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  1. Cool, looks really clean and simple, but on the same time packed with functions! I love it!
  2. @Jim, time to pin this topic before we start talking about 2025
  3. Congratulations @Akassin, @2GodBDGlory and @Zerobricks with your podium places, well deserved! Thanks to all the participants, the jury and of course @Milan and last but not least @Jim! Hope to join the party again next contest! I would like to add the list of available instructions for the above models: 8479 Barcode Truck by Berthil: 42053 Volvo EW160E by artemisovsky: 42113 Osprey by JoKo: 8109 Flatbed Truck: 8284 Tractor by falconluan: 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition by gyenesvi: 8868 Airtech Claw Rig by Icvisser: 2039 24 Hour Race Car by NoEXIST: 8063 tractor with Trailer by Thirdwigg: 42098 Car Transporter by msk6003: 8110 Unimog by TechnicMOCer: .... A nice legacy of this competition and hopefully we can add a few more instructions to it.
  4. Guys, the WIP threads on this sub-forum get a lot more attention compared to the frontpage, look at the number of views for topics on the frontpage. If I see it correctly it is mostly symbolic… People searching for these kind of models will find them both here and on RB. A good alternative could be to link the entry topic in the frontpage topic announcing the podium.
  5. This is a really good contest! Glad there is a place were this happens and there are so many fantastic builds! Thumbs up for the contestants and kudo's for everyone in a hurry to finish the entry. Good luck everyone!
  6. Nice, my list of MOCs to build is getting longer and longer!
  7. Fantastic work, really love the effort you put in everything, the parallel building steps video, videos of the progress and free instructions. Everything we could wish for Indeed!
  8. Well done, it's coming together nicely.
  9. Always nice to have such a look ahead! The space sets are good news, but don't look like a continuation of the NASA license. 42163 Heavy Duty Bulldozer - 195 pcs - $10.99 Like those small sets! Will be a slightly bigger brother of the 8259-1 Mini Bulldozer with 165 parts and the Snow Groomer of last year with 178 parts . Nice!
  10. Really interested in building this fantastic model! Good job!
  11. I'm glad you're in, I'd be worried if you didn't.
  12. Cool to see a mini-osprey, started with the same idea this week, but won't have time to finish this before the deadline... cool to see someone else having the same idea! I also started with 45%, but later leaned towards 55%, Good luck!
  13. Fantastic progress here, keep up the good work! The mirrors are a little big though....
  14. Nice choice, love the 42042, it's on my shelf now. Good luck!