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  1. Hi. Creator Expert e.g. Assembly Square, Parisian Restaurant, Downtown Diner etc. I'd like to know if 60197, which is the CITY series, does the size of this train have a good proportion with the Creator Expert's buildings? Is it too big or too small compared to those buildings? It's an important consideration, if it doesn't look matching, I will skip this train. LEGO has no refund once opened here. Thanks for comments btw: is 60197 retired, or retiring? Why it looks quite more expensive than the module building per piece? Does it include complete rails or require further purchase of rails to complete the circuit?
  2. How much is approx. the lowest price Parisian Resturant in your country now
  3. Why bother finding way? $169.99 on official lego store now... I think Pet shop (10218) is there well. much longer than Brick Bank and Detective office. Why I can still find Pet shop being sold around at deal? Is it because when LEGO says a set is "retired", it will still practically be there for years before they are actually running out of stock and then the price rises up rapidly?
  4. ks6349

    Did lego ever have church sets?

    Really wish there would be an unofficial expert providing free or paid instructions that I could make my own Catholic church and the build will be as professional as official LEGO style. Another headache is if I can get sufficient bricks required in LEGO retail stores. I really don't want to purchase on ebay it's so painful process, time wasting, headache
  5. ks6349

    Did lego ever have church sets?

    I am NOT catholic and I have NO religion. I only like buildings and styles. I really want to know if I can build a church with details inside , like Creator Expert. And it 'll be so great to put 100 different minifigures inside and they pray. I think it'll look so fantastics
  6. Thank you. After a lot of comments and review I've seen, I'll pick the Paris restaurant. Sorry Pet shop, I like pet though. Hi sorry one more question According to you guys' experience, will Assembly Square retire next year (2019)? Because Assembly Square is a MUST for me to buy, sooner or later, However, I don't have that much time recently to build Assembly Square that's why I am getting the Paris Resturant . If Assembly Square is likely to go away next year then I will just give up Paris Restuarnt now and get the Square instead. Yours guesss????????
  7. Without using a separator, is it more easy to break or scratch the brick face or edge? I don't know if I am feeling wrong, but I feel that the quality made of the lego pieces compared to 20 years ago, it's worse than those time. Some of the plates I've got don't lie flat and some of the bricks don't have a smooth edge.d
  8. ks6349

    Did lego ever have church sets?

    If they really want to stay neutral, they can release buildings for all different religions at the same time e.g. catholic, buddhism and many other... I really wish there would be church where it comes with 100 or more minifigures and they pray inside. Is there any unofficial / amateur instruction for building a church??
  9. Catholic church of any kind. I see someone have this on youtube, but why isn't LEGO make this?
  10. It's really hard to decide. I've repeatedly watched the youtube review for paris restaurant as well as pet shop. very difficult to make choice. I will only purchase one because if I buy too much my wife will kill me
  11. No town could be made with lego starting with number 310XX The best of the 310XX series is 31026 it's a mini version of building while most of other 310XX series only have less than 1000 pieces it's hard to build anything look good. 31077 was a regret and bad purchase. It just, doesn't look good. 31026 was the best purchase. Two buildings that make sense because of the consideration of "going to upper floor" while some other may not have that consideration Oh . I almost forgot, 31065 ,is another nice set!
  12. NO. Not that much. compared to that I left LEGO for more than 20 years and only come back a recent few weeks ago. I'll pick Pet shop first, before it goes away entirely, because I like pets. and later maybe next year, get assembly square
  13. Recently bought 31026 31036 31052 31068 31077 31079 31083. still Thinking to purchase Pet shop or not, or assembly square, either one of them because of budget. I like assembly square more but Pet shop may be the last chance to buy before it retires totoally
  14. In Japan, Daiso, the storage box is made of PP and made in Japan and does NOT stink at all while it's only 1 USD, 1 USD for two 400ml storage box with cover. For those especially made in Taiwan, I bought one at approx USD 4 which stink for weeks then I threw it away. I really love Japanese products
  15. contact them without hesitation if any of the pieces is not as normal. They've earned enough and don't mind mailing you a few pieces and more importantly, it will give them an alarm that they have quality issue and wish they will make improvement.