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Found 3 results

  1. The Empire of Corrington Nickname: The Scientific Kingdom Colors: Red and Black Flag: Quick Glance: Corlanders are the best navigators, tend to have smaller, faster warships, and have a small colonial presence. They hold knowledge and order important, and guide everyday rule and expansion with the principles of the scientific method. Corrington is eager to accept new members, especially traders, craftsmen, privateers, naval officers, seamen, agriculturalists, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Membership Corrington is open for members. If you are adventurous, but like to belong to a well ordered machine, join Corrington! If you like rum, but are more of the sort that likes to get paid rather than rob people at sea, join Corrington! Corlanders tend to put science before superstition, and look to further their navigational knowledge of the world. If you are a grand navigator, join Corrington! To join, just sign up in this thread with an introduction post that shows your sigfig. A little background goes a long way, we appreciate any backstory you would like to present with the fig! Index: Membership Laws of Corrington Governmental Positions Chartered Colonies of Corrington Other information of Corrington (FAQ) Faction Resources (Our escort fleet and garrisons, along with information on the nation's treasury and budget) THE DETAILED LOOK at the EMPIRE OF CORRINGTON 1. Leadership Queen Annetta (NPC) Queen Annetta -- Every Corlander would die for Queen Annette, the heart of the empire. Because she has yet to find an equal mate, the Queen is the most popular person in the realm by far – suitors come from around the world to attempt to woo her. At 25, she is rich from the taxation on trade throughout the empire, and she is loved enough to have her own personal army – The Queen’s Guard. This unit is considered to be the crack troops of the empire, and all important campaigns include at least a company of these soldiers. Admiral Woodbrose (SkaForHire, Co-Leader) As minister of the Colonies, he oversees the administrative aspects of expansion. A hard-nosed old sea buzzard who looks to please his niece (the Queen) by expanding trading policies in the New World. Although he sometimes wishes he was still a naval commander, he often turns to diplomacy to avoid major conflict. This is not to say that he doesn’t crush a rebellion or two, every once in a while. Technically, the Minister of the Colonies is the overseer of the Conquered Isles as well. Vicount Chauncey Pennington (Scasrt, vice-leader), Exchequer of the Empire. As the Minister of the Excequer, Viscount Pennington must find the money to pay for everything the Empire attempts. The Colonial Minister and the VIceroy are always asking for more armies, more fortifications, more... well, just about everything. It takes a shrewd sense of business to keep the Empire in the black, especially without a major sugar colony to pour gold into the Empire's coffers. The Parliaments: Three generations ago the monarchy instituted a new reform – representative government. Although the Queen is popular, she does not rule over the kingdom with absolute power. She shares it with a House of Representatives, Noble Parliament, and the Parliament of Scientist. The House of Representatives are elected by tax-paying citizens, the Noble Parliament is elected by their peers, and the Scientist Parliament is appointed by the House of Representatives from a limited pool of scientists chosen by the Queen. All four branches of government have an equal share in all parts of the government except for the Queen’s personal army. 2. Landscape. Corrington has two administrative sections. The Mainland / Mother Country The mainland is mostly rolling hills with a small mountain chain running down the middle of the country. It is the northernmost country in Eastern Halos, and the winters in the North are often unbearable to many outsiders. Most of the freeholders grow potatoes, wheat, or cabbage, and raise livestock. Cows and pigs are plentiful, and the countryside is dotted with many small hamlets. However, the cities are bustling places that never sleep. The cities are well planned, kept clean, and order is maintained at all times. The largest city, and capital of the empire is Bellson. Bellson is home to one of the world’s foremost universities: Archeon College, the premier navigation school of the known world. Many other science fraternities and explorers clubs call the capital home. The public buildings within Bellson are immense in size, and command respect from even the greatest architect. Careful study of city planning, public function, and defense is second nature to a Corlander bureaucrat, noble, or adventurer. The Colonies The Colonies Administrative division oversees both The Conquered Isles, Tiberia, and any future colonies. The Conquered Isles were once four different countries, three of which were island nations; Belondia, Peppin, Myrph, and the Isle of Tam. However, all of these countries sided with Oleon in a series of conflicts over the last 200 years. The final territory was gained in the 49 Years War, the last major uprising and war with Oleon. Upon defeating Oleon, the last of the isles were taken to safeguard navigation routes into the Great Northern Ocean. Although now integrated into the culture of Corriginton, the Isles were once a rebellious people, and the source of many civil wars. Still separatists attempt to raise trouble so far away from the capital. A Watch Tower guarding Arlinsport by Capt. Stabbin Corrington’s farthest and only colony in the Sea of Storms is Tiberia. Its provincial capital is Arlinsport, named after Queen Annetta’s father, King Arlin II. Arlinsport is known for its robust defenses and deep harbor, but it is the only such port on all of Tiberia. The majority of the island is still not tamed by Corlanders, but the island is already home to a makeshift rum industry, thanks to sugar smuggling from LeBellan to the south. The national drink of Corrington has become rum quite quickly. Some traces of gold have been found on Tiberia, but not enough to be a fully functional mining economy. Because it is one of the only Sea of Storms islands that lie outside of the warm temperate zone, it cannot grow cash crops. This means that Arlinsport is mostly a stopover for merchants going to the richer, foreign ports to the south. Although Arlinsport resembles a normal, orderly Corlander city, most of the settlements on the island are makeshift in their permanency, and thus come in all different shapes and sizes. Corlanders tend to build in British Caribbean style. Wood houses, wood forts, and plantations. They are diversified in their interests, but mostly agricultural due to lack of finding valuable materials. Their port cities have stone fortifications, but they are likely to extract from the land as much lumber or materials and move on. For this reason, there are few permanent Corrington settlements in New Terra. They are considered economic opportunists. Many of the science fraternities are interested in what the New World has to offer, so new expeditions with a scientific premise are leaving for Terraversa, and New Terra, often. Most Corlanders have little desire to deal with natives. 3. The Military Army Uniforms: Royal Army: Red Queen’s Guard: Black Militia: Tend to wear a ribbon or hat that is red or black, but may not wear colors at all. Different regiments may have different colors. A sample of the Queens Guard(Left), a field officer (Center) , and a Queen's Ranger (Right). A sample of the Royal Army and Marine Captain (Center) Navy: Smaller, but quicker battleships, accurate guns, large naval force. by Phred 4. History and Culture: Brief: Life is dominated by the concept of order. Science is valued, and has led to the best sea charts (also secret) in the world. The Queen is the most important person - she has a private army. There are four branches of government, one of which is elected. Least powerful of the colonial powers, but looking to expand trade opportunities. Detailed: The Corlanders are a people who pride themselves on civilization and class above anything else. They look to further their lot in life through trade, and believe that order is more important than might, although they are not shy about utilizing might to establish order. The Royal Army wears Red, but auxiliary units and private armies of this nation have been known to wear all sorts of different uniforms. Their building style tends to be mostly Western European, and the capital is considered one of the most orderly and planned cities in the world (in fact they tore down the original capital 300 years ago to install a new grid system that the city followed.) Colanders like to stick to a schedule, and this translates to their sea lives as well. As excellent navigators, they have charted and timed most of the sea routes, calculating averages for every point of the year. Corrigton’s merchant marine is one of the best organized in the world, and it is said that their secret charts keep them always “on time” when trading. Beyond charts, Corlanders believe that science will help them establish further order, so there are many universities and “science fraternities” throughout Corrington. Science has also helped them develop better guns, but with these guns comes some sacrifices. For this reason, their ships tend to be less armed, but faster than their main rival: Oleon. Corrington is the weakest of the colonial powers. It has one major island in the “East Seas” and no colonial possessions in the Old World beyond the small conquered isles. They will use privateers when it suits them, and their lucrative trading in the empire and in the old world lends them some business savvy. Corrington and Oleon have constantly fought wars since their founding in 106AE. Some were as long as a century, others were a few months. The constant warfare has militarized both societies. The last major war was the 49 Years War. Ending in 590AE, that war was won by Corrington. (Although it lost to Oleon in the 8 month Juniper War just seven years ago). The 49 Years War secured the Isle of Tam, the last of the rebellious Conquered Isles, but cost the kingdom much of its treasure. For this reason, the people of Corrington have been taxed heavily over the last 25 years. Finally, as a present to her people on her 25th birthday, Queen Annetta has lowered the tax rate back to the traditional level. For more on Corrington’s history, and that of its rivals, please see the History and Background thread. By Garmadon Diplomacy Corrington's relationships with other minor nations is good, but it finds itself rivals with other empires. (Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Hostile) Corrington's relationship with... Pirates: Indifferent Eslandola: Friendly Oleon: Unfriendly Other nations relationship with Corrington... Pirates: Indifferent Eslandola: Friendly Oleon: Unfriendly 5. Trading Companies / Fraternities of Science Corrington has no nationally recognized trading companies at this time. Fraternity of Nautical Science: by Capt. Stabbin We will keep a watch out for your pledge of allegiance! corringtonbanner by skaforhire, on Flickr Index: Membership Laws of Corrington Governmental Positions Chartered Colonies of Corrington Other information of Corrington (FAQ)
  2. Gary The Procrastinator

    "Vive L’Empereur!" 200th Anniversary of Napoleon's R

    MOC based on painting. Hello, here's my LEGO build of Karl von Steuben’s painting, Napoleon returned from Elba, which shows an event that happened 200 years ago today: For closer view click on the picture. In Napoleon’s quest to reclaim France after being exiled to Elba, March 7th, 1815 was one of those unique moments when just one little wrong move, and modern history would have been drastically different. The 5th Regiment, supposedly loyal to newly-restored King Louis XVIII, was sent to arrest Bonaparte after his return from exile at Elba. The senior general in command, Marshall Michel Ney, promised the king that he “would bring Napoleon back to Paris in an iron cage.” Always a gambler, Napoleon deliberately presented himself a target, “Here I am,” he declared to troops formerly loyal to him, “Kill your Emperor, If you wish.” If just one soldier had pulled the trigger…but instead the emotion of the moment swept through the ranks and they surged forward to him in idolization. Thirteen days later, he would ride into Paris, beginning his last period of rule, known as The Hundred Days. The end result was the Battle of Waterloo. My build, and the orginal painting, Napoleon returned from Elba by Karl von Steuben. For closer views click on each. In celebration of the 200th Anniversary of this history-changing battle, at Brickfair Virginia this year there will be a massive collaboration to render Waterloo in LEGO, with over 1000 minifigs, terrain, La Haye Sainte farm, and hopefully Hougoumont as well. Here is our FLICKR group for the collaboration: Hope you like the build! More Napoleonic builds are on the way...