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  1. Properly sealed box? Wrapped it with cling wrap? I have done this to a several precious sets
  2. could the bricks inside a unopened sealed box also get yellowing over some years? (Always put in dark)
  3. White parts yellowing in the dark?? What is the science behind??
  4. I know that temperature may hurt the bricks in the long run if they are exposed to high temperature or sunlight for extended period of time. But how about humidity? I store my Lego sets in dark so temperature or sunlight is not an issue, but recently it's really getting wet the weather
  5. I have contacted the customer service and tell them the issue, they are happy to refund but I don't want to have a bad record (I believe that they have a list) I just take it, suck it up. I left comments and advice hoping that their team will open a case and investigate the issue and hope this do not happen to anyone again, because I still want to buy from Amazon. I think there are plenty of CCTV in their packaging center
  6. Amazon shipped me obviously opened set (because the seal was already cut open), but I was paying for the new Lego. It's set 31093. I don't want to bother returning, but could anyone help identify if all bags are there and correct and nothing missing or wrong? Probably hard to just read from the pictures, but does 31093 contain exactly 4 bags?? and the bags are without alphabet number ?
  7. I'd like to post some pictures but my space is all used up (only 100kb), I was in the page of attachment but I was unable to figure out how to delete one or all of the pictures.....by the way, would the admin rise my attachment space a little bit?? 100kb is too little
  8. Where does an experienced MOC designer get their bricks from? From sets? Or from bricklinks? How could someone get so many bricks (and minifigures as well) for sale if their bricks are "new" (as they say)and authentic??
  9. In fact, is there any basic skill or technique I need to learn for doing MOC I always build consumer set with instruction and I am surprised by a lot of MOCs
  10. ks6349

    Worth getting Lego 60204? (City Hospital)

    In the age of LEGOLAND, Lego liked to use square baseplates always. and their baseplates weren't plain, but often with a road track. I really miss the time. Likely that Lego wants to reduce manufacturing cost on specified baseplates and manufactures more common bricks, this is understandable. I like 60204 so much, but I love the Legoland hospital in 1987 or 1988 even more. (I had it in my childhood, but lost it already)
  11. In addition to www.amazon.com.au , which Australia site do you recommend to buy Lego from?? They should be reputable, and not too overpriced. Thanks for advice. Best to have free local free shipping on order over a certain amount.
  12. Hi, Do you know if there is any sale or deals on any reputable US site for 60215 now? by the way, I have the same question for city hospital 60204. What is the trend of lego releasing a hospital of the scale like 60204 or bigger??
  13. I want to get a fire station because I don't have one but personally I am not interested in the design of 60215 and 60216. However, I don't consider retired set because the price must be raised. Do you think Lego will release new fire station this year or next? According to the trend and your guess
  14. ks6349

    Would you buy 80103? Any regret??

    Now here we have limited time deal fro Dragon boats in a reliable big shopping center which are sold at approx. USD 40 but I am only interested in the minifigures and not any other parts so I am still hesitating In fact it's only USD 10 less than the original price which means it's only 80% off or less if it's bought from somewhere else. That's why they are still full of stock and I am very interested as well. USD 40 to get 15 minifigures, would you??
  15. ks6349

    Would you buy 80103? Any regret??

    After a thorough thinking I have decided to give up this dragon boat because otherwise than that it has 15 mini-figures I am not interested in other parts.... I will pick the new Lion instead which is more beautiful overall.