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  1. No stickers! Yeah ! I hate stickers ! I love Corner Garage !!
  2. yes, corner garage, how many pieces of stickers? Any information?
  3. ks6349

    Where can I get cheap LEGO parts

    Did you mean Creator 3 in 1? Yes, but you need a lot of sets ! Even 31026 only has a thousand parts, most other creator 3in1 has only a few hundreds parts
  4. ks6349

    Where can I get cheap LEGO parts

    Excuse me, what did you mean by " the last 4 modular set" ? The latest 4 Expert set? My english is not excellent. Which sets do you recommend so that I can at the same time get a lot of parts for cheap
  5. ks6349

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    I'm in Thailand.....(South Asia) Usually, for exclusive stuff, will LEGO store sell priced up? and then sooner later they drop the price? Or LEGO usually fix the price always no matter what? I think we can get it in Thailand but I don't want to get from scalpers
  6. ks6349

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Where can I order the Chinese New Year sets?
  7. ks6349

    Opening MISB old sets

    I believe I am living in a much smaller apartment than most of the people here ,because I am not in the United states. However, I still keep buying sets and opening sets. I don't have enough place to display my sets too, but I don't put all sets together, then I have enough place to keep them, but not to display them all. I also have lots of storage box to keep them in place. I enjoy the time of building more than displaying them. Sometimes I sell them as used by the way, what is the definition of MISB ?
  8. I don't like the city series but 60134 is a must-buy set. A value pack with lots of great figures. I will put them to my expert modular buildings
  9. ks6349

    Opening MISB old sets

    I feel hard to understand why the above guys keep their sets unopened for that many years while they are not going to sell them. What is the reason of keeping the unopened sets for so man years
  10. ks6349

    Opening MISB old sets

    If you intend to make money, then don't open it. Opened set decrease its value. If you 're not going to make just that small money , there is no reason to just keep it unopened. It's just too stupid not to enjoy it Another personal comment is If you love the set, just open it and play it. If you don't like it, sell it to make some money and buy other new sets you like and play it.
  11. Not urgent, but I have a plan of starting to create my own buildings, after finishing more than 10 sets in two months of time (I started playing LEGO only on August 2019) I want to create very tall buildings, instead of house, I don't think LEGO will have any of sets like this in the past or in the future, Never, ever... Two general questions now, 1. Where can I get cheap LEGO parts? Nevermind if it's second hand but I mind if it's LEPIN, I only like real and authentic parts. 2. Where can I learn skills of creating my own buildings? Any such tutorials online?
  12. thanks for the advice, i'm going to bought it tonight
  13. good price or not? 60134, city figures set, new good box at USD 30, good price or not? (I am fans, but I am not that enthusiastic, I can buy , or not buy, when the price is good, I buy, when it is not, I skip it happily, toy is not critical to my life.
  14. ks6349

    Why there is bad outer box?

    Hi All In a conclusion, is it risky to buy discounted bad box set with a lot of wrinkles while NO big holes where it's possible to steal parts from the box? For bad box set, any possibilites of the seller stealing parts and re-sealing the box? Here we are doing face to face auction sites personal trade so all sales are final and cash and not even possible to see them again in case of items being stolen
  15. Here in my country there are people selling on auction sites where they sell UNOPEN but the box is bad (but usually not broken) at 20-30% discounted price from the other with good outer box. Sometimes I hesitate if I should get those bad box I just wonder how and why they've made their box bad? Or is there any untold trick that they've made like stealing parts from the box or other sneaky possibilities?