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  1. DelQuinn

    Your Favourite Minifigure

    Definitely difficult to narrow down to just one favourite, there are so many minifigs now and there are a lot of cool and interesting ones. So the one that I'd highlight is the one that I use for my avatar. it's one that I pieced together myself when I got back into Lego a few years ago. Looking through some of the new idea books, I saw the red jacket torso with the classic space logo on it and loved it. I ordered a few of them and used them to make a few different minifigs. I have since used this one in almost all of my Lego social media accounts and my Lego Ideas account pic. I named him Zack, after the old 'Lego Maniac' commercials from the '80s. I have this one standing here at my desk at work.
  2. For updating official sets, I've only done this once with the 6894 Blacktron Invader. I replaced the hinges on the back section (The ones holding the trans-red plates) with the more modern locking versions. The original hinges are notoriously week and prone to breaking easily. the locking version doesn't look noticeably different on the set and it allows the trans-red plates to be held in place better. The set can be displayed more dynamically and more like the box art and official pics of the set. Original hinges: 4275b and 4276b replacement hinges: 44301 and 44302
  3. Wow I didn't realize they were that expensive at the moment! Checking Bricklink, they are more around the $35-40 each here in Canada. A couple years ago I picked up the Exo-suit set for about $50.00, those minifigs alone are worth more than that lol. They are probably the most valuable minifigures I have at the moment.
  4. Thanks :) I have done some stuff on Lego Ideas before. I digitized the Blacktron ship and the grey with green canopy for a Ideas contest years ago. I might be fun to send them in as product ideas and see how they do. I should take some more pictures on the ships before I digitize them and disassemble them soon. I used the digital files to recreate those two ships. I'm glad that I did, I think the Blacktron one was the most popular of mine at the show. (I am also working on a few other ideas for sending into Lego Ideas, its hard to find time to work on them lol)
  5. I've had similar experiences like this growing up. I'm sorry to hear about the more physical issues you dealt with, I never had to deal with that level. I am in my 40s now, when I was a teenager, Lego was looked down on by anyone over the age or 12 and so I hid the fact that I still built with it. Admittedly, I was always the quiet, geeky, nerdy kid at school and the attitude around school always made me a bit ashamed I was still into Lego. It was hard to talk to my friends about it that have moved on. At the time, I foolishly gave 90% of my sets to my brother which I regretted ever since. (I have been able to recover them from him but the condition of some of it was a bit disappointing, but on a side note i have restored almost the entire collection in recent years) I was amazed a few years ago then I learned of the whole AFOL community and have fully re-embraced it. Even though that stigma is still sticking to the back of my mind, I am trying to ignore it and have as much fun in the Lego community. Earlier this year we were at a mall and saw my local LUG have a display set up. My wife urged me to join and I did shortly after that. This past weekend I participated in my first show and had a lot of fun interacting with club members as well as the public checking out everyone's work.
  6. DelQuinn

    Fallout Recovery Vehicle

    They are alternative light covers for X-T Starship Light and Sound set 6780. The set uses the red and green covers but also included the yellow ones as well. It was one of my favorite sets when I was a kid
  7. DelQuinn

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I think (correct me if I'm wrong) refering to these old releases{"iconly":0}{"iconly":0}
  8. DelQuinn

    Classic Space Restoration Project

    I just came across this thread. Amazing work, I am currently working on restoring my old space sets. I have most of them fully restored or mostly restored at this point, not that I had a large collection as a kid. I'm now starting to expand and see which of the sets I didn't have that I can start acquiring parts to build them up. The 918 is my oldest set and definitely most worn out. For the restored version, I do have new wing plates and other parts without bite marks but I wanted to keep as much of the original pieces as I could
  9. I think this is a complex topic and there is no right or wrong answers. The Netflix series "The Toys That Made Us" had a episode on the history of LEGO that was really good. In that they mentioned that the molds are destroyed to prevent them being used/copied by their competition. I don't know about if that is still a valid explanation or not with the amount of clones in the market. I also found another thread on here on this topic that also mentions that the molds wear out over time, which also makes sense. I've read indications that the lifespan of a mold is approx. 2 years. The large amount of variants for numerous elements does indicate that the molds are changed, replaced and updated over time. In all honesty, since getting back into LEGO the past few years I am amazed how many pieces they have brought back and/or keep going after all these years
  10. It is my understanding that once a part is discontinued, they destroy the mold for it. Or at least dispose/recycle them so they don't have any old ones in storage. Of course they might have a few for classic pieces (like 2x4 bricks) in museums here and there.
  11. DelQuinn

    Back to the future diorama

    This looks amazing! I've been wanting to make a good minifigure scale delorean and clock tower for awhile now. The clock tower looks great and really captures the essence of the scene from the movie.
  12. Thanks! Whatever it was, I played with the settings and the last time I submitted it, it was finally accepted thanks for the help and input
  13. I have been playing around with the various settings but usually I use High render quality (256) but last night I tried upping it to Very High (512). I believe the resolution I have been using is 1080 x 1080. I have been using transparent backgrounds to add them in later but last night I turned them off to see if that makes a difference.
  14. Hello, I have been attempting to enter a Bricklink studio design into one of the contests on the Lego Idea's website. the entry keep getting rejected because they claim it is too blurry and/or pixelated. I have submitted several designs built in Studio before without problems so I am having trouble understanding. Are they are suggestions on how to improve the rendering process for make sure the images comes out better and clearer? Thank you
  15. DelQuinn

    Large Scale Classic Space Computer on Ideas

    It is definitely an awesome design, original and outside the box thinking. I've already supported it when it was first posted. Sadly, my design won't make it as well. I know it's been discussed here before but it would be nice to see classic space do better on Ideas. The only one to hit 10,000 was the Exo-suit, and it did win at that time. even if they don't get selected it would be nice to see more classic space hit that mark. This one will probably make it: