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  1. ks6349

    Best place to buy legos in bulk?

    My experience is to buy locally, from time to time there are parents who are selling out their children's toy because they have grown, their prices are often great. Someone in a local forum sold me 20kg of Lego bricks for approx. $140 if converted to usd, he drove with it to my home.
  2. ks6349

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    1. Lego stores aren't usually super busy here while on the contrary, a lot of time there are more staff than customers. He was attempting to imply that "super friendly" staff was to Lego's credit but this is certainly not true. 2. I go to Lego stores to see if there is any deal compared to other sources I buy Lego (I know they could have deals but it's not so often, and not always broadly informed. so I need to go to check it whenever I am free or pass by)
  3. ks6349

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    That "Their staff at their stores and on social media are almost super friendly." is not true. Many staff at their stores are not super friendly, while some are. Some "more intelligent" staff here could quickly detect that I am kind of look who is not going to buy but checking for deals or getting hand-on experience and buying elsewhere. If Lego had put effort into training their staff, all staff would have come to me and show their friendly attitude to me no matter they like it or not. I'm always ignored, because they recognize me, I have come to the store for hundreds of times but have never spent a dollar
  4. Well, Statistically the most intelligent people are the least and the successful secret is also kept by least people. You guys may keep protesting for Bricklink, no problem, but I have done my job by telling the truth to the future viewers, I have nothing to lose. Only those who don't take my advice will lose. Bye
  5. I'm seeing plenty of vested interests supporting Bricklink with false or inaccurate claims, so I am here to act as a candle in the dark to give the true and accurate claims to the newbie and future viewers. That's it. Hand-on and actual experiences will just prove my words.
  6. I believe that you must be one of the seller in Bricklink experiencing hard time selling your overpriced Lego items. I have been buying a lot of retired sets in recent years and I always make comparison on single item price and shipping cost on different platforms because it is my hobbies and I enjoy killing time on comparing prices and eBay wins 99% of the time in my comparison. Next, I think you will say that I am an international buyer, but aren't I an international buyer too on eBay? Customers' eye is wise and their foot always step to the better market, and so eBay, NEVER Bricklink
  7. ks6349

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    This isn't about you like or you don't like. If Lego weren't a company, they wouldn't be able to design and manufacture so many products, from nothing to a Lego set there are a lot of people and processes involved, they are all costs and have to be run according to law and conditions and it has to be a company
  8. ks6349

    Lego purchase limits reset

    Setting limit is to make a better control and arrangement so that for best selling products they won't be all sold out to one or two customers, and more customers will benefit. They certainly won't cancel your order if you buy on somewhere else e.g. Amazon. They hope you to buy all of them instead.
  9. ks6349

    Help Lego 10261 not smooth after 3 months

    use soft damp cloth to wipe on the track, don't use any chemical cleanser.
  10. ks6349

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Just want to take advantage of this thread by sharing some of my thoughts, I really miss 60204. When it hit to the lowest point $60 in mid 2019, I didn't get it because it was just too bulky in size and I wanted to wait a bit longer to clear up the useless things home and shortly afterwards it retired silently and now the lowest price I can get here is three-times $180. However, sometimes when I get one set that I like immediately with the price I believe to be lowest, it could hit another lower point, especially for the middle-sized set e.g. 60283, 60280, 60220, 60221 etc... it could sometimes hit even lower than the cost I predicted, and pay 30-40% more for one set. Maybe you'll say it is just life, it's perfectly normal, but in the long run, I just don't feel good. How would you predict the lowest price of a Lego set? If you are experienced.
  11. For the sets that are not retired or just recently retired from Lego store, Amazon is undoubtedly the best place to get. If you are talking about old or vintage sets, Nowhere is the best place to get, it depends on case by case Amazon only charges shipping cost for orders under $25 or 20 (uk money), this isn't something right? very easy to fulfill this amount Wise customers always get the sets they want quickly before it retires. If you can find ONE boxed set which isn't retired from any seller on Bricklink that could be less expensive than that of the Amazon after shipping cost, then you win
  12. Market and customer have their wise eyes and judgement. In the past two years I have bought hundreds of Lego sets on ebay and Amazon, I never need to pay shipping costs, Amazon US ships for free on orders over $25, Amazon UK ships for free on orders over 20 pounds, I never pay shipping costs, I am never a Prime member. Wise people never buy on Brinklink, so I never buy on Bricklink.
  13. Would you please take this picture again? It's a bit out of focus, I'd like to look into details. Hands still and you'll be done with any mobile phone