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  1. Fun little build, I used the model of @R0Sch to check everything, one remark, on the official pictures the axle and pin connector perp. 3L is black, on the PaB part-list this is DBG (seems an error there). Took the freedom to correct this in the 30655 studio model, part list: My build in various stages of lifting the pallet: Works pretty well, although the cone is a little bit small
  2. Voted, fantastic work on this GBC-contest to all participant! Number one was easy for me, I consider @Berthils Ferris Wheel GBC as a work of art, that's not only because of the Ferris Wheel, but also the straight line mechanism (Tusi couple) and the quality of the video is unparalleled. Then it became more difficult, but the elegance and presentation of @Akassins Serpentine was decisive for me. Then the difficult decision between the entries of @higgins91 @doug72 @Philtech and @howitzer were each entry has it own pros and cons, really well done, inspiration for GBC builders around the world!
  3. Applied this solution to the 42147 on my desk and it works flawlessly, better then the original. Maybe this solution doesn't meed TLG's standards, or they need some extra parts for the B-model. I don't understand for example why they've added the 5L liftarm to limit the steering range. This range is already limited by the steering linkage....
  4. What a cool little set, fun to build and play with. Below my version without some newer parts. The use of that panel (71682 ) with three axle holes is very good, I couldn't come up with a solution so quick with exactly the same result:
  5. Very cool, I really like the scale and with a reasonable 1100 pieces it remains manageable to build this tank for your RB-customers. Well done!
  6. Yes, the 42101, I've had quite some fun making alternatives of that set. The Bright Light Orange 2x4 liftarm is also pretty rare, only used in one Bionicle set (8755).
  7. All parts in bright light orange in this set are already available. The 7L beam is used in the 75533-1 We'll see what the color will be, but I think bright light orange has a good chance...
  8. Thanks @R0Sch for the 360, spotted one error in your Render, the LBG frictionless pin should be an black friction pin in the dumping linkage. Updated the file and this should be the part list, there are some remarks though: 176 pieces total, expected 177 (not yet found what the last part should be...) not all 'bestseller' parts seems to be on the pick-a-brick list, for example the 4L axle for the steering new part: used the old 48989 (that will be a new part without pins at one side) new part: used the 32039 axle connector instead of the new micro panels (the new panel has two axle holes as already shown in the render of @R0Sch recolor: the panel curved 11*3 in dark blue is a new color of 62531
  9. and a Render from the other side, I'm not completely sure about the dumping linkage. I think my version above works better, but suspect that this is the official version:
  10. I just finished it, maybe you want to check my version: Dump
  11. I've build this little truck with the parts listed on (and the colors I had available):"42147%3A"&"42147%3A9999"&sku=42147 and I can confirm it won't run without the variant of the 48989... Anyone interested in a studio file, or is someone already working on this?
  12. Cool, looks like an nice worm driven linkage for lifting and maybe tilting..
  13. Yes, that must be very close! I’m not sure about the middle pin hole though. I think the middle pin hole is perpendicular….