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  1. Sometimes I don't care about damaging the box because the box isn't in good condition on day one of purchase, e.g last one on the shelf, bought on the web. Then I will use tape. However, if the box is in mint condition and I love the set so much, then I will use big vacuum bag.
  2. My logic? Everyone values their time differently. I think spending 5-10 minutes or even more to wrap a Lego box is a waste of time because I don't enjoy it. Spending hours building a set isn't a waste of time because I enjoy it. After all, I have already figured out another way (by myself) that I can save a lot more time. Just leave a note here for future readers -- You can buy those cheap but usually very big vacuum bag and put the set in and seal it very quickly.
  3. The major cost of wrapping with plastic cling is Time, not the price of the plastic cling. They are usually very sticky and easily stick together, it takes time to separate them. In the past I usually spent up to 5-10 minutes wrapping a Lego box because the cling was really sticky! Keeping a Lego box new and sealed has nothing to do with "not building". For sets I really love so much, I usually buy one more copy and keep them. Yes, but as I said when the locks fail, the lid will become loose. Most plastic containers are not well made. Size is also a problem, many containers are not big enough to contain large sets.
  4. If you inspect your plastic container closely, you'll find that most, if not all, plastic containers are not closed snugly, almost always there is slit for small insects to get into the containers. There are not so many "more reputable brands" for such items, most consumers tend to buy the cheap one because they don't care about the locks. The best solution I can figure out is to tape all sides of a Lego box with good adhesive tapes, in that way, no insect can go inside the Lego box. Yes, they can bite or feed on the box, but when this happens you will know and you can react quickly. I used to wrap Lego boxes with plastic cling but it is very costly, and unfriendly to the environment, so I don't do this anymore.
  5. These locks (i.e. blue locks) usually fail easily within few months of use.
  6. Most, if not all, large plastic boxes I can find in the market come with loose lids and they are not designed to be closed tightly. In that case, it cannot stop pests visiting. The best and the most convenient option I can think of is to seal all sides of a Lego box with adhesive tapes, but the trade-off is it may damage prints of the box.
  7. ks6349

    Are classic themes dead ?

    Classic sets are targeted for those who just want to build something with Lego without preference for any particular theme, and are very sensitive in price, and have to get most from the Lego they get, classic sets are for these people, for example, you get three designs for 3in1 sets and you usually get the most bricks from them, after that of Icon sets.
  8. I am not concerned about my Lego boxes so much, but no one wants those visitors. If it's easy for any pest to get into and stay inside a Lego box, I will just seal all the sides with adhesive tapes from now on, which is my last option. Because I am buying more than 50 box sets every year and I have such a neighbor.
  9. check from time to time? What to check? How to check?
  10. New and unopened Lego box sets should contain no food residue and are free of moisture. In that case, is it true that there is little chance to attract pests (that we can find indoors) to get inside the Lego box?
  11. I don't want to seal my Lego box with adhesive tapes because chances are the prints on the box could be damaged easily when taking off the tapes. In fact, there is no food and water inside Lego box, will it also attract those pests to get and stay inside?
  12. To put my long story short, I have a lot of unopened Lego sets that have been stored for a few years, I once thought about sealing every side of a box with adhesive tapes but I gave up the idea because I did not want to possibly damage the box. One year ago, a new neighbor moved in, exactly next to my unit, he is hoarding. From time to time, cockroaches and geckos are seen in the corridor, and garbage smell also comes out, I also once found a silverfish in my home. I don't know if it's time to regret that I did not seal my Lego box sets. I don't normally use any pesticides or mothballs, most of my Lego box sets are kept in my wardrobe, do you think those pests e.g. cockroaches, silverfish, gecko likes to get inside and hide in my Lego box sets? How can I know if my Lego sets are already affected by these unwelcome visitors? Will I see obvious signs or will they just get inside and go away because they don't find food inside? After all, does silverfish bite Lego bricks?
  13. I have a niece that I have never met her before due to relocation. I want to present her a gift for the first time. Is girl going to be 4 years old (Now, still 3) likely to be interested in Duplo for 2+? e.g. 10971? Or will she be more interested in small box sets of Friends or Disney? Any guess based on experience? I personally want to buy her Duplo 10971 because I 'hope' that she will like the animals. However, is it too young for her? She is going to be 4.
  14. ks6349

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    Hello, has anyone got the Lego City 60372 (i.e. Police Academy)? How much did you get it for?
  15. ks6349

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    Some facts: RRP for the passenger plane released in 2020, i.e. 60262 is $99.99. Number of pieces is 669 RRP for the new passenger plane to be released, i.e. 60367 is $119.99. Number of pieces is 913 That doesn't seem to be a problem. However, when the passenger plane was released in 2020, most merchants actually priced it for about $85. Now, they price the new plane for about $79 only. Higher RRP, more pieces, but priced cheaper? Does it imply that the 2020 passenger plane sold badly, so now they reduce the price on day 1 in order to clear up some stocks at least? But in fact, I will likely only get this plane and the Ski and Climbing Center for the summer!