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  1. Yes, nothing in the world could be kept like brand new. However, I never intend to keep the Lego brand new, I only wish to try my best to keep it in its best condition especially yellowing of white bricks which is something I believe it can be avoided and I really hate beautiful white bricks being colored. I like white bricks very very much
  2. yeah you've got my point, I am not worried about roaches but their excrement.... it could be a serious problem
  3. Keep dusting? Avoid sunlight? Anything else? I like to put the completed set in my room and do not disassemble them But I can't avoid all small cockroaches in my room, even if I've used pesticide a lot
  4. I think a road plate will take up a lot of space. If I don't use a road plate, any alternative/ subsititution would you recommend?
  5. First, the actual available area for my city is 156cm x 53cm but I want to leave some room, so I assume 150cm x 50cm is the area for my city. What can I do with it? Any advice? Now I've got some Creator Expert set and some City sets, I will not get more Expert because they are too large. What do you think? Would it be too small for a road plate? If I don't use road plates, any alternative? I don't mean road plates of other brands.
  6. If I am not careful about the box, usually how many % of price will I get less when I sell the Lego (usually opened and used, not new, because I am buying Lego for fun, and not for investment) in the future compared to the same set with a perfect or very good box?
  7. Garbage truck of this year (60220) is a very very nice truck. 31079 here sold at $25, good price or not?
  8. I like the yellow color of the little truck but hope it's not out of proportion with other CITY vehicles too much
  9. I've recently got a lot of CITY vehicles like 60220, 60239 Police patrol car, as well as 60223 and the one with helicopter (of CITY as well), however, I have never got a vehicle from 3in1 creator set, and I am seeing it (31079) on deals and sales all the time, do you think it will match other city vehicles well in terms of proportion, or overall impression? If it won't, then I will just skip it, because I hope to get something matching well at least in terms of proportional
  10. I think it's definitely not a retired set, it sells so well here in my country where most shops are out of stock and they said next week or two, while other city sets are available on the shelf. Is it the same case as in your country? What's special about this set?
  11. It's difficult to compare the small set (e.g. under 100 pieces) with some minifigures. For example, I got Lego 60184 with four minifigures and like 88 pieces for $7.99 while I got 60220 (maybe 90 piece only) for $14... For larger sets like with 200+ pieces. What is the average best price per pieces of CITY themes that you would think it's the best time to purchase? Price is an important consideration for me because I like to buy Lego, but I am not urgent for playing, I can always wait for the good price.
  12. Yesterday I dropped a Lego box set from height, not very tall in fact, but one of the corner of the box immediately gets bad. How do you protect the corners of lego set? With plastic tape? Or any special tricks?
  13. ks6349

    Where do you get bagged Lego?

    Complete sets of polybags. NOT those taken from full sets or loose parts. Not the old ones, not retired is fine
  14. Ebay? Bricklinks? Amazon(Not too much choices and prices are high)