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  1. Hello, Here is my entry for the contest. I wanted to go old school with this one and stay ad true as possible to classic space in design and part selection. It is a peaceful exploration craft for 2 Minifigures and a robot. There is a mini scout ship in the back. Inside the ship is a research area and collection samples can fit in the storage on the sides (sorry for the quality of the pics. Worked hard on the design but not yet good at taking good photos to show them off)
  2. Whenever possible, I try to use an many original pieces as I can. I am currently in the process of restoring my old sets. Here is my 918 from when I was a kid. The first picture was what original pieces I had left (Honestly there was more than I was expecting) and then the second picture is the cleaned and restored version. In this case, I found a slope piece that still had a good space logo on it so I swapped that out (I still have my original safely tucked away). It's still not 100% done, you can see one of the supports on the bottom are black instead of grey. Its an expensive piece to replace and haven't had the chance yet to order one. The red spaceman is one of my originals from a different set, placed to make this one complete for the photo
  3. DelQuinn

    [MOC] Rejected Ideas submission: Spacebabies

    Good luck fingers crossed. I wonder if those were a factor in the rejection, the rules on acceptable images are hard to understand sometimes, especially when there are numerous examples where they are allowed when they are not supposed to be. From their guidelines: DO NOT CREATE MOCKUPS OF LEGO PRODUCT BOXES (“BOX ART”) OR MARKETING MATERIALS IN YOUR IMAGES. Product ideas including box art or anything that attempts to mock up product marketing materials will not be accepted. Mocked-up box art confuses people into thinking your idea is something they can buy right now. If your product idea reaches 10,000 supporters and is approved for production, our designers will create the final packaging designs for the set.
  4. DelQuinn

    [MOC] Rejected Ideas submission: Spacebabies

    I see that it has been approved and posted on the site. I've already supported it too looks like an awesome design!
  5. DelQuinn

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    My two cents regarding the LEGO Ideas topic, (although I am a bit biased since I have a project up on LEGO Ideas and more planned) You do have to sign away your rights when you submit an idea, it's part of the risk/rewards assessment you have to make at the time. For LEGO to release a set they need to work on it for years to get it to market, through design stages and production approvals and marketing and box graphics etc. I think the argument should be more towards why does LEGO allow you to post ideas that might be in the works elsewhere in the company. Its safe to say that the employees that run Ideas are not the same employees who run the Disney IP designs In terms of the Snow White example, maybe they should've said it could not be submitted. Disney is a big portfolio for LEGO and especially regarding to Disney Princesses. It's not out of the question that, eventually, they would do a Snow White set. So people shouldn't be surprised when something like this happens. their list of not allowed IP is actually rather large, but maybe they need to be more quick to update it. As for plagiarism, its hard to say on an open forum like Ideas. If I see an IP that I really like hit 10K and then not get accepted. What happens if I decide to build something from the same IP? What if my design is accepted? Would that first person claim that I plagiarized them? Sorry for rambling a bit, I can be scatterbrains sometimes and wanted to get a lot out here
  6. DelQuinn

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    Wow there are a lot of great entries in this contest so far. I've been struggling to get my design finished in time. I just noticed the deadline has been changed from January 31st to February 17th. Looks like I don't have to panic quite as much as I thought. Honestly don't know what my chances are but have been enjoying building and looking forward to getting it posted as soon as I can :) Once again, good luck everybody!
  7. DelQuinn

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    This looks like an awesome contest! I'll have to try to see if there's anything I can come up for it. I won't be able to start working on it though until after Christmas
  8. DelQuinn

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    This looks awesome! Can't wait to get it! One of my favourite movies and have been looking forward to this for a long time
  9. DelQuinn

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    No luck yet :( the only ones I've found so far are from 1999-2000 with Star Wars in them. Still looking :)
  10. DelQuinn

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    I might have some buried at home somewhere. If I do, they'd probably be mid 90s, maybe a bit earlier. Most of that stuff from the 80s are either gone or severely worn out, much like my copy of the Legoland 6000 Ideas Book. I've lost a lot of pages from it. Castle is completely gone and there's only about half of the town section at the front. If I find them, I'll scan them in, but no guarantees
  11. DelQuinn

    Enough is enough

    Getting back to the original theme of this thread, this is why we need to figure out ways to get Classic Space better represented on LEGO Ideas. We can't say that TLG doesn't want to take Classic Space ideas if none ever reaches the 10,000 supporters mark. They are not even getting the chance to say no to them. I knew going into it that the anniversary set would make or break my Ideas project. If they do make a Classic Space one, especially one similar to my project, them I'm probably dead in the water. If they make anything else, I can promote mine as one of the options that can fill that void.
  12. DelQuinn

    Enough is enough

    My theory is that they'll release 3 or 4 anniversary sets, one for each of the finalists. That, or create a set that incorporates all of the finalist themes together into one. It seems highly suspicious that TLG bent their own rules to make sure that Castle would be included in the final selections.
  13. Awesome builds! Thanks for sharing!
  14. DelQuinn

    [REVIEW] 71391 Super Mario Bowser's Airship

    Thanks for the review! this set looks awesome. My son is getting this for Christmas and looking forward to building it with him. I do agree with your frustrations on not having physical instructions for the LEGO Mario sets but my son prefers to use my phone anyways when building lol
  15. DelQuinn

    [MOC] Fabulous Unicorn for Lego Ideas

    Awesome build! Very well done! I'm already supporting your project on LEGO Ideas. I'm not sure I have much to offer in ways of suggestions, my project is struggling too. Best thing to do is trying to promote your design outside of the LEGO communities as well. You might get some support from horse/unicorn communities in social media