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  1. GerritvdG

    [MOC] Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    Well done, in addition I also like the white/black striping and details!
  2. GerritvdG

    [MOC] Crane-truck

    Wow! Really would like to build this, if you need a review/check of your instructions, let me know
  3. GerritvdG

    Working Orrery

    Reminds me of JK Brickworks Orrery: Found your video and this answers some questions about the level of accuracy and how its driven... It looks very good, but I would like more accuracy over the nice design.
  4. Nice, that's a lot of power. I like colors like orange or lime in combination with black or some stickers, or maybe blue? The rear is ok, I think it should look like that.
  5. Thanks, have fun! Thanks, yes, 117 parts and also some of the 6 spares were needed!
  6. Happy to present you a couple of alternate builds from the 42101 Buggy. They are all tiny simple builds, but I hopefully interesting enough to share here. Before the summer holidays my son and I sorted a couple of sets out (from his Lego) to take those with us on the camping site. Then we can still play a little without taking to much luggage with us. These alternate builds are the result, we had a lot of fun and are a good way for me of learning Lego (and Studio) again after ~20 years without. The Articulated Hauler has the following features: articulated steering (with the exhaust pipe) tilting tipper bed small cabin with fake steering wheel openable hood The Wheel Loader has: articulated steering by just turning the cabin liftable the forks with a linkage to keep the forks level The Skid Steer Forklift has: liftable forks cabin with fake steer at minifig scale openable cabin The Grader has: articulated steering and front-wheel steering adjustable blade adjustable ripper (which really reaches the ground) Free instructions and more pictures are available on RB in case you're interested. Also tried a go-kart and an Unimog, but that didn't work out. The tires are to big for a go-kart and with this limited selection of pieces the Unimog was also difficult.
  7. Nice B-model! I like the addition of the fake engine and tilting cab, well done. Yes, proportianal steering on all axles. @mic8per_ how do the outriggers work? Same kind of kned-locking like mechanism as on the 42108? Or is it modified?
  8. GerritvdG

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Backhoe loader with not to many parts, sounds promising! The excavator seems tiny with this part count
  9. Well done, fantastic functionality with only 700 parts, it's on my build list!
  10. Well done, really good looking model and also nice that it is buildable with limited parts.
  11. Thanks for taking us on this journey of building this CAT with a lot of humour! It was fun to read this extensive review!
  12. Fantastic job, well done! Thanks for sharing this.