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  1. Captains Corner: Talk with Pirate Staff

    Thanks to all the staff and members. It has been a real pleasure to serve the community for as long as I have. Hopefully I can find some time to build again, and maybe in the future serve to community once again. Now time for me to walk the plank
  2. Eldorado Outpost

    Beautiful work, as always! Your rock work is particularly nice.
  3. Welcome To Our New Pirates Regulator: Kurigan

    Welcome aboard matey! Yo ho ho!
  4. [MOC] Trouble in the Tavern

    Excellent work as always! I really like the cooking pig, and the chandelier.
  5. Trouble in the Tavern

    Captain Braunsfeld posted this great pirate scene, Trouble in the Tavern. Stop by the Pirate MOC forum and comment!
  6. 32 gun frigate Concorde (French, ca.1760-1780)

    Stunning work! Perfectionist I should say! I would expect anything less from you. It's great to see you back at the forums!
  7. If you have been keeping everyone informed on your progress, why has there been no update since December on the Kickstarter site? Still seems to be many unanswered questions in the comments section. I'm just glad I did not pledge very much of my money. I have been very disappointed with this project. Honestly, I have lost hope in ever receiving my pledge.
  8. Bumblebee

    Excellent work Kurigan! Your models never cease to amaze me. Your attention to detail is superb. I have always been a big fan of your work!
  9. The Bumblebee

    Eb member and one of my favorite shipbuilders Kurigan posted this wonderful little cutter, the Bumblebee. The attention to detail on such a small boat is amazing! Sail over to the Pirates forum and comment on the Bumblebee!
  10. 18th Mansion..

    Beautiful work! Welcome to the forums!
  11. 18th Century Mansion

    New member Vincent Q created this awesome 18th Century Mansion! Stop by the Pirates forum and comment on this 18th Century Mansion!
  12. Lego pirates

    Hello, Welcome to the forums! Here is a EB FAQ that includes how to post pictures as well as some other important information. EB FAQ There are also some other great links in my signature.
  13. Captain's Corner: Dedicated to the hardworking Pirates Staff

    Nice build! It's an honor to be honored!
  14. Yes, as already stated, it is an overmolded musket from Brickarms. I also would like to welcome everybody to the great Empire of Corrington!
  15. Flickr Find: Under Water March

    Great find! Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean.