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  1. On your first question, I'm more interested in trucks and construction equipment compared to cars. My bucket list is very long and the possibilities are endless. I really enjoyed the 42043 and 8043 B-models and also some fantastic B-models on RB, and you can do endless MOCing... So my bucketlist is endless...
  2. Really impressive, well done!! Hopefully you’ve some time left to fix the skipping gears, then this entry would be close to perfect…
  3. GerritvdG

    centripetal racer

    Nice idea, thanks for sharing!
  4. GerritvdG

    [WIP] Aston Martin Valkyrie

    Wow, I think this is pushing the boundaries of what can be expressed with Lego Technic in terms of design.
  5. Cool model Viktor, again a high quality alternative.
  6. @Jurss does these instructions solve your problem?
  7. Really impressive , and an excellent way to honour the awesome work of John Harrison!
  8. The instructions will be free. I'm just a simple MOC'er, it's just for fun.
  9. Yes, look here for the details, very cool! Going to build this, much more fun then the 30433
  10. Created the 30433 Volvo Wheel Loader from the parts I had available (don't have the stickers, yellow wheels, orange system pieces and the yellow thin 1 * 3/5 liftarms axle holes). Really had to build this to compare it to my 42101 Wheel Loader It's a nice little loader, I really mis the articulated steering though. Instructions can be found here: Seems currently only for sale in Germany for EUR 3.90:{"iconly":0}
  11. Just published by Sariel, little wheel loader.
  12. Thanks for this investigation @kbalage, it explains the stock issues. My first theory was that TLG had a new sales record during the holiday season, but the hub replacement seams to be the real reason.
  13. I try a different approach where I buy sets for the parts and I buy loose parts using bricklink to build a set/MOC if that’s less expensive. That way I want to build a parts collection for building sets and MOCs I like. I don’t display sets so parts come available after a month or so for the next build. For this to work I use Rebrickable and Bricklink a lot for managing my sets and parts. Also I focus on yellow and red construction vehicles for now to limit the different number of parts needed…
  14. That's a good one, I've made different attempts to move the arms forward with the uprising mechanism. That worked, however a little bit strange because the arms end in an unnatural position. Also I wanted to preserve the playability with the arms, so it was a combination of friction and the uprising mechanism driving the motion. Another project was to move the eyes with the uprising of the robot. Both ideas didn't make it into the final version. But a mechanism pushing the arms out is indeed another thing that I can try!