers VHS tapes. Just noticed Star Scream is like General Hux.
  4. Hello, my name is Wes Gill

    Welcome aboard Wes. You can upload photos to Flickr and deep link them back to here. Flickr allows easy resizing to 1024x768 which is maximum per EB site guidelines. On Flickr, select Share Photo and pick the BB code tab. Change the resolution in the dropdown selector to 1024x768 or smaller. Copy the BB code and paste into the Eurobricks editor.
  5. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! QUARTER FINALS #1 and #2

    Imperial for the win.
  6. What was the last movie you watched?

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 2.5 hours is pretty long.
  7. The trans-blue ones were used in Bionicle sets. White ones were only in a Mars Mission set if I recall, they would be rarer and pricer than trans-blue. Good to see everyone making use of those scoops for GBCs.
  8. What was the last movie you watched?

    Elf. There is LEGO in the movie. LOL.
  9. Question on IR Remotes

    You could make your own controller with an Arduino and some coding for a lot less than a Sbrick. You can also use different inputs than a touch screen for control. Using the 8879, pressing the red button will return the servo motor to center position.
  10. The Sea Rats Nickname: Pirates Colors: Black, Yellow, Medium Blue Flag: Quick Glance: The Sea Rats are a rag tag group of scoundrels and rogues, who have found true freedom on the open sea. United under the common cause of self-determination, and defiance of Imperial rule, these folk heed no laws but those of the Pirate Code. (Which is really more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules, rather loose-like, you know.) These men and women are pirates, smugglers, con-men, and any kind of lawless scallywag which you can conceive of, but there are also rebel leaders, defectors from decadence, dispossessed traders and explorers, members of conquered nations, and any who find themselves disenfranchised from their societies. There are those who take advantage of the lawlessness to conduct crimes with impunity. well, actually that later category would likely count for most people. Membership: Sea Rats is open for members. Any man, woman, child, or what-have-you can be a sea rat! You needn't make your den in the Nest of Thieves, nor need you affiliate with other sea rats at all! We're the scourge of these seas, and swear fealty to no nation! If you'd like to captain a pirate ship and pillage and plunder, and riffle and loot the trade routes of the Empires, then join the Sea Rats! If you wish to take your crew on a roaring rampage of revenge against those nations that betrayed you, or perhaps your Quartermaster who led a mutiny against you, then join the Sea Rats! If you wish to swindle and connive, and con your way up in the world, then join the Sea Rats! If you've tired of oppressive reign of Kings and Queens and wish to make your own way in the world, then join the Sea Rats! Have adventure in your heart, a sword in your hands, and the salt wind in your hair? Then you're a Sea Rat, me hearty! To join, just sign up in this thread with an introduction post that shows your sigfig. A little background goes a long way, so we appreciate any backstory you would like to present with the fig! Reasons to Join: Sea Rats have a few privileges that other factions don't: 1) Sea Rats only pay 70% of a ship license. 2) Sea Rats earn an extra 30% yield on Artisan businesses. 3) No taxes! For those still uncertain of what faction to chose or how to sign up in a minute, we have some simple instructions here, which pretty much sum up everything Index A Detailed Look at the Sea Rats (this post) Settlements (second post) Membership (second post) A DETAILED LOOK at the SEA RATS 1. Leadership Rachel Bones (@Darkdragon, Co-Leader) Nobody knows exactly where Rachel Bones came from, but she showed up alone in port a few years ago and found a job in the nearly deserted Shadeaux's Tavern and Brothel. Almost immediately, she started sprucing up the long-neglected establishment. She made note of who was hanging around the place, got rid of the troublemakers, and encouraged the staff to have some pride in their work by showing them the true meaning of entertaining guests. Soon, Shadeaux's started to see a renewed surge in patrons. She was keen on business and well respected by the staff, even in this rotten port. Everyone knew that a directive from Mistress Rachel was something you didn't question, you only obeyed. Susieh Cheng (@dr_spock, Co-Leader) Susieh Cheng loves sharp pointy objects. She doesn't like talking about her past like that incident with her eye. Rumours have it that she was kidnapped as a child by pirates. Having been raised by pirates, she developed a taste for gold and booty. Whatever you do, do not cross her. Those who do end up as shark bait after seasoned with 14 spices and stuffed with stale bread. Sinbad (@MKJoshA, Co-Leader) Born the 3rd son of well-to-do land owner in Olean, Sinbad was expected to join the clergy as all good 3rd born sons were known to do. His oldest brother was to inherit the land from their father, and the 2nd son was already a person of note in the Olean Navy. And if Sinbad were to follow tradition, he would become a well spoken clergyman. But Sinbad did not believe in the religion of his people, and he did not want to be stuck on land his whole life. His heart yearned for the sea so to the sea he went. The Pirate Council The Pirate Council is a group of influential captains and business folk, and here they hold their kangaroo courts. There is a certain honor among the thieves, and the most prominent business owners and pirates meet to discuss how best to conduct business and keep the people happy. Whenever there are enough issues the Council reconvenes to discuss them, but apart from that everyone does their own thing, and the most notorious pirate amongst them (currently Captain Reynard le Roublard) collects tithes for the greater good of them all... incase Corrington or Oleon comes knocking at their ports and they need a show of force to defend their freedom. These are the free folk, bound to no master but those they chose, and they do as they please, when they please to whomever or with whomever they please. Kind of anarchic-like. 2. Landscape The Port of Bastion MOC by Commander Red Hat Bastion is a town on the rocky shores of the Nest of Thieves populated by vagabonds and rogues, as well as the staunchly independent and dispossessed, the chaotic town is where the pirates have free port and may sell their ill begotten loot. There is not much of an organized structure to things on The Nest of Thieves, so Bastion grew without ordinance, leading to shoddy construction in some parts, and a lot of crime in the streets - but the people are tough, so they don’t really mind all that much. MOC by Darkdragon 3. Military Army: Sea Rats have no uniforms, so they wear whatever they see fit in the morning or nothing. It is recommended that you sail under a black flag, but if that is somehow not possible any other color will do the job! Navy: The Sea Rats have many ships in their fleet, which they rent out to their members for dastardly activities on the high seas. Apply for permission to use them in the Sea Rat group PM. Active Ships Are: Poseidon's Revenge - Class 5 Corporal Milton - Class 5 Hades' Trumpet (formerly Strumpet) - Class 5 Catfish - Class 5 The Walrus Returns - Class 4 Vagabond King - Class 4 Lillydale - Class 4 Crow's Feet - Class 3 Non-Active Ships Are: Puny Sparrow - Class 3 Bon Voyage - Class 2 Godfreed Faulk - Class 2 unnamed - Class 1 Sunk Ships Are: Fortune's Miskeeper - Class 5 MOC by Captain Braunsfeld 4. History and Culture Brief: The Sea Rats are a mixed bunch, but for the most part they consist of pirates, rogues, and thieves. Discovering the island soon afterwards to be known as The Nest of Thieves, the Sea Rats settled down and made its rocky shores their home, building the stronghold of Bastion on its nearly impregnable rocky eminences. Since then the Sea Rats have thrived in their new home, and piratical and other business is at its finest! Detailed: Unlike the Kings and Queens of the old world, Pirate leadership is dynamic, and mercurial – it is anarchistic, not dynastic. The top pirate or individual with the most personal influence gets to boss the others around until they themselves are deposed. The Sea Rats are comprised of a true hodge-podge of peoples from a variety of Nations, all of whom have forsworn their prior allegiances in favor of a free life of self-determination and self-reliance. Many of the original Sea Rats were those dispossessed by their nations during the first great rush for the new world. These betrayed sailors, clinging to the promise of wealth and glory, turned south from the closed gates of Nelissa, and, along with many old rogues who had earned their salt in the old world by piratical activities and such-like, settled the rocky shores of the island that would become "The Nest of Thieves." The city of Bastion was founded here on the skeleton of a former Eslandolan fishing village. With the great diversity of newcomers, no one nation could hold dominance here, and instead, a council was formed of the most prominent captains amongst them, many former Privateers and pirates of the Old World. This was the first Pirate High Council, where they determined that Bastion would remain forever free of the influence of the tyrannical empires, and that no one person could be their master! This pact laid the groundwork for Bastion to become the wretched hive of scum and villainy it has become, and united the Sea Rats as a people. In the absence of law and order, the streets of Bastion are in a constant state of chaos, with infamous pirate lords freely roaming the street, and pickpockets on every corner... but the people are a tough, resolute bunch, and despite the anarchy, business booms from the riches brought in by the pirates, and a healthy – if you like that kind of healthiness – economy of pirate raids, and smugglers has formed. Diplomacy: The Sea Rats are pretty indifferent when it comes to other factions. Of course, this type of indifference means something more like, "They see a ship and attack, without bothering to check whose flag waves from the mast head," rather than an indifferent kind of indifference. Neither do the Sea Rats particularly relish the idea of hanging by their necks until they be dead, so they naturally study to avoid any such unappetizing contingencies resulting from getting caught by a different faction which they had been preying on. (Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Hostile) Sea Rat's relationship with: Corrington: Indifferent Eslandola: Indifferent Oleon: Indifferent Other nations relationship with Sea Rats: Corrington: Indifferent Eslandola: Indifferent Oleon: Indifferent 5. Membership To sign up, post a post a picture of your signature figure. You are welcome to include a bit of a description or backstory. Your signature figure, or sigfig, will represent your character throughout your MOCs within Brethren of the Brick Seas. (That does not mean that your sigfig has to be in every MOC you make). Within BoBS there are many possibilities. Build your own story, and since you're a Sea Rat, feel free to plunder and search the seas for treasure!
  11. I lubricate my GBCs after storing over the winter and before the start of the new event/show season. Sometimes it helps. If it doesn't, then it's disassemble, clean, replace wornout parts and reassemble. There is no easy way to get around maintenance of mechanical stuff except, paying someone else to do the work.
  12. Wheel slippage

    Watch out for loose bit of carpet fibers getting on the tracks, they can get between the rubber tire and track. They could also get into the motor and axles. Most likely you need more weight over the train motor.
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    3 car unit seems like it is not too big or too small and in a price range affordable by many. I guess you can blame CAF, Bombardier, Stadler, etc. for making their modern intercity passenger trains to pretty much all look alike. [img}/
  14. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! QUARTER FINALS #1 and #2

    Enchanted Schooner.
  15. Hello from an Empire collector

    Welcome aboard, stormtroopercaptain.
  16. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! QUARTER FINALS #1 and #2

    Red Beard Trading Post.
  17. Greetings from Romania!

    Welcome aboard Catalin. Have you tried using a grid over a picture of a building to size and scale it?
  18. Greetings from USA

    Welcome to Eurobricks.
  19. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! QUARTER FINALS #1 and #2

    It's a massacre.
  20. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe her science experiment went wrong like in The Fly. Any official background explanation to the new Olivia?
  21. Adventures into 3D printing train bits

    I think that may depend on the library. My local library doesn't. They probably want to keep things simple as most library staff aren't 3d printing experts. There can be a lot of tweaking to get a different brand filament to print correctly.